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Top 9 Jewelry Related Accounts on TikTok 

Tiktok Jewelry Account Estate Diamond Jewelry

TikTok is one of the best social media platforms for showcasing jewelry (also known as Jewelry TikTok). As it is based on visuals, it’s perfect for people to see how lovely precious stones can look when a person is wearing them. Currently, there are not many jewelry stores or brands on TikTok. Therefore, we have searched through the best-selling TikTok jewelers’ accounts to create a top ten. 

So without further ado, here are TikTok’s best ten jewelry-related accounts. But first, a quick Tiktok from our Estate Diamond Jewelry account:

9. Princess Bride Diamonds

Princess Bride Diamonds is a family-owned store launched in 1984. They are known to build genuine relationships with customers by treating them like family. They work with their customers to design unique, high-quality pieces to be cherished for generations. 

At Princess Bride Diamonds, their priority is to make the diamond buying experience enjoyable. For the bride-to-be, they specialize in elegant, custom-made engagement rings and other attractive pieces. They refill their stock with new engagement rings, loose diamonds, stackable rings, and more each week. 

With thorough GIA knowledge, they teach their clients and help them choose the best diamonds to fit their budget. Their team acquires the best quality pieces based on features including carat, color, clarity, cut, polish, and symmetry. 

8. Wundercut

Next is another family-owned jewelry business, Wundercut. They specialize in earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds for tailored-made engagement rings. Their rings fit each unique stone for a piece with captivating brightness and smooth precision. 

Wundercut started as a wholesale jeweler and sold their diamonds directly to the customer at factory prices. Their selection of dazzling diamonds is handpicked, and they work with high-quality suppliers to source their gemstones and precious metals. Wundercut supports the works of “The International Kimberley Process,” which monitors the source of rough diamonds to ensure they are 100% conflict-free. 

Wundercut’s rings are hand and custom-made by their master jewelers. Depending on the complexity of the ring, they usually take approximately 2-4 weeks to complete. They are committed to customer satisfaction throughout the process. 

For 38 years, they’ve offered outstanding service and the best quality jewelry at wholesale pricing. Wundercut believes in “affordability, accessibility, and reliability.” They continue to strive to do whatever it takes to ensure you receive an elegantly crafted ring in the style you desire. 

7. David’s House of Diamonds

At David’s House of Diamonds, they believe that buying a diamond can be a confusing and stressful experience. And especially for first-time buyers, hours can be spent researching diamonds to avoid the mistake of paying too much or buying an inauthentic stone. At David’s House, there is no need to worry because you’ll be in safe hands. This family-owned business has been in the industry for 35 years now, so they are well-versed in the diamond industry. 

Aziz, the business owner, has over 40 years of experience and a keen eye for exclusive pieces. If there is a specific piece that you’re looking for, if he doesn’t have it in stock, he’ll be sure to find it for you. They offer a wide selection of upscale jewelry, including bridal, custom engagement rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. They make sure their selection is kept up-to-date with the latest unique, fashionable, and trendy pieces. 

Aziz’s team of experts will commit to getting you the best value that your budget can buy. They have removed the middleman to offer direct factory pricing. They also back all their pieces with a 100% money-back guarantee. The team is equipped with GIA diamond knowledge, and their pieces are made in the U.S. with conflict-free diamonds. 

6. Forever Diamonds NY

Forever Diamonds New York specializes in high-end, handcrafted, and custom-made rings. 

They follow a strict quality assurance process to guarantee your jewelry is created just as you envision it. They’ll walk you through the gemstone selection process and set options to bring your vision to reality. When you decide on a style, someone from their personal sales team will provide a realistic timeline. Although timings will vary, a tailored piece can sometimes take two to six weeks to complete. If you need your order in a hurry, they’ll work to accommodate your request. 

The process is kicked off with a consultation. The team will work with you on focusing your imagination to create a unique piece based on any style, post, image, or your own description. Then after going through the finer details such as carat, clarity, timeline, and cost, they’ll get to work on your jewelry and aim to finish it ahead of schedule. 

5. TraxNYC


Two ways to stack gold. Troy Ounce is cheaper , Trax Ounce is the way i will be doing it. Item number 24 on #gold #goldprice

♬ original sound – TraxNYC

Since 2003, TranxNYC has been “at the heart of the global diamond jewelry industry.” They specialize in precious gems and diamond pieces and are committed to enhancing their customer’s experience in selecting and appreciating refined jewelry. 

