Top 30 Engagement Rings for $60000

August 30, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Many factors affect the price of an engagement ring: the cut, weight, gemstones, overall quality, etc. With a budget of $60,000, you can be sure you’re going to be purchasing a high-quality ring. But, with a variety of options available, you might have trouble deciding on the right one. 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our selection of top 30 engagement rings for $60000 will make your decision much easier. Let’s get started. 

The Estate Halo Ring

Price: $58,000. Learn more about the Estate Halo Ring

Although the antique diamond that is the center of this ring was cut around 1910, it still doesn’t cease to amaze. It’s cushion cut, bezel-set, and weighs around 5.02 carats. A wonderful companion to its beauty is the halo made of antique diamonds that follow the center stone’s shape. With a detailed under-gallery, diamond-embedded shoulders, and a triple wire shank, this ring is a true example of elegance and grace.

This ring is a fantastic example in the category of engagement rings for $60000.

The Whitby Ring

Price: $58,000. Learn more about the Whitby Ring

This platinum ring originates from the Edwardian era and traces its origins back to the 1900s. Although it seems very simple at first glance, the ring features intricate details. The center stone is a 3.02-carat old European cut diamond. The gallery is adorned with wave-like filigree and embellished with a row of diamonds. The diamonds are also embedded into each shoulder. 

The Rockford Ring

Price: $58,000. Learn more about the Rockford Ring

This is another example of the everlasting popularity and beauty of jewelry dating from the Edwardian era. The ring features a breathtaking, 5.06-carat old European cut diamond and the details make it even more special. Smaller diamonds are embedded into the shoulders and the detailed, hand-engraved under-gallery. The whole band is also hand-engraved, making this ring a wonderful piece of art. 

The Yale Ring

Price: $55,000. Learn more about the Yale Ring

If your significant other loves the combination of diamonds and royal blue sapphires, this ring might be an excellent choice. A beautiful, transitional diamond weighing approximately 4.03 carats and cut around 1960 is the center stone. It looks even more impressive thanks to a halo of calibrated sapphires and a row of smaller diamonds along the shoulders. 

The Northbrook Ring

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Northbrook Ring

The impressive marquise diamond that weighs around 3.56 carats makes this ring perfect for brides that want to stand out. Due to its elliptical shape and pointed ends, the stone appears even bigger. The band is platinum and narrow and leaves the spotlight on the beautiful stone. 

The Spaulding Ring

$73,000 Diamond Engagement Ring on Finger of Model at Estate Diamond Jewelry SB6511

Price: $73,000. Learn more about the Spaulding Ring

This Spaulding signed piece of jewelry features a gorgeous, 5.90-carat Asscher cut diamond. The platinum ring dates from the 1950s and is an example of how effective solitaire rings can be. The band is simple and narrow and with no additional details, so all eyes will be on the astonishing stone. 

The Mulberry Ring

11414 Ring on Finger

Price: $45,500. Learn more about the Mulberry Ring

This beautiful piece from the Art Deco era centers around a 2.11-carat vintage diamond in a four-pronged setting. One baguette-cut diamond is on each side of the center stone, adding to the sparkle and elegance of this ring. Since the design of this ring is simple but very effective, your bride can wear it every day. 

The Rare French Engagement Ring


Price: $48,000. Learn more about the Rare French Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a bold and extravagant ring, look no further. This ring features a 2.09-carat oval diamond, with 10 smaller diamonds embedded on each edge. The under shoulders are decorated with two baguette-cut diamonds, while a filigree of twisted patterns adorns the edges of this 18k yellow gold ring. The variety of shapes and patterns makes this ring stand out from the rest. 

The Estate Diamond Engagement Ring

11412 Ring on Finger engagement ring for $60000

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Estate Diamond Engagement Ring

This platinum ring features a 3.63-carat old European cut diamond as the center stone. Leaf motifs are found on the gallery and each shoulder of this stunning ring, making it a perfect fit for brides in love with simplicity and nature. This particular ring was sold, but our jewelers can always recreate it for you. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us. 

