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Product Carats: 3.00-3.99ct

Antique Art Deco 3.07ct Diamond Halo Engagement Ring. Circa 1930

SKU: 14273

3.80ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Bayside

SKU: 13452

3.01ct, F color Radiant Cut Diamond Ring. Ellerbe Ring

SKU: 14314

3.14ct GIA Certified Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. Deansgate Ring

SKU: 13601

3.21ct Rose Cut Cushion Shaped Diamond Ring. Columbus Ring

SKU: 14566

Dover Ring. 3.02ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring

SKU: 14039

Marbury Ring

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Vintage French 3.00ct Diamond Ring Circa 1970. Gifford Ring

SKU: 14482

Vintage GIA Certified 3.04ct Diamond Ring, Circa 1960. Osborne Ring.

SKU: 13928

Albi Ring. Circa 1920, Antique, Art Deco Era.

SKU: 14826

Boudry Ring. Circa 1920, Antique, Art Deco Era

SKU: 13538

Chelsea Ring. Circa 1920, Antique, Art Deco Era.

SKU: 14818

Debonair Ring. Circa 1940, Vintage, Retro Era

SKU: 14378

Gatineau Ring. Circa 1945, Vintage, Retro Era.

SKU: 14885

Montreal Ring

SKU: 14157

Olivette Ring

SKU: Her608
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Turin Ring

SKU: JR612
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3.05ct Mauboussin Ring. Circa 1945, Vintage, Retro Era

SKU: 15132

3.14ct Transitional Cut Diamond Cascais Ring

SKU: 13245

3.40ct Art Deco Style Diamond Ring with Halo

SKU: 10365

3.41 Carat Graff Pear Shape Ring

SKU: SB615
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Altona Ring

SKU: 14355

Antique Carré Cut Engagement Ring. Circa 1925

SKU: 11235

Antique Tiffany Ring. Circa 1910

SKU: RJ1210

Bayard Ring. Circa 1920

SKU: SB0533

Bel Air Ring

SKU: 13870

Bergon Ring


Bryant Park Ring

SKU: 14634

Caffrey Ring

SKU: 14226

Clifton Ring

SKU: DL101