Shop our vintage engagement rings, the foremost of their kind in the world. These rare antique and vintage engagement rings have been our labor of love for the past 40 years. Michael and Afshin from Estate Diamond Jewelry hand-pick each diamond ring to ensure it meets our high quality and craftsmanship standards.

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Southwell Ring. Circa 1935, Vintage, Art Deco Era


Newfield Ring. Circa 1910, Antique, Edwardian Era


Russellville Ring. Circa 1915, Antique, Edwardian Era


Arvada Ring


Norwell Ring


Romford Ring


Tenby Ring


Flooram Ring


The range of vintage rings includes delicate Edwardian Engagement Rings and fashion-forward Art Deco Engagement Rings. Our collection also includes Victorian, Georgian, and Retro Era Engagement Rings. The age of the diamond rings spans from the 1880s through the 1920s until the 1970s. Our collection also includes vintage-style rings with antique diamonds.