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Product Era: 1950s - 1980s

Vintage 0.65ct Diamond And Sapphire Mid-Century Engagement Ring. Venetian Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 14869

Vintage 1 Carat Sapphire and Platinum Diamond Ring

SKU: NY14-36

Vintage 2.23ct Buccellati Diamond Ring. Circa 1960

SKU: 13836

Vintage 2.48ct Amethyst and 14k Gold Ring. Circa 1970

SKU: 15023

Vintage 4.04ct Mid-Century Diamond Engagement Ring. Carthage Ring. Circa 1960

SKU: 167RJ

Vintage 5.00ct Amethyst Ring. Circa 1960

SKU: 13690

Vintage 5.57ct Diamond Brilliant Cut Ring. Holliswood Ring. Circa 1960

SKU: 14143

Vintage 5.90ct Asscher Cut Spaulding Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: SB6511

Vintage 6.40ct Amethyst Platinum Kiruna Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 15208

Vintage French 1.00ct Cushion Cut Ruby and Diamond Ring. Pilton Ring, Circa 1970s

SKU: sb116

Vintage GIA 6.01ct Asscher Cut Diamond Genesee Ring

SKU: SB8908
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Vintage Mid Century 0.50ct Old European Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: OCT16-35

Vintage Mid-Century 4.08ct Old European Ring. Chatham Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: SB-602
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Vintage Mid-Century 4.25ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Dutchess Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 14034VB

Vintage Zadar Burma Sapphire Ring. Non-Heated. Circa 1980

SKU: SB115

11.36ct Oval Emerald Buccellati Ring

SKU: 13327

Bulgari Vintage Sapphire Ring

SKU: Y12273

Vintage Buccellati 7.41ct Burma Ruby Ring

SKU: 11640

Three Stone Ring

SKU: 12741

5.18ct Bulgari Ring

SKU: SB1060

Rare French Engagement Ring

SKU: 11372

Vintage 3.73ct Burma Ruby Tours Ring. Circa 1980

SKU: NY101

Vintage 4.12ct Swiss Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 13841

Vintage Mid-Century Evanston Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 12700

Buccellati Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 11144

Buccellati Engagement Ring

SKU: 11516