The Stratton Ring

Price: $48,600. Learn more about the Stratton Ring

This is another ring dating from the Art Deco era. The center stone is an exquisite, 4.39-carat old European cut diamond. With a crown-shaped head, the stone looks even bigger and more emphasized. Three old mine cut diamonds adorn the shoulders, connecting the stone to a simple, platinum band. 

The Aveyron Ring

Price: $52,000. Learn more about the Aveyron Ring

With this ring, everything revolves around details. The whole band and the shoulders are hand-engraved with patterns that add to the elegance and uniqueness of this piece. The spotlight is on the rare old European cut diamond weighing approximately 2.05 carats. The four-pronged head and the shoulders are adorned with smaller European cut diamonds. 

The Bedworth Ring

Price: $52,000. Learn more about the Bedworth Ring

The center stone is a 4.20-carat, old European cut diamond. The antique diamond was cut around 1910, and it still doesn’t seize to impress. Following the style of the Edwardian era, this ring features bow motifs embedded with small, old European cut diamonds right underneath the center stone. With fine milgrain and a simple, platinum band, this ring breathes elegance and delicacy. 

The Haydon Ring

Price: $52,000. Learn more about the Haydon Ring

A large, 4.96-carat old European cut diamond is the center stone of this ring dating from the Art Deco era. Smaller diamonds along the shoulders and around the under-gallery emphasize the beauty and size of the center stone. With no unnecessary details, all eyes are directed towards the diamond. 

The Banbury Ring

Price: $53,000. Learn more about the Banbury Ring

The Banbury ring is a beautiful vintage piece featuring a rare, old European cut diamond that weighs around 2.05 carats. The center stone has the highest grade in color (D), meaning it’s colorless, which makes this stone highly desirable. Each shoulder is adorned with a marquise-cut diamond. The whole mounting is hand-crafted. 

The Glen Ridge Ring

4.31 Carat Picture on a Finger

Price: $54,000. Learn more about the Glen Ridge Ring

The platinum ring is centered around a cushion-cut diamond cut around 1900 that is still as eye-catching and exquisite as ever. The diamond weighs 3.06 carats and is emphasized by the smaller diamonds along the shoulders and around the four-pronged setting. 

The Devon Ring

Price: $54,000. Learn more about the Devon Ring

This ring originates from around 1925, from the Art Deco era. A large, cushion-cut diamond weighing around 4.53 carats is the center of attention. Three segments of old cut diamonds stretch across the shoulders and connect the center stone to the platinum band. 

The Westchester Ring

Price: $55,000. Learn more about the Westchester Ring

If your bride likes the three-stone style, she’ll fall in love with this exquisite piece of jewelry. The center diamond is an antique cushion cut diamond weighing around 2.01 carats. The two side diamonds are also cushion cut, weighing 1.13 and 1.00 carats respectively. The upper shank and the gallery of each diamond are adorned with smaller diamonds. 

The Orford Ring

Price: $56,000. Learn more about the Orford Ring

This ring is another example of how well sapphires go with diamonds. A jaw-dropping sapphire halo surrounds the 5.24-carat cushion cut diamond. This ring is anything but ordinary, with a detailed under-gallery with leaf motifs and shoulders embedded with smaller diamonds. 

The Beckton Ring

Price: $56,000. Learn more about the Beckton Ring

A solitaire ring with a few subtle details is always a good choice. The ring center around an old European cut diamond weighing 4.73 carats. A crown-shaped under-gallery highlights the beauty of the stone, while the small diamonds along the shoulders and the upper shank complement the overall style. 

The Alperton Ring

Price: $58,000. Learn more about the Alperton Ring

The center stone of this impressive ring is a 4.01-carat round brilliant-cut diamond. The brilliant cut enhances the diamond’s sparkle without compromising its weight. With a four-pronged setting that emphasizes the center stone and the small diamonds across the shoulders, this ring is perfect for brides who want breathtaking sparkle. 

