Top 50 Gemstone Engagement Rings

May 4, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Diamonds may be the most famous jewels for engagement rings, but many colorful alternatives exist. They are great for the bride-to-be who wants something different from the norm or loves distinct pops of color. If that sounds like your future bride, then read on for our list of 50 gemstone engagement rings.

1. The Brentford Ring

Brentford Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring Featuring Floral Halo

Price: $8,000

Starting off the list is a breathtaking antique ring handcrafted in the Edwardian era circa 1905. It features a 1.90-carat natural emerald surrounded by a 2.75-carat floral halo of old mine-cut diamonds. What’s more, the gallery’s delicate milgrain and elegant open-work details embellish the platinum gold mounting.

2. The Arcadia Ring

Arcadia Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $5,000

The Arcadia Ring is a beautiful 1.01-carat natural emerald engagement ring featuring a 0.58-carat minimalistic halo of baguette-cut diamonds. The under-gallery, with open-work details and fine milgrain, decorates the handcrafted platinum mounting. Adding to the overall elegance of the ring, round brilliant-cut diamonds continue along the shoulders.

3. The Riverdale Ring

1.15ct Center Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring - Riverdale Ring - Hand Video

Price: $6,800

This intricately designed emerald beauty is perfect for artistic souls. It features a deep green emerald-cut emerald gemstone bezel-set in glamorous yellow gold. The 1.15-carat central stone is surrounded by old European-cut diamonds arranged in a beautiful floral halo. What’s more, each shoulder is decorated with a diamond-shaped bezel containing a single diamond.

4. The Verdant Ring

Verdant Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring With Floral Halo

Price: $9,800

This glamorous French antique platinum ring was handcrafted in platinum during the Edwardian era circa 1915. It features a beautiful 1.00-carat oval-cut, GIA-certified natural Colombian emerald. A floral halo of old European-cut diamonds weighing approximately 2.20 carats embellishes the center gemstone. Finally, single diamonds adorn the shoulders and openwork decorates the under-gallery.

5. The Elmfield Ring

Elmfield Emerald Engagement Ring With Square Diamond Halo

Price: $4,000

The Elmfield Ring is a unique antique ring featuring a square-cut center emerald embellished with a halo of bezel-set old European-cut diamonds. Above all, the charming shape and clever use of space between the halo and center stone elevate the ring. Finally, this platinum ring dates back to the Edwardian era, circa 1900.

6. The Livingston Ring

Livingston Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring With Diamond Cluster

Price: $35,000

If you’re looking for opulence in an emerald ring, then the Livingston Ring is a great choice. This exquisite cluster ring features a 4.55-carat natural Colombian emerald with an emerald cut. Surrounding the center gemstone is a 1.50-carat cluster of old European-cut diamonds. Finally, the ring is handcrafted in platinum and 18k yellow gold.

7. The Norfolk Ring

Norfolk Three Stone Sapphire Ring With Surrounding Diamonds

Price: $11,500

The Norfolk Ring is an extraordinary three-stone antique platinum ring.

It is from the Edwardian era, circa 1910. The ring has a unique navette shape with three pavé-set sapphires in a north-south position totaling 1.00 carat. The central sapphire is round, while the outer sapphires are cushion-cut. In addition, a halo of old mine-cut and antique cushion-cut diamonds surrounds it, as well as four dazzling rose-cut diamonds.

8. The Falkland Ring

Yellow Gold And Platinum Falkland Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $14,000

The Falkland Ring is a superb option for those interested in sapphires.

The mesmerizing piece begins with a GIA-centered natural Cyalon sapphire weighing 3.22 carats. Surrounding this beauty is a halo of old European-cut diamonds followed by accenting sapphire stones and an outer frame of additional diamonds. The sapphire and diamond embellishments continue along the tapered shoulders.

The total diamond and sapphire weights of this 18k yellow gold and platinum ring are 1.16 and 3.62 carats respectively.

9. The West View Ring

West View Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Ring With Halo

Price: $6,500

If you are looking for an exceptional sapphire engagement ring, then this one is just right for you. The ring features a GIA-certified 3.15-carat natural sapphire in the center. Additionally, a glorious halo of old European-cut and baguette-cut diamonds surrounds it. Two additional baguette-cut diamonds rest on each shoulder.

10. The Tiffany Three Stone Ring

Platinum Tiffany Three Stone Sapphire Gemstone Engagement

Price: $8,000

This platinum Tiffany & Co. ring is more on the discrete side yet is no less stunning. It features a central natural sapphire stone of 1.00 carat, while a 0.25-carat brilliant-cut diamond flanks each of its sides. If you’re interested in something a bit more subtle and delicate, then this is a great choice.

