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  • 0.97ct No Oil Emerald Engagement Ring - Carolina Ring 14698 TV

    Carolina Ring (Colombian, No Oil)

  • 207 natural demantoid garnet ring Casper ring KAMi-TV-1000PXKAMi-TSV-1000PX Casper ring 207 natural demantoid garnet ring

    Casper Ring

  • 8.95ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine Cocktail Row - Cavendis Ring 14489 TVEmerald Cut Aquamarine Sapphire Halo Ring - Cavendis Ring 14489 TSV

    Cavendis Ring

  • Oval Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Celano Ring 14737 TVSapphire and Diamond Gold Band Ring - Celano Ring 14737 TSV

    Celano Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)

  • Natural Sapphire Center Stone Cluster Engagement Ring Celine Ring Top View 13715_TVProng Set Natural Sapphire Old European Cut Cluster Ring Celine Ring Top Side View 13715_TSV

    Celina Ring

  • Vintage French 1.45ct Diamond Engagement Ring - Cesena Ring 14758 TVVintage 1.45ct Old European Diamond Ring - Cesena Ring 14758 TSV

    Cesena Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)

  • 7.17-carat Yellow Sapphire Ring Chesterfield Ring Top ViewYellow Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring - Chesterfield Ring

    Chesterfield Ring

  • Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring Clarksville Ring Top View

    Clarksville Ring. Circa 1935 (Vintage, Art Deco Era)

  • Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Corby Ring

    Corby Ring

  • bezel set old European diamond ring Dumont ring 14590-TV-1000PXDumont ring bezel set old European cut diamond ring

    Dumont Ring

  • Sapphire and diamond cluster ring Edgewater RingOld European Cut Diamond and Sapphire center Ring Edgewater Ring

    Edgewater Ring

  • 1.11ct Diamond and Sapphire Platinum Engagement Ring 13281 TV1.11ct Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring 13281 TSV

    Elvas Ring

  • Antique Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring - Elverson Ring 14212 TV1.27ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Elverson Ring 14212 TSV

    Elverson Ring. Circa 1920 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • Diamond and White Gold Solitaire Ring - Fairmont RingWhite Gold and Diamond Solitaire Ring - Fairmont Ring

    Fairmont Ring. Circa 1980

  • Fenton Ring

  • Oval Rose Cut Diamond Halo Ring - Finchley Ring 13757 TVRose Cut Diamond Platinum Ring - Finchley Ring 13757 TSV

    Finchley Ring

  • Fitchburg Ring Top ViewFitchburg Ring Top Side View

    Fitchburg Ring

  • Old European Cut Diamond and halo Ring Geneva Ring Top ViewDiamond and Onyx Ring Geneva Ring Top Side View

    Geneva Ring

  • Vintage Calibre Cut Emerald Diamond Ring - Glasgow Ring 14558 TVVintage Midcentury Emerald and Diamond Ring - Glasgow Ring 14558 TSV

    Glasgow Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)

  • Approx 20ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring - Islip Ring 13734 TVRetro Era Vintage Aquamarine Ring - Islip Ring 13734 TSV

    Islip Ring. Circa 1945

  • 1.07 Carat Cushion Cut Ring Whitehall Ring Top ViewSolitaire Cushion Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring Whitehall Ring

    J.E. Caldwell Vintage Ring. Circa 1935

  • Jonesboro Ring Top ViewJonesboro Top Side View

    Jonesboro Ring

  • Platinum and Diamond Cluster Ring Kempton Ring Top ViewOld European Diamond Floral Cluster Ring - Kempton Ring 14507 TSV

    Kempton Ring

  • 1.56ct Oval Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring - Kingston Ring 14744 TV1.56ct Sapphire Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - Kingston Ring 14744 TSV

    Kingston Ring

  • 1.17ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Laval Ring 14073 TV1.17ct Diamond and French Cut Sapphire Halo Ring - Laval Ring 14073 TSV

    Laval Ring

  • Lipari Ring Top ViewLipari Ring Top Side View

    Lipari Ring

  • Antique Cushion Cut Baguette Accents Ring - Lowville Ring 13013 TVAntique Cushion Cut And Baguette Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

    Lowville Ring

  • French Art Deco Geometric Halo Ring - Lynton Ring 14160 TV

    Lynton Ring. Circa 1930 (Antique, Art Deco Era)

  • Front View of 11778Top Side View of 11778

    Milan Ring

  • Diamond Cluster Ring Milford Ring Top ViewH Color SI1 Clarity Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring Platinum Mounting

    Milford Ring