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Product Primary Stone: Sapphire

Antique Edwardian Sapphire Earrings. Codroy. Circa 1910,

SKU: 14006

1.93ct Estate Vintage Sapphire Ring. Ellington Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 13301
Original price was: $3,500.Current price is: $3,150.

3.15ct Oval Cut Sapphire Ring. Non Heated Sapphire. West View Ring

SKU: 13965

8.36ct Ceylon Sapphire Halo Ring. Swansea Ring

SKU: 14663

Antique Edwardian Norfolk Sapphire Ring. Circa 1910

SKU: 13486

Beverly Band

SKU: 12367

GIA 3.06ct Cushion Cut Sapphire Ring. Queensland Ring

SKU: 13552

Vintage 1.06ct Sapphire Varena Ring. Circa 1960

SKU: 15193

Vintage French Sapphire Gold Ring. Antalya Ring. Circa 1980

SKU: 15121

0.47tcw Sapphire and Diamond Waldorf Ring

SKU: 14857

1.06ct Pear-Shaped Sapphire Halo Ring. Cordoba Ring

SKU: 15057

1.32ct Sapphire and Sapphire Halo Platinum Sorrento Ring

SKU: 15197

1.62ct Cushion Cut Sapphire Halo Ring. Harvard Ring

SKU: 15038

1.68ct Natural Sapphire Platinum Ring. Morristown Ring

SKU: 14467

1.89ct Cabochon Sapphire Platinum and Emerald Accent Ring. Bonhomme Ring

SKU: 14974VB

5.46ct Yellow Sapphire Cluster Gold Ring. Nyons Ring


Antique Edwardian Sapphire Ring. Circa 1900

SKU: 15064

Antique Victorian 1.15ct Sapphire Cabochon Ring. Ballina Ring. Circa 1880

SKU: 15122

Westhampton Earrings

SKU: 13891

0.57ct Vintage Sapphire Ring. Arezza Ring. Circa 1965

SKU: 14519

1.10ct Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring. Castella Ring

SKU: 15056

1.20ct Vintage Estate Sapphire Ring. Celano Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 14737

1.32ct Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring. Fairmonte Ring

SKU: 14673

1.52ct Sapphire and Diamond Halo Portland Ring

SKU: 13311

1.56ct Oval Cut Natural Sapphire Ring. Kingston Ring

SKU: 14744

1.66ct Natural Blue Oval Sapphire Ring. Celina Ring

SKU: 13715

2.50ct Sapphire Emerald-Cut Platinum Ring. Atlantic Ring

SKU: 14477

Almont Band

SKU: 14065

Antique Art Deco Three-Stone Cannes Sapphire Ring. Circa 1925

SKU: 14480

Antique Edwardian Sapphire Kirkwall Ring. Circa 1900

SKU: 14746