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  • Signed Cartier 18k Gold and Diamond Rolling Ring - 14780 TV18k Yellow White and Rose Gold Cartier Ring - 14780 TSV

    Cartier Rolling Ring

  • Signed Cartier 18k White Gold Bands 13706 TVCartier Three Band Stack Half Eternity 13706 TVS

    Cartier Stacking Bands

  • Vintage French Chaumet Platinum Wedding Band - Chaumet Platinum Band 14299 TV

    Chaumet Platinum Band

  • 9213 Cleveland Band Top ViewCleveland Band Top Side View

    Cleveland Band

  • Retro Diamond and Sapphire Band Clyde View Ring top View 14328

    Clyde View Band. Circa 1940 (Vintage, Retro Era)

  • French Cut Sapphire Eternity Wedding Band - Columbia Band 14172 TVFrench Cut Sapphire Platinum Wedding Band - Columbia Band 14172 TSV

    Columbia Band. 3.1mm

  • Vintage Five Stone Diamond Engagement Ring - Carlisle Ring 14841 TV

    Colver Band. Circa 1975 (Vintage)

  • Diamond and Sapphire Pattern Half Eternity Band - Cornwall Band 14461 TVDiamond Sapphire 18k Yellow Gold Band - Cornwall Band 14461 TSV

    Cornwall Band. 2.6mm

  • 6097 Cortland Band Top ViewCortland Band Top Side View

    Cortland Band

  • Platinum and Diamond Half Eternity Band Cowen Band Top ViewSapphire and Diamond Band Cowen Band Half Eternity Band Top Side View

    Cowen Band. 2.60mm

  • Antique Art Deco Wedding BandAntique Deco Wedding Band

    Daleville Band. Circa 1925

  • Retro Era Emerald and Diamond Ring - Dalton BandEmerald and Diamond Geometric Cocktail Ring - Dalton Band 14638 TSV

    Dalton Ring. Circa 1940 (Vintage, Retro Era)

  • Platinum and Diamond Eternity Danbury Band Top ViewFrench Cut Eternity Danbury Band Top Side View

    Danbury Band. 5.8mm

  • Delmont band platinum single cut diamond band 14659-TV-1000PXplatinum single cut diamond band Delmont band 14659-TSV-1000PX

    Delmont Band

  • 11910 Wedding Band Front11910 Wedding Band TSV

    Dewland Band. 2.6mm

  • Pave Set Diamond Platinum Dinan Band Top ViewPlatinum and Diamond Dinan Band Top Side View

    Dinan Band. 4.7mm

  • Diamond and French Cut Sapphire Band - Donegal Band 14340 TV

    Donegal Band. 3mm

  • Baguette Cut Diamond Platinum Douglaston Band Top ViewBaguette Cut and Platinum Douglaston Band Top Side View

    Douglaston Band. 2.5mm

  • Deco Style Diamond Sapphire Wedding Band - Edgemont Band 14870 TVVintage Diamond Sapphire Half-Eternity Wedding Band - Edgemont Band 14870 TSV

    Edgemont Band. Circa 1950 (Vintage)

  • Ruby and Diamond Half Eternity Band - Elmhurst Band 13986 TVHalf Eternity Diamond Ruby Wedding Band - Elmhurst Band 13986 TSV

    Elmhurst Band

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Band - Emory BandRound Brilliant Diamond Yellow Gold Band - Emory Band

    Emory Band

  • Cartier Dress Ring Top ViewCartier Dress Ring Top Side View

    Estate Cartier Pillar Ring

  • Estate French Cut Wedding BandVintage French Cut Wedding Band

    Estate Style Princess Cut Eternity Wedding Band

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  • simonaHalf eternity round brilliant cut diamond band Fargo band SIMONA-TSV-1000PX

    Fargo Band

  • Fleet Band. Circa 1920Fleet Band Top Side View

    Fleet Band. Circa 1920

  • French Cartier 18k White Gold Band - 12426 TVWhite Gold and Diamond Split Band - 12426 StV

    French Cartier White Gold Band. Circa 1990

  • French Cut Diamond Wedding BandFrench Cut Wedding Band TSV

    French Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

  • French Ruby and Diamond Wedding BandFrench Ruby Wedding Band

    French Cut Ruby Wedding Band

  • Sapphire Wedding BandFrench Sapphire Wedding Band

    French Cut Wedding Band

  • Diamond and Sapphire White Gold Band - Gansett Band 14496 TVSapphire and Diamond White Gold Band - Gansett Band 14496 TSV

    Gansett Band