11. The Celina Ring

Celina Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $8,200

The intricacy of the Celina Ring‘s design makes it stand out. Firstly, the ring is handcrafted in platinum and features an elegant undergallery. Above all, the 1.66-carat oval-cut center sapphire and the surrounding 1.00-carat floral halo of 10 old European-cut diamonds offer a distinctly alluring contrast. Finally, another two old European-cut diamonds decorate the shoulders of the ring.

12. The Aspen Ring

Double Halo Three Gemstone Aspen Engagement Ring Featuring

Price: $4,300

The most eye-catching feature of this tricolor ring is certainly its double halo. Natural calibre French-cut sapphires frame the center stone, and round-cut diamonds form the outer halo. The center gemstone is an Asscher-cut aquamarine in a gorgeous teal shade. Finally, the under-gallery’s openwork details add to this platinum ring’s elegance.

13. The Rhine Ring

Rhine Engagement Ring Featuring An Aquamarine Center Gemstone

Price: $2,500

This platinum ring’s exquisiteness and subtlety make it suitable for any style. An elegant 1.58-carat prong-set aquamarine gemstone serves as the center stone. Finally, adding to the luxury of this ring is a row of small round-cut diamonds along each shoulder.

14. The Woodlands Aquamarine Ring

Three Gemstone Woodlands Engagement Ring Featuring Double Halo

Price: $3,900

The Woodlands Aquamarine Ring is a handcrafted sophisticated platinum ring with an impressive design. This regal ring features a double halo of French-cut sapphires and beautiful, brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding the center aquamarine gemstone. The delicate milgrain borders certainly make this ring even more special.

15. The Aber Ring

Aber Halo Engagement Ring Featuring Aquamarine Gemstone

Price: $2,500

This sophisticated platinum ring is perfect for anyone who likes subtle jewelry that makes a strong statement. At the center of this piece is a stunning 0.84-carat Asscher-cut aquamarine gemstone. The elegant halo that frames the stone is comprised of old European-cut diamonds. Finally, small round diamonds embellish the shoulders.

16. The Cutler Bay Ring

Cutler Bay Twisted Engagement Ring Featuring Aquamarine Gemstone

Price: $1,800

The Cutler Bay Ring is a true piece of art. This ring stands out because of its beautiful twisted shank with a micro-pavé setting of round brilliant-cut diamonds. The ring is platinum, handcrafted, and features a round-cut central aquamarine stone set in prongs weighing 1.16 carats. What’s more, the stylish openwork in the under-gallery gives an additional touch of elegance.

17. The Colorado Aqua Ring

Colorado Aqua Ring Featuring Sapphires Diamonds And Aquamarine

Price: $3,800

This ring features a teal round aquamarine gemstone with an approximate weight of 1.00 carat. The elaborate double halo perfectly circles the stone with an inner row of calibrated French-cut sapphires. The second row consists of beautiful old European-cut diamonds. The fine milgrain is a subtle touch that greatly emphasizes the beauty of the ring.

18. The Almada Ring

Almada Aquamarine Engagement Ring Featuring Emerald Halo

Price: $5,200

The Almada Ring features a stunning combination of emerald and aquamarine gemstones. This platinum handcrafted ring consists of a 3.22-carat center aquamarine stone surrounded by an emerald halo. What’s more diamonds flank each side and continue down the shoulders. Finally, the ring is also decorated with a geometric openwork pattern in the under-gallery.

19. The Aqua Halo Ring

Aqua Halo Engagement Ring Featuring Aquamarine And Diamonds

Price: $750

This delicate white gold ring signed by Manda is the perfect engagement ring for anyone with a more feminine style. It showcases a round-cut aquamarine emphasized by a halo of round full-cut diamonds. This aquamarine stone of this subtle and charming ring weighs approximately 0.80 carats.

20. The Elliston Ring

Elliston Aquamarine Ring Featuring Leaf Motif Shoulders

Price: $1,800

The Elliston Ring is the embodiment of luxury; this gorgeous 18k yellow gold ring is embellished with a leaf design on the shoulders containing old European-cut diamonds. Most importantly, the ring’s center gemstone is a beautiful aquamarine set in prongs weighing approximately 1.10 carats.

21. The Forsyth Ring

Forsyth Aquamarine Engagement Ring With Floral Diamond Halo

Price: $7,000

The Forsyth Ring is a beautiful piece with an elaborate design showcasing a bezel-set emerald-cut aquamarine stone. The halo consists of glamorous old mine-cut diamonds framing the stone, while another two mine-cut diamonds are set in bullet-shaped bezels on the shoulders. Finally, the fine milgrain grants a delicate touch to the ring.

