Top 30 Engagement Rings for $6000

July 11, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase a beautiful, good-quality ring. If you’re looking at the $6000 price range, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. However, the amount of available options can be overwhelming and potentially make your decision even harder. Fortunately, we’re here to help narrow down the selection. In this guide, we’ll discuss our top 30 engagement rings for $6000 and help you find the perfect match for you.

1. The Bellevue Ring

Bellevue Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring For $6000

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Bellevue Ring.

Starting off our list is the exquisite three-stone Bellevue Ring.

This is the perfect choice for the bride who loves diamonds and wants something a bit more unique than traditional diamond engagement ring designs. The center diamond is approximately 0.66 carats while the other two rings are approximately 0.25 carats each. What’s more, smaller diamonds adorn the shoulders, and fine milgrain borders each diamond element.

2. The Elm Park Ring

Retro Era Elm Park Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Elm Park Ring

If you’re looking for a more traditional engagement ring, then prepare to be impressed. All eyes are on the center stone, a near-colorless, 0.76-carat old European-cut diamond dating from the 1920s. The baguette-cut diamond on each shoulder emphasizes its sparkle and contributes to the ring’s elegant and gentle style. You can’t go wrong with this platinum vintage ring handcrafted circa 1955.

3. The Madrid Ring

Madrid Floral Diamond Engagement Ring For Approximately $6000

Price: $5,700. Learn more about the Madrid Ring

The main inspiration for this flower-shaped ring was the Art Deco Era. The 0.92-carat center diamond is set slightly above the surrounding diamond petals, creating a layered look. Additionally, smaller diamonds adorn the shoulders, while a very narrow band contributes to this ring’s romantic and gentle style. The total diamond weight of the ring is approximately 1.14 carats.

4. The Milton Ring

Art Deco Era Milton Engagement Ring For $6000

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Milton Ring.

Up next, the Milton Ring features a bold design while retaining the elegance of an all-diamond ring. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, this Art Deco Era ring features a 0.90-carat center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. In addition, 0.30 carats worth of extra diamonds surround the spectacular center stone.

5. The Costa Smeralda Ring

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Costa Smeralda Ring.

Our first non-diamond center stone of the list, the Costa Smeralda Ring is perfect for emerald lovers. The 1.03-carat center emerald is bezel-set in 18k yellow gold, while the rest of the ring is platinum. The surrounding diamond halo as well as the three additional diamonds on each shoulder add up to approximately 0.45 carats.

6. The Tivoli Ring

Tivoli Diamond Halo Engagement Ring For $6000

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Tivoli Ring.

The stunning Tivoli Ring is an excellent option for those who love halo rings. The GIA-certified canter diamond is emerald cut and weighs 0.71 carats. Meanwhile, the surrounding diamond halo contributes an additional 0.27 carats to the total diamond weight. Finally, the platinum ring features fine milgrain borders, a triple-wire shank, and an openwork under-gallery.

7. The Covina Ring

Covina Diamond Engagement Ring For Approximately $6000

Price: $5,900. Learn more about the Covina Ring.

If you want your bride to feel like a princess, then this dainty and dazzling ring is the perfect choice. The Covina Ring features a 0.90-carat old European-cut center diamond certified by the GIA as I color and VS2 clarity. What’s more, the minimal four-prong setting grants the center diamond exposure. Finally, 8 smaller diamonds adorn each shoulder and provide added levels of sparkle and elegance.

8. The Tolu Ring

Tolu Emerald Diamond Halo Engagement Ring For $6000

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Tolu Ring.

The regal and opulent Tolu Ring is perfect for those wanting an emerald-centered halo ring. The square shape of this option certainly makes it stand out from the rest without being overbearingly different. The 1.84-carat natural emerald-cut center emerald is surrounded by a gorgeous halo of pavé-set diamonds. What’s more, the center stone is set in yellow gold and the shoulders are adorned with further stones.

9. The Lugano Aquamarine Ring

Diamond Halo Lugano Aquamarine Engagement Ring For Approximately $6000

Price: $5,900. Learn more about the Lugano Aquamarine Ring.

The Lugano Aquamarine Ring is certainly proof that aquamarine and diamonds work incredibly well together. Both stones here exhibit a delicate color that compliments each other and comes together to produce something greater than its parts. The 2.54-carat aquamarine is emphasized by a surrounding 1.00-carat diamond halo.

10. The Belmont Ring 

French Vintage Belmont Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Belmont Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1945, the French Belmont Ring is perfect for those who want a big and bold diamond ring. The center diamond is approximately 0.45 carats and has H color and VS2 clarity. However, the most striking aspect of the ring is its overall design and use of shapes. while the band itself is unadorned, the face of the ring features 24 additional diamonds totaling 0.30 carats.

