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Product Primary Stone: Emerald

4.55ct Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring. Livingston Ring

SKU: 13352

4.97ct Emerald-Cut Emerald Halo Ring. Greenwich Ring

SKU: 14402

Sullivan Band

SKU: 12622

Vintage Seaman Schepps Emerald Ring. Circa 1975

SKU: 14972

0.79ct Emerald and Baguette Halo White Gold Ring

SKU: 13259

Antique, Edwardian Era, Colombian Emerald Ring Circa 1910

SKU: 13733

Barden Green Band. 2.5mm

SKU: 14456

Elmfield Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era

SKU: 14366
Original price was: $4,000.Current price is: $3,600.

Platinum, 1.03ct Oval Emerald and sapphire Halo Scarab Ring

SKU: 14859

Platinum, 4.32ct Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring

SKU: 13959

Vintage Retro Diamond and Emerald Ring. Dalton. Circa 1940

SKU: 14638

1.03ct Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Halo Platinum Ring

SKU: 13901

1.06ct Colombian No Oil Emerald Platinum Ring

SKU: 13894

18k White Gold and 1.22ct Emerald Cut Ring

Original price was: $5,700.Current price is: $5,130.

18k White Gold Floral Design 2.51ct Emerald Ring

Original price was: $12,500.Current price is: $11,250.

2.48ct Round Emerald Three Stone Platinum Ring

SKU: 14622

Antique Cabochon GIA Emerald Ring. Art Deco, Circa 1920

SKU: 15012

Antique Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Edwardian Ring

SKU: 14960

Vintage Diamond and Emerald Glasgow Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 14558

0.96ct Colombian No Oil Emerald and Sapphire Halo Ring. Ramsen Ring

SKU: 14697

0.96ct Emerald Colombian No Oil Ring

SKU: 14695

0.97ct Emerald and Diamond Cluster, Colombian, No Oil

SKU: 14698

1.01ct Emerald and Baguette Halo Platinum Arcadia Ring

SKU: 13909

1.02ct Colombian, No Oil Emerald Platinum Ring

SKU: 14700

1.58ct Natural Colombian No-Oil Emerald Platinum Ring. Mayfield Ring.

SKU: 14701

1.60ct Emerald and Diamond Accent Platinum Ring

SKU: 14613

1.72ct Oval Emerald and Diamond Halo Platinum Essex Ring

SKU: 14612

1.87ct Colombian Emerald and Cluster Platinum Ring

SKU: 14611

18k YG, 1.62ct Emerald and Baguette Halo Ring

SKU: 15048

1ct Emerald and Diamond Halo Platinum Ring Ring

SKU: 14505