22. The Fraser Ring

Fraser Aquamarine Ring With Sapphires And Stepped Shoulders

Price: $3,200

The centerpiece of this fascinating geometric ring is a round-cut aquamarine set in prongs.

The stepped shoulders are intricately decorated with rows of triangle-shaped French cut sapphires flanking the center aquamarine stone. Round-cut diamonds continue on the shoulders of the ring and surround the aquamarine and the sapphires. The ring also has a decorative open-work under-gallery and a delicate milgrain.

The aquamarine weighs 1.21 carats, while the total diamond and sapphire weights are 0.45 and 0.22 carats respectively.

23. The Plymouth Ring

Plymouth Aquamarine Gemstone Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $4,800

This beautiful ring features a 1.20-carat oval-cut aquamarine set in prongs with a discreet hint of yellow gold. A fitting floral halo of old European-cut diamonds surrounds the gemstone while two baguette-cut diamonds decorates each shoulder. The total diamond weight of this charming ring is approximately 0.92 carats.

24. The Roosevelt Ring

Roosevelt Aquamarine Gemstone Engagement Ring With Double Halo

Price: $2,600

This platinum ring features a heart themed openwork under-gallery, making it the perfect engagement ring for the romantic. Most importantly, the 0.53-carat oval-cut center aquamarine has a mesmerizing 0.47-carat double halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding it. Finally, the shoulders of the ring are decorated with a set of additional round brilliant-cut diamonds.

25. The Vineland Ring

Uniquely Shaped Vineland Engagement Ring Featuring Aquamarine Gemstone

Price: $2,300

This unique ring features round brilliant-cut diamonds along an elongated mounting and a central emerald-shaped aquamarine. What’s more, two single diamonds are set on each side, beautifying the shoulders. The aquamarine gemstone weighs approximately 0.55 carats, while the total diamond weight is approximately 0.38 carats.

If you’re interested in a uniquely shaped ring, then the Vineland is a perfect option.

26. The Arbor Ring

Arbor Ruby Gemstone Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $7,000

The Arbor Ring is a stunning piece showcasing a beautiful oval-cut ruby as its center gemstone.

Its glorious Edwardian-inspired design makes it perfect for anyone who likes vintage and retro styles. A halo of old mine-cut diamonds set in prongs circles the ruby. What’s more, the halo is beautifully arranged in a floral head shape. Finally, the shoulders of the ring are beautified with small diamonds in a pave setting.

27. The Enola Ring

Enola Ruby Gemstone Engagement Ring With Floral Halo

Price: $14,500

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1950, this vintage ring is a true gem. Round-cut diamonds form a floral halo around the cushion-cut ruby gemstone of approximately 1.30 carats. Baguette-cut diamonds flank each side of the center stone, with more sets of small diamonds along the shoulders.

28. The Formosa Ring

Formosa Ruby Gemstone Engagement Ring With Geometric Halo

Price: $7,900

If the bride-to-be is fond of the Art Deco style, then this platinum ring on 18k yellow gold is perfect. The center gemstone of this ring is an oval-cut bezel-set ruby of 1.52 carats. Moreover, pavé-set diamonds arranged in a rounded sunburst design embellish the gemstone. In addition, another two diamonds are set on each side of the ruby, while pavé-set small stones continue along the shoulders.

29. The Medina Ring

Navette Style Medina Ring Featuring Seven Center Rubies

Price: $7,500

The Victorian-era Medina Ring is a unique navette ring handcrafted in silver and 18k yellow gold circa 1890. The ring showcases seven oval-cut Burmese rubies in a north-south orientation totaling 1.00 carat, while a 1.42-carat elongated halo of old European-cut and prong set diamonds surrounds it. If you want a ruby ring that will stand out, then the Medina Ring is a winner.

30. The Tulip Ring

Tulip Ruby Engagement Ring With Floral Diamond Halo

Price: $9,000

The 18k yellow gold on platinum Tulip Ring is aptly named; it features a natural Burma ruby surrounded by a floral halo. The GIA-certified center stone is oval-cut and weighs 1.26 carats, while the halo features old European-cut diamonds in half bezels. Additional diamonds adorn the shoulders, bringing the total diamond weight to approximately 0.80 carats.

31. The Ashmont Ring

Ashmont Elongated Edwardian Ring With Rubies And Diamonds

Price: $5,800

If your spouse-to-be is fascinated by antique jewelry, then the Edwardian-era Ashmont Ring is an excellent option.

