Where To Keep Your Engagement Ring When You’re Not Wearing It August 28, 2017 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

It used to be that every single thing in the home had its place. If something wasn’t in use, it lived in a very particular spot whether in a closet, on a shelf or in a drawer. Over time, busy lifestyles have taken their toll on the level of organization we employ and, really, we’ve all become a little more lazy about what we do with things we’re not using.

That’s fine, for most things, but not for your engagement ring.

You may be someone who wears your engagement ring 24 hours a day, you may only take it off at night, or you may have reasons, such as your job, which mean you only wear it on special occasions. Regardless of how long your engagement ring actually spends on your finger, you need to ask yourself what you do with it during the times it isn’t being worn.

Your engagement ring is technically replaceable in a material sense, but a replacement will never quite feel the same to you, no matter how hard you try. For that reason alone, shouldn’t you be careful what you do with it? It is quite common for an engagement ring to be left on a nightstand or dresser overnight which, in itself, is okay but kids, pets, clumsy husbands and sometimes just the gremlins that live in your house could one day mean that you come to get it and it isn’t there.

Engagement rings usually come in boxes and, if not, boxes can be purchased very cheaply. The simple act of keeping your ring in its box reduces the risk of loss significantly and, as an added bonus, can help to keep it looking its best for longer. In turn, keeping the ring, in its box, in a larger jewelry box means less risk still. They may seem like obvious statements to make, but remember that laziness we mentioned earlier?

Artistic Picture of Rose Cut Diamond Engagement RingIf you want the safety of your engagement ring to be completely secure, keep it in a safe. You can get specialized jewelry safes, which have drawers and compartments for different types of jewelry, and come in sizes from about the size of a microwave, to floor-to-ceiling affairs that can hold hundreds of pieces. However, a standard household safe will do the job, as long as you take extra care when going in and out of the safe for other things you might want to keep in there.

There’s also another good reason for using a safe to house your engagement ring when not being worn. If you have insurance – and if you don’t, why not? – it may well stipulate that a safe must be used and that the policy does not cover loss from anywhere else, unless the ring is stolen whilst being worn. At the very least, you will likely get a discount on the premium if you do have a safe in which to keep your ring.

But this isn’t about financial peace of mind, it’s about sentimental peace of mind. The bottom line is that you want the ring that was put on your finger at the beginning to still be there at the end, to be handed down to your daughter or granddaughter. A replacement may look identical, but it isn’t quite the same.

You can never be too careful when considering the safety and security of such precious belongings as an engagement ring. Shake off the malaise a busy life brings into your home, and put your engagement ring first.