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  • Old European Cut Diamond Earrings Hutton EarringsPlatinum and Diamond Earrings StudsHutton Earrings

    Hutton Earrings

  • Antique Georgian Rose-cut Earrings Lockport Earrings Top ViewFoil-Back Antique Rose-cut Diamond Earrings Lockport Earrings Back View

    Lockport Earrings. Circa 1810 (Antique, Georgian Era)

  • Murryhill Earrings Top ViewMurryhill Earrings Tilt

    Murray Hill Earrings

  • Cluster Diamond Earrings Stanton Earrings Top View

    Stanton Earrings

  • Oval Cut Sapphire Diamond Hanging Earrings - Westhampton Earrings 13891 TVOval Cut Sapphire Diamond Floral Motif Earrings - Westhampton Earrings 13891 TSV

    Westhampton Earrings

  • Diamond and Pearl Halo Drop Earrings -Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and Pearl Earrings -

    Aberfoyle Earrings

  • Amity Old Mine Diamond Earrings with Emerald Halo Top ViewAmity Old European cut Diamond Earrings with emerald halo Top Side View

    Amity Earrings

  • Retro Era Vintage Floral Gold Earrings - Arleigh Earrings 14729 TVRetro Floral Ruby and Diamond Earrings -Arleigh Earrings 14729 F1

    Arleigh Earrings. Circa 1940 (Vintage, Retro Era)

  • Askern Earrings Top View

    Askern Earrings

  • Askern Earrings Top ViewAskern Earrings Tilt

    Aven Earrings

  • Light Yellow Diamond Floral Halo Earrings - Balmoral Earrings 14207 TV

    Balmoral Earrings

  • 2.35ct OEC Diamond Ring Belsize Earrings Top ViewPlatinum and Diamond Earrings Bellsize Earrings Worn

    Belsize Earrings

  • Bexley Earrings Top View

    Bexley Earrings. Circa 1900

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Studs 1.80ct - Calverton Earrings 13795 TVRound Brilliant Diamond Earrings 1.80ct Combined - Calverton Earrings 13795 TSV

    Calverton Earrings. Circa 1980

  • Canonsburg Earrings

  • 11498 Earrings Top View11498 Earrings Side View

    Cartier Bamboo Earrings

  • Cartier Rolling Earrings Top ViewCartier Rolling Earrings Side

    Cartier White Gold Rolling Earrings

  • 2.80ct Old European Cut Diamond Earrings - Chancellor Earrings 14554 TV

    Chancellor Earrings

  • 11887 Top View

    Chanel Pearl and Diamond Earrings

  • Cabochon Natural Sapphire and Diamond Earrings - Concord EarringsCabochon Sapphire and Diamond Hanging Earrings - Concord Earrings

    Concord Earrings

  • 12ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings

    Cordova Earrings

  • Antique Victorian Silver and Gold Earrings - Cromwell Earrings

    Cromwell Earrings

  • Croyden Earrings Top ViewCroyden Earrings Top Side View

    Croyden Earrings. Circa 1920

  • Pearl and Floral Diamond Halo Earrings - Ellis Earrings 11031 TVWhite Button Pearl Diamond Halo Earring - Ellis Earrings 11031 F3

    Ellis Earrings

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  • Ribbon and Floral Motif Spray Earrings - Emmeline Earrings 14728 TV

    Emmeline Earrings. Circa 1950 (Vintage, Mid-Century)

  • 1.88ct Old European Cut Diamond Earrings - Esmont Earrings 14432 TV

    Esmont Earrings

  • Yellow Diamond Halo EarringsYellow Diamond with Halo Earrings

    Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

  • Front View of Fulton EarringsFulton Earrings Side View

    Fulton Earrings

  • Gaspe Earrings Top ViewGaspe Earrings Side

    Gaspe Earrings

  • Glen Rock Old European Cut Diamond Cluster Earrings in Platinum Top ViewGlen Rock Vintage Diamond Cluster Earrings Side circa 1940

    Glen Rock Earrings. Circa 1940