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Antique Art Deco 4.30ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Kent Ring. Circa 1925


Madigan Earrings


Hutton Earrings


4.02 Carat Diamond Ring


5.01ct Cushion Cut Diamond Ring. Milltown Ring


Bethpage Ring

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Elwood Ring. Circa 1975, Vintage

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GIA 4.24ct Diamond Hartford Ring. Circa 1970, Vintage

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Mid-Century 4.02ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Park Plaza Ring. Circa 1960

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Paterson Ring

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Roxbury Ring

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Salzburg Ring


Vintage Mid-Century 4.25ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Dutchess Ring. Circa 1950


5.18ct Bulgari Ring


Cushion Cut 4.04ct Diamond Engagement Ring

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