The Weybridge Ring 

K501-Artistic engagement ring for $60000 Diamond and Sapphire

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Weybridge Ring

Here’s a wonderful example of a bold and extravagant style dating from the 1940s. This vintage ring features a 2.15-carat emerald-cut diamond. Above and below the center stone, we have baguette-cut diamonds. The ring also features a row of old cut diamonds on each side and a row of natural sapphires. 

The Earling Ring

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Earling Ring

The transparent glow of the 5,08-carat center stone is achieved thanks to its rose cut. A halo of old mine cut diamonds surrounds the antique stone, creating a subtle difference in sparkle. The finishing touch is the filigree on the under-gallery that adds to this ring’s elegance. 

The Luxembourg Ring

Price: $62,000.Learn more about the Luxembourg Ring

Nothing says extravagant and fancy like the Luxembourg ring. The most impressive part of the ring is the double halo made of old cut diamonds wrapped around the rare 0.84-carat blue diamond. The shoulders are adorned with old European cut diamonds that complement the overall style of this piece. 

The Burbank Ring

Price: $62,000. Learn more about the Burbank Ring

This is another three-stone ring in our collection. The center stone is an emerald-cut diamond that weighs 2.03 carats, while the two side stones are trillion cut and weigh 0.50 and 0.49 carats. The three stones are surrounded by a micro-pave halo of small diamonds, which also adorn the under-gallery and the shoulders. 

The Bayside Ring

Price: $63,000. Learn more about the Bayside Ring

The ring revolves around the 4.29-carat old European-cut diamond and the surrounding halo. On each side, three baguette-cut diamonds break the shape patterns. Shapes evoking leaves embellish the gallery, and diamonds along each shoulder add to the ring’s beauty. 

The Lane Ring

Rare Kashmir Sapphire Ring Valued at $65,000

Price: $65,000. Learn more about the Lane Ring

Sapphires symbolize truth, faithfulness, and sincerity, which makes them ideal for engagement rings. This 18k white gold ring features a 1.81-carat Kashmir sapphire as the center stone. A double hallo with diamonds is wrapped around the rare sapphire, enhancing its royal blue color. 

The Astoria Ring 

Price: $66,000. Learn more about the Astoria Ring

This rare diamond ring weighs approximately 4.51 carats and features a lovely round-cut diamond as the center stone. Small diamonds are embedded in the 18k yellow gold halo contrasting the center. It’s the perfect ring for brides who know the combination of gold and diamonds never goes out of style. 

The Antique Pear Shape Ceylon Sapphire Ring

10772 Sapphire Ring on Finger

Price: $68,000. Learn more about the Antique Pear Shape Ceylon Sapphire Ring 

Another excellent example of how beautiful sapphires are as center stones. An astonishing 9.59-carate pear-shaped Ceylon sapphire is the center of attention. The two side stones weighing 0.50 and 0.51 carats emphasize its saturation and depth, while small diamonds surround the gallery and connect the stones to the hand-engraved band. 

The Altona Ring 

Price: $70,000. Learn more about the Altona Ring.

The center stone of this rare ring is a 4.20-carat diamond embellished with a lovely halo of emeralds. The hand-crafted band and the filigree contribute to the uniqueness of this piece. Emeralds symbolize protection and love, which is why many brides love them. 

The Vintage Cartier Ring 

RJ2505-Vintage Cartier $72,000 Finger-Picture-1 Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $72,000. Learn more about the Vintage Cartier Ring

Some may consider solitaire rings are outdated, but this beautiful ring from the 1940s proves otherwise. This original Cartier centers around a 4.04-carat transitional cut diamond. A knife-edge motif adorned with diamonds is found on each shoulder. A four-pronged setting is also embedded with diamonds that contribute to the beauty of the center stone. 

Find the Perfect Ring With Our Help 

Customer Trying an Engagement Ring at Estate Diamond Jewelry

With our selection of top 30 engagement rings for $60000, you’ll definitely be able to find the one your bride will love. As you can see, we offer a variety of styles, diamonds, shapes, gemstones, and patterns, and there’re plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want a simpler style or looking for bold and extravagant, we’re here to assist you. 

If you have any questions regarding the rings, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to help.