Vintage Cocktail Rings

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  • 3.88ct Emerald Cut Emerald Diamond Ring - Cervia Ring 14878 TVEmerald and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - Cervia Ring 14878 TSV

    Cervia Ring

  • Pear-Shape Light Brown Pink Fancy Diamond Ring - Champs-Elysees Ring vmk13 TVPear Shape Fancy Diamond Halo Ring - Champs-Elysees Ring vmk13 TVS

    Champs-Élysées Ring

  • Cushion Cut 0.97ct Ruby and Diamond Ring - Chartreuse RingPlatinum 0.97ct Ruby and Diamond Ring - Chartreuse Ring

    Chartreuse Ring

  • 3.54-carat Emerald Cut Peridot Sapphire Halo Ring 12789 TVPeridot and Sapphire Halo Platinum Ring 12789 TSV

    Chaseley Ring

  • 1.60ct Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring - Chitina Ring 14613 TVEmerald Cut Emerald and Baguette Diamond Ring - Chitina Ring 14613 TSV

    Chitina Ring

  • Art Deco Citrine Diamond ring Cicero RingOriginal Art Deco 5ct Citrine and Platinum Ring Cicero Ring

    Cicero Ring. Circa 1930

  • Cipullo Yellow Gold Nail Design Ring - Cipullo Ring 13216 TV18k Yellow Gold Nail Design Ring - Cipullo Ring 13216 TVS

    Cipullo Nail Ring. Circa 1970 (Vintage)

  • 1.97ct Aquamarine Engagement Ring Double Halo - Delta Ring

    Claremont Ring

  • Kunzite And Diamond Platinum Mounting Kunzite Ring Top View 13885-TV-1000PXPlatinum Mounting Three Stone Diamond And Kunzite Ring 2.14 Carats 13885-TSV-1000PX

    Claverton Ring

  • Emerald-Cut Aquamarine Platinum Ring TV 12679Vintage Style Emerald-Cut Aquamarine Platinum Engagement Ring TV 12679

    Clifden Ring

  • Double Halo Vintage Style Aquamarine Ring TV 12645Vintage Style Aquamarine Engagement Ring TSV 12645

    Colorado Aqua Ring

  • Copley Ring antique cushion cut ruby 3 stone ring 14961 TV 1000PAntique cushion cut diamond and ruby ring Copley ring 14961 TSV 1000P

    Coply Ring. Circa 1900 (Antique, Edwardian Era)

  • 2.97 Citrine Engagement Ring Corliss Ring 13592 TVCitrine and Diamond Engagement Ring Corliss Ring 13592 TSV

    Corliss Ring

  • 1.20ct Pink Sapphire Sapphire Accents Ring - Covelo Ring 13932-TV-1000PXPear Cut Blue Sapphire Shoulder Accented Gemstone Ring 13932-TSV-1000PX

    Covelo Ring

  • Cowell Ring Top ViewCowell Ring Side View

    Cowell Ring

  • Retro Era Emerald and Diamond Ring - Dalton BandEmerald and Diamond Geometric Cocktail Ring - Dalton Band 14638 TSV

    Dalton Ring. Circa 1940 (Vintage, Retro Era)

  • Elongated Aquamarine Ring in Platinum TV 12063Elongated Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring TV 12063

    Delaware Ring

  • 2.50ct Emerald Cut Diamond and Halo Ring Denver RingSapphire Halo and Diamond Halo Aquamarine Ring 2.50ct Emerald Cut Diamond and Halo Ring Denver Ring

    Denver Ring

  • Dewsbury Aquamarine Ring Top ViewDewsbury Ring Top Side View

    Dewsbury Aquamarine Ring

  • Aquamarine and Sapphire Halo Ring Easton Ring Top ViewAquamarine Sapphire Halo Ring Easton Ring

    Easton Ring

  • 1.93ct Oval Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Ellington RingPlatinum Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring - Ellington Ring

    Ellington Ring. Circa 1950

  • 3.27ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine Diamond Ring - Elmswell Ring 14441 TV3.27ct Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Ring - Elmswell Ring 14441 TSV

    Elmswell Ring

  • 10.10ct Diamond and Emerald Gold Signed Cocktail Ring - SB503 TV

    Elwood Ring. Circa 1975 (Vintage)

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  • 1.30ct Ruby and Diamond Floral Ring - Enola RingRuby and Diamond Floral Halo Ring - Enola Ring YK110 TSV

    Enola Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)

  • 9.39ct Emerald Cut Natural Zambia Emerald Ring - Escalante Ring9.39ct Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Ring - Escalante Ring

    Escalante Ring

  • 18k Yellow Gold Mounting Rose Cut Diamond Victorian Era Ring 13966-TSV-1000PX

    Escan Ring. Circa 1890 (Antique, Victorian Era)

  • 3.00ct Oval Cut Natural Emerald Ring - Essex Ring 13957 TVPlatinum and Diamond Halo Emerald Ring Essex ring Top Side View

    Essex Ring

  • Peridot and Platinum Vintage Style Ring Essonne RingSapphire, Diamond and Peridot Ring Essonne Ring

    Essonne Ring

  • Art Nouveau Diamond Swirl Cocktail Ring - Ewell Ring 14520 TVAntique French Old European Diamond Ring - Ewell Ring 14520 TSV

    Ewell Ring. Circa 1900 (Antique, Art Nouveau Era)