Vintage Diamond Earrings

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  • Old European Cut Diamond Earrings Hutton EarringsPlatinum and Diamond Earrings StudsHutton Earrings

    Hutton Earrings

  • Murryhill Earrings Top ViewMurryhill Earrings Tilt

    Murray Hill Earrings

  • Cluster Diamond Earrings Stanton Earrings Top View

    Stanton Earrings

  • Sudbury Earrings Top ViewSudbury Earrings Top Side View

    Sudbury Earrings

  • Diamond and Pearl Halo Drop Earrings -Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and Pearl Earrings -

    Aberfoyle Earrings

  • Allerton Antique Diamond Earrings with Ruby Halo Top ViewOld European Cut Diamond Earrings with Ruby Halo JN20112

    Allerton Earrings

  • Amity Old Mine Diamond Earrings with Emerald Halo Top ViewAmity Old European cut Diamond Earrings with emerald halo Top Side View

    Amity Earrings

  • Askern Earrings Top View

    Askern Earrings

  • Askern Earrings Top ViewAskern Earrings Tilt

    Aven Earrings

  • Canonsburg Earrings

  • 11887 Top View

    Chanel Pearl and Diamond Earrings

  • Antique Victorian Silver and Gold Earrings - Cromwell Earrings

    Cromwell Earrings

  • Edwardian Style Old Mine EarringsEdwardian Style Old Mine Earrings

    Edwardian Style Old Mine Earrings

  • Diamond Floral Earrings Platinum on Yellow Gold - Excelsior EarringsFloral Design Diamond Cluster Push-back Earrings - Excelsior Earrings

    Excelsior Earrings

  • Yellow Diamond Halo EarringsYellow Diamond with Halo Earrings

    Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

  • Glen Rock Old European Cut Diamond Cluster Earrings in Platinum Top ViewGlen Rock Vintage Diamond Cluster Earrings Side circa 1940

    Glen Rock Earrings. Circa 1940

  • Prong Set Diamond Cluster Flowerhead Earrings - Ingram EarringsFlowerhead Diamond Cluster Earrings Platinum Gold - Ingram Earrings

    Ingram Earrings

  • Platinum and Pear Shape Diamond Earrings - Lakeshire EarringsPear Shape 4.39ct Diamond Drop Earrings - Lakeshire Earrings

    Lakeshire Earrings

  • Geometric Platinum Diamond Set Hoop Earrings - Larchmont EarringsGeometric Diamond Set Clip On Earrings - Larchmont Earrings

    Larchmont Earrings

  • Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Leverback Earrings - Loubert EarringsLeverback Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Earrings - Loubert Earrings

    Loubet Earrings

  • 12ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings

    Lucca Earrings

  • Malvern Diamond and Onyx Earrings Top ViewMalvern Onyx and Diamond Earrings Tilt

    Malvern Earrings

  • Floral Diamond Cluster Earrings Old European Cut - Meadowbrook EarringsPlatinum and Diamond Cluster Earrings Edwardian Style - Meadowbrook Earrings

    Meadowbrook Earrings

  • Pier Diamond Drop Earrings10609 Antique Diamond Earrings Artistic

    Pier Earrings

  • Platinum Infinity Diamond Earrings 2Platinum Infinity Diamond Earrings

    Platinum Diamond Infinity Earrings

  • Antique Art deco Earrings 10968 BothArt Deco Drop Earring 10968 Front

    Rare Art Deco Earrings. Circa 1920

  • Heysing EarringsHeysing Earrings Side

    Romford Earrings

  • Telford Diamond and Onyx Earrings TVTelford Diamond and Onyx Earrings Tilt

    Telford Earrings

  • Citrine Diamond EarringsCitrine and Rose Cut Diamond Earrings

    Vintage Citrine Earrings

  • Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Earrings