Vintage Engagement Rings

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Having cultivated a reputation for curating pieces that represent an incredible blend of history, design, craftsmanship, and rarity, Estate Diamond Jewelry is proud to present their rare collection of beautiful vintage engagement rings. Beyond an expertise developed over 30 years, Estate Diamond Jewelry gemologists exhibit a dedication to finding antique rings that are unparalleled in quality and craftsmanship.

Their range of jewelry includes the delicate intricacy of Edwardian Engagement Rings as well as the glamorous and fashion forward style of Art Deco Engagement Rings.

Front image of Eura ring with floral halo diamonds

Eura Ring


Deauville Ring Front View

Deauville Ring


Bologna Engagement Ring Front View

Bologna Ring


Antique Coucy Engagement Ring Front View

Coucy Ring


Seville Ring


Cannes Ring


Front View of Faro RingTop Side Undergallery picture of Faro Yellow Gold Ring

Faro Ring


Henlow Ring

Henlow Ring


Floral Engagement Ring

Manchester Ring


The Matera RingMatera Engagement Ring

Matera Ring


Monarch RingMonarch Engagement Ring

Monarch Ring


Orleans Ring


Portland Engagement RingPortland Ring

Portland Ring


Rennes Ring


Rouen Ring


Sardinia Ring


Sydney Engagement Ring

The Sydney Ring


Albany Ring


Asscher Ring


Bramham Ring


Brisbane Ring


Connecticut Engagement RingConnecticut Ring

Connecticut Ring


NapoliNapoli Engagement Ring

Napoli Ring


Newport RingNewport Engagement Ring

Newport Ring


Perth Engagement Ring

Perth Ring


Pisa Ring


Rochdale Ring


Ruby Floral Ring


Wells RingPlatinum Wells Engagement Ring

The Wells Ring


Venice Ring


2.24ct Estate Engagement Ring

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Berkshire RingBerkshire Engagement Ring

Berkshire Ring


Bordeaux Ring


Brighton Ring


Brunoy Ring


Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Calabria Ring


Diamond and Sapphire Ringdeco inspired ring

Cambridge Ring