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Antique 0.55ct Edwardian Diamond Engagement Ring. Circa 1910


Antique Victorian Double Halo Diamond Ring. Addison. Circa 1880


Denton Ring. Circa 1905, Antique, Edwardian Era


Fairfield Ring. Old European Cut Diamond Cluster Ring, Platinum and 18K Gold


Ruby Floral Ring


Victorian Solitaire 0.35ct Old Mine Cut diamond Ring. Cleft Ring. Circa 1860


Antique Victorian 1.02ct Yellow Gold Ring. Lafayette Ring. Circa 1880


Mildred Ring. Circa 1940, Vintage, Retro Era


Somerville Ring


1.15ct GIA Fancy Yellowish Green Diamond Ring


Barnard Ring


Buccellati Diamond Halo Ring


Cranbrook Ring


Elwood Ring. Circa 1975, Vintage

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Escan Ring. Circa 1890 (Antique, Victorian Era)


Fairhaven Ring


Graff Diamond Ring


Ingram Earrings


London Ring


Malba Pendant


Malta Ring


Melbourne Ring. Circa 1945 (Vintage, Retro Era)


Mid-Century 4.02ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Park Plaza Ring. Circa 1960

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Parkside Ring


Purdy Ring


Roxbury Ring

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Springdale Ring


Tennyson Ring


Vintage 0.50ct Diamond and Gold Ring. Abancourt Ring. Circa 1970


Vintage 1.93ct Diamond and 18k Gold Andover Ring. Circa 1940


Stonehaven Ring


5.18ct Bulgari Ring


Groveland Ring. Circa 1890 (Antique, Victorian Era)