The central element of this ring consists of four cushion-cut rubies placed in a north-south orientation, while a 1.60-carat elongated halo of old mine-cut diamonds surrounds the gemstones. Finally, this remarkable turn-of-the-century handcrafted ring combines 18k yellow gold and platinum and was handcrafted circa 1900.

32. The Adelaide Ring

0.75ct Three Stone Ruby and Diamond East-West Ring - Adelaide Ring - Hand Video

Price: $2,200

If you value simplicity, but still want an elegant twist, then the Adelaide Ring is perfect for you. This ring consists of three oval-cut ruby gemstones set in a decorated platinum bezel in the east-west orientation totaling 0.75 carats. What’s more, a beautiful halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds surrounds the central stones. Finally, elegant open-work details decorate the under-gallery of the ring.

33. The Belfort Ring

Belfort Kunzite Engagement Ring With A Ruby Halo

Price: $4,800

The Belfort Ring is a bold platinum ring showcasing a beautiful 3.77-carat pink emerald-cut kunzite stone in the center. A halo of lovely French-cut rubies surrounds the gemstone, while baguette-shaped diamonds embellish its sides. Finally, the ring features a bold and unique openwork design decorating the under-gallery as well as diamonds accenting the shoulders.

34. The Utica Amethyst Ring

Utica Amethyst Ring Featuring Yellow Gold And Diamonds

Price: $1,080

The Utica Amethyst Ring is a glamorous warm-hued ring with a diamond halo that certainly accentuates the central deep purple amethyst.

The gorgeous oval-cut amethyst gemstone weighs 2.45 carats and is set in 18k yellow gold mounting. What’s more, the delicate openwork filigree and the diamond adorned shoulders truly make this ring special. Finally, the purple and gold contrast grant this ring an alluring opulence.

35. The Nassau Ring

Nassau Yellow Gold Amethyst Ring Featuring Accent Stones

Price: $880

If you’re interested in a luxurious and bold look, then consider the Nassau Ring. The center stone is a 6.07-carat elongated cushion-cut amethyst, while accent amethysts stones adorn each side. Finally, the ring is 14k yellow gold and features a scroll motif gallery as well as diamonds along the shoulders.

36. The Olmstead Ring

Olmstead Vintage Amethyst Engagement Ring Featuring Eight Diamonds

Price: $1,800

This circa 1960 handcrafted vintage ring will certainly add glamour to any style. The centerpiece of this 18k yellow gold ring is a glorious round amethyst set in prongs and weighing approximately 5.00 carats. The gemstone is decorated with four geometrically designed round diamonds on either side, totaling 0.56 carats. Finally, the intricate four-wire band makes a bold statement for anyone wearing it.

37. The Palermo Amethyst Ring

Rose Gold Palermo Amethyst And Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $580

For the right person, this magnificent piece of jewelry could be a dream engagement ring. The center of the ring showcases a deep purple amethyst set in prongs and weighing 1.19 carats. It is framed in a beautiful halo of diamonds, while the shoulders are also decorated in diamonds. Finally, the 14k rose gold mounting is a perfect compliment to the purple amethyst and white diamonds..

38. The Meriden Ring

Yellow Gold Meriden Amethyst Engagement Ring With Diamonds

Price: $960

The Meriden Ring features a deep purple amethyst center stone framed by a halo of diamonds. The 18k yellow gold, lovely open-work under-gallery, and diamond details on the shoulders certainly make this a memorable piece. Finally, the total weights of the amethyst and diamonds are 1.80 and 0.15 carats respectively.

39. The Lucille Ring

Yellow Gold Lucille Engagement Ring Featuring Center Amethyst

Price: $1,800

The Lucille Ring is a striking piece featuring an 5.33-carat emerald-cut center amethyst set in prongs with round-cut diamonds on each side placed in a geometric design. What’s more, the ring is 18k yellow gold and openwork decorates the gallery. Finally, additional round brilliant-cut diamonds are set along the shoulders.

40. The Meridian Ring

White Gold Meridian Engagement Ring Featuring Center Amethyst

Price: $1,500

SImilar in form to the Lucille Ring above, the Meridian Ring is a beautifully handcrafted piece of jewelry with an emerald-cut amethyst in the center and unique geometric shoulders.

The 3.07-carat amethyst sits in prongs, while the geometric design of the shoulders accentuates the rectangular shape of the gemstone. Finally, round-cut diamonds line the shoulders and shank of this 18k white gold ring.

