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Product Primary Stone: Ruby

Antique Art Deco Diamond Wedding Band. Rockville. Circa 1935

SKU: 14829

Three-Stone Ruby and Diamond Halo Adelaide Ring

SKU: 13464

1.05ct Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring. Arbor Ring

SKU: 14335

AGL 1.46ct Cushion Cut Burma Ruby Ring. Toulon Ring

SKU: 14115

0.97ct Burma Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring. Chartreuse Ring

SKU: 13282

1.08ct Oval Cut Ruby Orland Ring

SKU: 14334

1.15ct Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring. Durbin Ring

SKU: 14742

1.52ct Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Ring. Formosa Ring

SKU: 13283
Original price was: $7,900.Current price is: $7,110.

1.65ct Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Halo Aster Ring

SKU: 14743

1.66ct Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Halo Sicily Ring

SKU: 14741

Antique Edwardian Era Ruby and Diamond Ring. Wilhelmina Ring, Circa 1900

SKU: 15131

Antique Edwardian Era Two-Stone Diamond Ruby Ring. Belvedere Ring, Circa 1905

SKU: 14646

Antique Victorian Era Burma Ruby Navette Ring. Medina Ring, Circa 1890

SKU: 14037

Antique Victorian Era Six-Stone Ruby and Diamond Ring. Rosaire Ring, Circa 1860

SKU: 14747

Audra Band

SKU: SH265

Banff Band. 2.40mm

SKU: 13459

Coply Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era.

SKU: 14961

Gardiner Band. 2.6mm

SKU: 14458

Loudon Ring

SKU: 14875

Moraine Band

SKU: 14495

Naperville Band. Circa 1920

SKU: 12629

Pikeville Ring. Circa 1970, Vintage.


Redford Band

SKU: 14463

Ruby and Gold Wedding Band

SKU: E106

Rutherford Band


Sarasota Band

SKU: 14658

Schlumberger Vintage Ring

SKU: 14959

Strathmore Bracelet

Original price was: $22,000.Current price is: $19,000.

VCA Ruby Floral Earrings

SKU: 12851

Vintage 0.80tcw Ruby Ardonia Ring. Circa 1970

SKU: 15141