They feature a “Custom Jewelry Project” where the team guides you through the process of making your own jewelry. Custom projects include men’s and women’s rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, diamond watches, and crosses. In addition to complete personalization, a custom project is perfect for designing a sentimental piece and gaining an excellent investment. They have a live team of customer representatives who will discuss your wants and requirements with you. 

Their collection includes sophisticated and unique diamond pieces that are always fairly priced. They endeavor to expand their collection with the most up-to-date and trending pieces and are confident that their inventory can cater to most desires. 

4. The Clear Cut

The Clear Cut team inspires you to design your perfect diamond engagement ring. They work with the largest cutters and wholesalers to collect a tailor-made selection of the finest quality diamonds at the best prices. 

They strive to guarantee that the experience of buying an engagement ring is fun, stress-free, exciting, and romantic. Because they know that a diamond ring is an expensive investment; therefore, their team of diamond experts is available to advise you at every stage. Their team will be at your side to help you navigate the sea of what can feel like endless options, offering advice on everything from cut, color, and carat weight, to fine jewelry trends. 

To help create the ring of your dreams, the gemologist team will handpick a tailored selection of diamonds to match your preferences. Every diamond is evaluated to ensure the highest quality and the best value for your money. Clear Cut intends on helping you to design a piece that is lavish, everlasting, and exclusively tailored to you. 

As well as creating irresistible jewelry, their “Clear Cut Classroom” will keep you informed with all things diamond. Including expert information on keeping your jewelry clean and choosing the perfect diamond shape for you. 

3. Happy Jewelers

Happy Jewelers is another family-owned business. Its conception started with young Isa Arik believing that he could do something other than work on the family farm. With an eye for design and defining the quality of various goods, his passion drove him to source and design high-end jewelry. He quickly developed a reputation for detailed and elegantly handcrafted jewelry. 

Living in Turkey, he was determined to improve the lives of those around him. One day, he decided to pack up his family and leave for the U.S. to pursue more opportunities and live the “American Dream.” Likely one of the best decisions he ever made, today, Happy Jewelers is rated the best jeweler in Orange County offering custom and handcrafted pieces. 

For more than 40 years now, Happy Jewelers has continued to make people happy by offering the finest quality in handcrafted jewelry. This brand is as unique as its hand-made pieces. Their quality materials include handpicked diamonds, sourced gemstones, and precious metals from only the best suppliers. Their solid manufacturing foundation in the wholesale and retail jewelry sector supports their innovative, unique designs. Continuing the quality set by Isa all those years ago, Happy Jewelers promises that each piece sold is second to none for 100% satisfaction. 

2. Christine Jewellers

Christine Jewellers has built their flourishing jewelers’ business with a solid reputation based on three philosophies – “distinctive styling, outstanding quality, and legendary service.” These jewelers offer top-rated certified diamonds, fine diamond jewelry, engagement rings, sterling silverware, and timepieces. They work with top-rated jewelry designers worldwide to create prize-winning designs exclusively for Christine Jewellers. Their signature collection marries antique motifs with contemporary glamour and style. 

1. Estate Diamond Jewelry

And our number one TikTok jewelry account is Estate Diamond Jewelry. 

EDJ has earned the number one spot because they offer a broad collection of vintage pieces in addition to providing the services above. Estate Diamond Jewelry has the most extensive high-end vintage engagement rings and jewelry collection. Their unique pieces are collected by an experienced team of gemologists and jewelers. At EDJ, there is something for everyone. 

The business started in 1980 when co-founder Michael traveled from customer to customer until it developed into the thriving business it is today. Thanks to his keen eye and taste in rare and fine jewelry, he and his team have the world’s largest vintage jewelry collections. 

They strive to ensure each piece maintains the highest quality and style standards. Their technique used in vintage artistry is evident in the elegance and beauty of their timeless antique rings. Their collection of ethical jewelry includes vintage engagement rings and earrings, sapphire rings, and 4-Carat diamond rings. They also offer a variety of fine Art Deco jewelry and a wide selection of Edwardian jewelry. Their Edwardian pieces embody the intricate detailing and vividness common in the jewelry of that era. 

Whether you’re looking for a skillfully designed vintage engagement ring or an antique cushion-cut diamond ring, look no further. The EDJ team is committed to helping you find jewelry “as unique and beautiful” as the person who will wear it. 

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