Top 30 Engagement Rings for $6000

August 30, 2021 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands to purchase a beautiful, good-quality ring. If your budget is $6,000, you’ll be happy to know there is a wide range of shapes and patterns to choose from. However, the number of available options can be a problem and make your decision harder. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll discuss our top 30 engagement rings for $6000 and help you find the right match.

The Ascot Ring

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Ascot Ring

You can never go wrong with the diamond-sapphire mix. A nearly colorless, cushion-cut diamond that weighs 0.69 carats has the main role. Its beauty and shape are emphasized by a deep blue, French-cut sapphire halo and subtle milgrain. The shoulders are adorned with small diamonds that connect the halo to a plain platinum band. 

The Elm Park Ring

Price: $5,500. Learn more about the Elm Park Ring. 

If you’re looking for a more traditional engagement ring, this one will impress you. All eyes are on the center stone, a colorless, 0.72-carat old European-cut diamond dating from the 1920s. The two baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders emphasize its sparkle and contribute to the ring’s elegant and gentle style. 

The Madrid Ring

Price: $5,700. Learn more about the Madrid Ring

The main inspiration for this flower-shaped ring was the Art Deco era. It revolves around an old European-cut diamond crafted in the 1920s. Set slightly above the surrounding diamonds representing petals, it creates a layered look. The diamonds on the shoulders and a very narrow band contribute to this ring’s romantic and gentle style. 

The Marseille Ring

12127-Finger Engagement Rings for $6000 Aquamarine and Diamond

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Marseille Ring

Our selection starts with a beautiful and extravagant ring that centers around a 3.35-carat aquamarine of strong saturation. A halo of diamonds gives this ring a unique, interesting shape and emphasizes the aquamarine’s piercing color. The detailed but simple under-gallery and diamond-embedded shoulders complement the overall style. 

The Fleetwood Ring

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Fleetwood Ring

This ring’s center stone is a 0.66-carat Asscher-cut diamond surrounded by an effective halo of natural sapphires. This contrast emphasizes the center stone’s beauty and the sapphires’ deep blue color. The under-gallery features interesting patterns that add a touch of delicacy to the platinum ring. 

The Benton Ring

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Benton Ring

A lively combination of diamonds and emeralds is present in this ring. The center stone is a brilliant-cut diamond weighing 0.75 carats. A row of natural emeralds is wrapped around the center diamond that, together with fine milgrain, complements its beauty and sparkle. Small diamonds adorn the shoulders and connect the halo to the triple wire shank. 

The Russellville Ring

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Russellville Ring

This flower-shaped ring is perfect for brides that are artistic and enjoy nature motifs. The center stone is an old European-cut diamond weighing 0.60 carats. A cluster of eight old European-cut diamonds representing petals wraps around the main stone. The upper part of the band is narrow and emphasizes the diamond flower. 

The Sacksville Ring

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Sacksville Ring

The central part of this ring is a natural, emerald-cut aquamarine that weighs around 2.35 carats. Its saturation is emphasized by a halo of round diamonds and six baguette-cut diamonds. The finishing touch is the detailed under-gallery featuring floral patterns that add to the artistic style of this platinum ring. 

The Nordmont Ring

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Nordmont Ring

Emeralds symbolize love and prosperity, so it’s no surprise they’re frequently featured in engagement rings. A beautiful emerald weighing 1.94 carats is the center stone of this ring. It’s set in 18k yellow gold that highlights its beauty, and creates an interesting contrast. A row of old European-cut diamonds follows the shape of the center stone and adorns the shoulders of the platinum ring. 

The Vintage Aquamarine Gold Ring 

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Vintage Aquamarine Gold Ring

This unique ring features an aquamarine that weighs around 6.00 carats and is set on a four-pronged head between two rows of round diamonds. The ring is made of platinum and 18k yellow gold, which give it a retro look and complement the beauty of the center stone. 

The Sutton Ring

12711-Ascot Emerald Cut Engagement Rings for $6000

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Sutton Ring

The center stone of this ring is an emerald-cut diamond that weighs 0.82 carats. A halo of old-cut diamonds follows the shape of the center stone and complements its sparkle, while one diamond on each shoulder adds a finishing touch to the elegant style. The ring has a distinctive look due to the east-west setting of the diamonds. 

The VCA Cluster Ring

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the VCA Cluster Ring

This ring is perfect for brides who prefer a delicate and gentle style. A Van Cleef and Arpels original, the ring features a timeless combination of 18k yellow gold and diamonds. The center stone is a brilliant-cut diamond weighing 0.12 carats, and it’s surrounded by a cluster of six diamonds weighing around 0.10 carats each. Three diamonds on each shoulder further embellish the colorless diamond flower. 

The Tulip Ring

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Tulip Ring

The Tulip ring features a beautifully saturated, 1.18-carat ruby set in yellow gold and encompassed by a halo that forms a flower shape. The shoulders are adorned with openwork and diamonds of various shapes that complement the halo and the center stone. The ruby is set in gold, but the rest of the ring is platinum. 

The Winslow Ring

Price: $5,2000. Learn more about the Winslow Ring

With this ring, it’s all about the sparkle. The center stone is a gorgeous 1.80-carat emerald that’s set in 18k white gold. Due to the four-pronged head, the emerald looks even bigger and almost transparent. The most impressive part of this ring is the brilliant-cut diamonds that surround the center stone and adorn the shoulders. If you’re looking for a shiny and distinctive ring that will catch everyone’s attention, we believe this is the one. 

The Newbury Ring

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Newbury Ring

The Newbury Ring features a double halo that encircles an emerald-cut diamond weighing 0.50 carats. The first halo is made of natural green emeralds, and the second is made of smaller diamonds. The same diamonds embellish the shoulders of this platinum ring and contribute to its bold style. 