41. The Montana Ring

Yellow Gold Montana Ring Featuring Amethyst And Sapphires

Price: $980

If you’re seeking a delicate yet bold design, then the Montana Ring is a great option. The ring features a natural cushion-cut purple amethyst in the center with an approximate weight of 2.40 carats. Then, a baguette-cut sapphire flanks each side, enhancing the center stone. Finally, this ring is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold and has a low profile.

42. The Brooklyn Ring

Yellow Gold Brooklyn Ring Featuring Five Amethyst Stones

Price: $950

The Brooklyn Ring certainly has a minimalistic yet striking look. What makes it unique are its five elongated cushion-cut deep purple amethyst gemstones set in prongs. Their total approximate weight is 2.38 carats, and the setting is 18k yellow gold.

43. The Aurora Ring

Crown Style Yellow Gold Aurora Amethyst Engagement Ring

Price: $900

The Aurora Ring is certainly an eye-catcher; the antique style ring features a 3.38-carat natural amethyst in an 18-carat yellow gold prong setting. What’s more, the intricate crown style setting makes this piece a ring fit for royalty.

44. The Staunton Ring

Staunton Engagement Ring Featuring Kunzite And Diamond Halo

Price: $4,000

The Staunton Ring is a timeless handcrafted platinum ring that showcases a pink emerald-cut kunzite of 4.38 carats. The center gemstone is circled by a halo of brilliant-cut pavé-set diamonds. Finally, additional brilliant-cut diamonds line the shoulders, bringing the total diamond weight to approximately 0.53 carats.

45. The Claverton Ring

Claverton Engagement Ring Featuring Kunzite And Two Diamonds

Price: $4,500

If you’re searching for a delicate ring, then the radiant Claverton Ring is an excellent choice for those searching for a delicate ring. The center gemstone is a 2.14-carat emerald-cut kunzite with a beautiful pink hue. The kunzite is set in prongs, while a trapezoid-cut diamond is set on each shoulder.

46. The Sardinia Aquamarine Ring

Sardinia Aquamarine Engagement Ring With Diamond Adorned Shank

Price: $2,800

The Sardinia Aquamarine Ring showcases a lively Asscher-cut aquamarine front and center. The 1.20-carat stone is set in four double prongs, while the shank is embellished with diamonds and hand engravings. If you’re interested in a subtle and luxurious aquamarine ring, then be sure to keep this one in mind.

47. The Burbury Ring

Burbury Kunzite Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Accent Stones

Price: $10,000

This luxurious ring features a 9.00-carat vivid pink emerald-cut kunzite set in prongs. What’s more, it’s beautifully complemented by a bezel-set trapezoid-cut diamond on each shoulder. The ring is made of platinum, which fits nicely with the colors of the gems. The total diamond weight is 0.77 carats.

48. The Tolu Ring

Tolu Emerald Engagement Ring Featuring A Diamond Halo

Price: $6,000

The elegant Tolu Ring features a 1.84-carat emerald cut emerald center stone set in an 18k yellow gold bezel. A beautiful halo of pavé-set old European-cut diamonds embellishes the gemstone. Finally, the ring is decorated with fine milgrain.

49. The Calverley Ring

Columbian Emerald & Diamond Halo Antique Gemstone Ring - Calverley Ring. Circa 1880 - Hand Video

Price: $13,500

If you’re looking for an exceptional emerald ring, then this is a perfect choice. The Calverley Ring is a beautiful, handcrafted piece from the Victorian era, circa 1880. It features a GIA-certified Colombian green emerald weighing approximately 1.00 carat. A 1.55-carat cluster of beautiful mine-cut diamonds surrounds the center stone. The antique ring is in 18k yellow gold, providing an interesting contrast.

50. The Holme Green Ring

Floral Holme Green Ring Featuring Emeralds And Diamonds

Price: $7,200

The Holme Green Ring is a detailed piece featuring a beautiful floral design. At its center is a natural emerald weighing approximately 0.89 carats. It is accented by lovely eight stone cluster of diamonds, followed by a halo of calibre-cut emeralds to complete the ring’s overall floral design.

7 Useful Tips for Choosing a Gemstone Engagement Ring

  • Consider which gemstone color suits your style the most.
  • The cut of the stone could truly emphasize its beauty.
  • Embrace the little flaws of your gemstone – that’s what makes it unique!
  • Durability and hardness are essential, so ensure your chosen gem can handle your lifestyle.
  • Vintage and antique rings are timeless and have a unique style.
  • The ring’s carat weight determines the price of the ring.
  • Expand your horizons and consider different ring styles that fit your budget.

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