Ideas for 10th Anniversary Gifts February 14, 2018 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Ten years is a lifetime for a child, and not quite so much for an adult. However, it is a period which is significant for reasons other than the length of time it represents. A decade is often a thing that is celebrated, whether in a job, playing for a sports team or whatever the reason. It’s also a milestone for any marriage. Yes, marriages are celebrated every year, but 10 years just feels like it deserves a little more recognition.

But what do you buy to mark this significant milestone in your life together? Here are some ideas.

Upgraded Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring on Blue Surface

But your wife already has an engagement ring, right? Of course, but there are several good reasons why upgrading is a good idea. When you’re young, especially, you are a different person 10 years on. Her tastes may have changed across all manner of things, and her jewelry is no different. If that’s the case, then a change or update of your engagement ring is perfectly acceptable.

It might also be that your financial situation has changed. Getting married can be an expensive time, and the budget you had for a ring then isn’t necessarily what you have available now. The original ring has sentimental value, of course, but updating or upgrading it doesn’t remove the sentiment. The diamond can be reset into a different style of ring, perhaps, so that it can be brought up to date with modern trends. It might be that the current ring is damaged in some way, and 10 years of marriage is the perfect excuse to put that right.

Whatever the circumstances and reasons, upgrading an engagement ring is an increasingly popular option.

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Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings for 10th Anniversary Gift

Earrings are often forgotten jewelry. Almost all women wear them, but they tend to be functional and quite plain, with something of the afterthought feeling about them. Putting it right and buying diamond earrings is an excellent choice for a 10th-anniversary gift. They might not actually be at the front of your wife’s thoughts on jewelry, like a ring or necklace would be. That, though, doesn’t stop them being a great gift choice. Earrings are often used to complement other jewelry items, so have a look at her current collection, and choose wisely.

Whether they are drop style, or cluster, or a bold chandelier, the range available is fantastic and look stunning.

Something In Tin

Not “in a tin”, but made from tin. If you like to be traditional about gifts, tin is the material to look for when it comes to your 10th anniversary. The great thing about tin, above most other metals, is that it is easily cut, easily stamped and easily shaped. This means the variety of things available is almost limitless. From clocks to jewelry to customized wall art, a tin gift shows you’ve thought about it.

First Dates

Not just your first date, actually, but your engagement date, wedding date or any date which represents your relationship. Like with the tin gifts above, there are tons of options into which your important date can be included. They are not usually too expensive, either. Sometimes, a little thought can generate more emotion than any amount of money.

Items stamped with the date, whether for personal display or private use a great idea. Sites like Etsy are full of great ideas for personal gifts, and a quick trip around Instagram can also prove inspirational.

Something Different

Coffee Cup Cute Gift

If you usually let your anniversary go by with a card and maybe a romantic dinner, a little gag gift might do the trick. A coffee mug with a message on like “10 Years Of Always Being Right, And Counting…” or something similar will bring a laugh and a certain nod of confirmation.

If she likes something, look for a gift related to it. Whether it’s musical, pictorial or anything else, it really is that bit of thought that will pay off.

And What Not To Buy

Very simple, this one. No woman wants a vacuum cleaner, or dishwasher, or ingenious bladed device for washing windows as an anniversary gift. They just don’t, so don’t do it.

If you are tempted, start again at the top of this list. Keep doing that until you realize she’s the wife you love and not a cleaning service.