The Boylston Ring 

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Boylston Ring

A double halo is always a good choice for brides that enjoy the bold contrast and different diamond shapes. This ring features an emerald-cut diamond that weighs 0.50 carats and is highlighted by natural French-cut sapphires. A row of diamonds wraps around the sapphires and adorns the shoulders connected to a triple wire shank. 

The Atlantic Ring 

GS306-Sapphire Engagement Ring With Diamonds Artistic-$5400

Price: $5,400. Learn more about the Atlantic Ring

Sapphires can look great as center stones, and this ring proves it. Here we have a stunning square-cut sapphire weighing 1.50 carats. Its color looks even more impressive due to the four-pronged head. Two baguette-cut diamonds on each shoulder compliment the sapphire’s depth and saturation. 

The Woodlands Ring

Price: $5,400. Learn more about the Woodlands Ring

This beautiful ring features a variety of colors and shapes. Let’s start with the center stone: it’s a saturated, 1.10-carat natural aquamarine. A double octagonal halo of natural sapphires and old European-cut diamonds encircles the round aquamarine, thus creating a lively blend of colors and shapes. The shoulders are adorned with sapphires and diamonds, and the intricate under-gallery is an excellent finishing touch to the ring’s bold style. 

The Hanover Ring

Price: $5,500. Learn more about the Hanover Ring

An Art Deco original, this rare ring centers on a 3.93-carat aquamarine. A diamond halo wraps around the center stone, shifting the spotlight to its color and size. The shoulders are adorned with intricate patterns that cover the upper shank. This exquisite ring catches everyone’s eye due to its unusual size and shape. 

The Portland Ring

12366-Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo

Price: $5,600. Learn more about the Portland Ring

A bezel-set natural sapphire weighing around 1.48 carats is the center stone of this stunning ring. The row of diamonds around it highlights the sapphire’s deep blue color. This ring is interesting from every angle due to the intricate under-gallery featuring unique patterns, diamond-adorned shoulders, and the triple wire shank. 

The Bakewell Ring

Price: $5,700. Learn more about the Bakewell Ring

The ring revolves around an impressive 1.33-carat emerald, bezel-set in 18k yellow gold. Small, old-cut diamonds encompass the emerald and adorn the shoulders, emphasizing the emerald’s saturation. The ring is platinum and features a decorated under-gallery. 

The Strand Ring

12079-Tiffany Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Strand Ring

A unique combination of platinum, yellow gold, sapphires, and diamonds features on this ring. The center stone is a brilliant-cut diamond weighing 0.50 carats, adorned by two pear-shaped sapphires. The center stone is set in platinum, while the rest of the ring is 18k yellow gold. Brides that prefer a minimalistic but effective style will fall in love with this piece. 

The Tiffany Ribbon Ring

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Tiffany Ribbon Ring

The Tiffany & Co. signed ring features a colorless brilliant-cut diamond weighing 0.45 carats. Two rows wrap around the center diamond on each side in a way that doesn’t steal any attention from the main character. Small diamonds adorn the visible part of the band, making their own contribution to the sparkle and elegance of this ring. 

The Berck Ring

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Berck Ring

A natural ruby that weighs approximately 1.30 carats is the central part of this Art Deco era ring. A symmetrical combination of square-cut and round diamonds surrounds the ruby and creates an eye-appealing contrast. This platinum ring was hand-crafted around 1925, and still doesn’t cease to impress. 

The Chard Ring

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Chard Ring

If you’re looking for an unusual, large ring that breathes history, this Victorian era original dating from the 1880s will leave you speechless. The boat-shaped, 18k yellow gold ring features eleven connected diamonds with a total weight of 2.00 carats. The diamonds are highlighted with a black enamel edge, an excellent complement to the yellow gold. 

The Aster Ring

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Aster Ring

This platinum ring’s center stone is a natural ruby with deep saturation, weighing 1.55 carats. A row of diamonds encircles the ruby and adorns the shoulders, thus contributing to the ring’s elegance. A detailed under-gallery and a narrow triple wire shank match the overall style. 

The Bondi Ring

Bondi Ring on a Hand

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Bondi Ring

This ring is another example of how well emeralds and diamonds combine. It features a nearly colorless 0.50-carat diamond and a halo of natural emeralds. Smaller diamonds adorn each shoulder and highlight the beauty of the triple wire shank and the detailed under-gallery. Our jewelers can recreate this ring for you, so feel free to contact us. 

The Cannes Ring

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Cannes Ring

A beautiful cushion-cut sapphire is showcased as the center stone of this platinum ring. Two octagonal diamonds on the sides and small diamonds along the shoulders highlight the sapphire’s saturation. The three stones are highlighted by subtle milgrain. If your bride prefers a three-stone setting and a simple style, she’ll love the Cannes ring. 

The Vine Ring

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Vine Ring

The Art Deco period served as the main inspiration for this square-shaped ring. An Asscher-cut diamond weighing 0.60 carats is the center stone of this ring, and it’s encircled by a triple halo of emeralds and diamonds. The triangle-shaped patterns in each corner contribute to the mixture of geometrical designs and complement the ring’s bold style. 

The Georgetown Ring

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Georgetown Ring

A symmetrical combination of geometrical shapes is showcased in this Art Deco era style ring. The center stone is a round old European-cut diamond weighing 0.69 carats. Rectangular diamonds surround the stone, while natural French-cut sapphires adorn the corners. This distinctive ring featuring different patterns is perfect for brides that like bold, artistic jewelry. 

The Perfect Ring Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune 

As you can see, there’s a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes within a $6,000 budget. In fact, with such a variety of options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We hope this collection of our top 30 engagement rings for $6000 made your decision easier. 

If you have any questions about our rings, don’t hesitate to contact us.