11. The Norway Ring

Edwardian Era Norway Engagement Ring For Approximately $6000

Price: $5,700. Learn more about the Norway Ring.

If you’re looking for an antique gold ring, then consider the Edwardian Era Norway Ring. Featuring a 0.93-carat old European-cut center diamond held by six prongs, this ring certainly makes a great impression. Between each of the prongs is an additional old European-cut diamond, while the shoulders contain three more. Finally, the rose gold band provides this charming ring with a boost of luxury.

12. The Ruby Halo Engagement Ring

Ruby Halo Engagement Ring Featuring A Center Diamond

Price: $5,700. Learn more about the Ruby Halo Engagement Ring.

Fans of rubies with an inclination towards more delicate designs will be sure to love this next choice. The stunning ring features a 0.74-carat round brilliant-cut center diamond surrounded by an exquisite halo of French-cut rubies. What’s more, the center diamond has impressive I color and VS2 clarity grades. Finally, sleek openwork star patterns decorate the under-gallery.

13. The Medway Ring

Art Nouveau Era Yellow Gold Medway Engagement Ring

Price: $5,500. Learn more about the Medway Ring.

If you’re looking for a stunning antique 18k yellow gold ring, then consider the Art Nouveau Era Medway Ring. Handcrafted circa 1890, this captivating diamond cluster ring features seven central stones weighing a total of approximately 1.05 carats. Finally, the ring also features a swirled shoulders design that adds some movement to the ring.

14. The Parkside Ring

Price: $5,400. Learn more about the Parkside Ring.

Up next, the Parkside Ring checks all the boxes for a striking floral cluster on a delicate band. The center diamond here is 0.65 carats and has J color and VS1 clarity. The surrounding cluster of diamonds features a total of 0.75 carats, and are I-J color and VS1-VS2 clarity overall. Finally, this treasure was handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold.

15. The Newbury Ring

Newbury Double Halo Ring Featuring Diamonds And Emeralds

Price: $5,500. Learn more about the Newbury Ring

The Newbury Ring features a double halo that encircles an emerald-cut diamond weighing 0.50 carats. What’s more, the stunning center stone is J color and VS1 clarity. The first halo is made of natural green emeralds, while the second one is made of smaller diamonds. Even more diamonds embellish the shoulders of this platinum ring and contribute to its bold style. 

16. The Boylston Ring 

Boylston Double Halo Ring Featuring Diamonds And Sapphires

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Boylston Ring

For brides who appreciate the striking contrast and various diamond shapes, a double halo is usually a fantastic option. This ring features an emerald-cut diamond that weighs 0.50 carats and is highlighted by French-cut natural sapphires. Finally, a row of diamonds wraps around the sapphires and adorns the shoulders connected to a triple-wire shank. 

17. The Conestoga Ring 

Double Halo Conestoga Ring Featuring Sapphires And Diamonds

Price: $6,200. Learn more about the Conestoga Ring.

When it comes to the Conestoga Ring, all you need to do is let it speak for itself.

This interesting double halo ring features a GIA-certified 0.50-carat center diamond immediately surrounded by a 0.56-carat halo of French-cut sapphires. Following the inner layer is a diamond halo as well as uniquely shaped shoulder plates embellished with additional diamonds, fine milgrain, and openwork. The total additional diamond weight is approximately 0.56 carats.

18. The Highland Ring

Highland Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Floral Diamond Cluster

Price: $6,300. Learn more about the Highland Ring.

This dazzling engagement ring is perfect for those who are seeking high sparkle levels. Handcrafted in platinum, this ring features a 0.63-carat center diamond with impressive I color and VS2 clarity grades. Then, the surrounding floral diamond cluster adds seamlessly and cohesively accentuates the center diamond. The band remains relatively unadorned, leaving all eyes on the diamond cluster.

19. The Tomar Ring

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Tomar Ring.

This elongated ring features a perfect contrast of colors- the deep blue natural sapphire, and the sparkling white diamonds on platinum. The cushion-cut sapphire is 1.20 carats, while three long plates extend above and below it. The plates are embellished with 0.60 carats worth of diamonds. Finally, the band is rather delicate, allowing the centerpiece of the ring to take full advantage.

20. The Almada Ring

Almada Aquamarine Engagement Ring With Emerald Halo For $6000

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Almada Ring.

There’s no doubt that the absolutely stunning contrast of colors on this ring is a major selling point. The sizeable center aquamarine features an emerald cut and weighs approximately 3.22 carats. The surrounding vibrant green halo is comprised of emeralds with a baguette-cut diamond leading to each shoulder. Finally, this platinum ring features an openwork under-gallery.

21. The Elmswell Ring

Diamond Halo Elmswell Aquamarine Engagement Ring For Approximately $6000

Price: $5,900. Learn more about the Elmswell Ring.

The center stone of this spectacular platinum halo ring is a 3.27-carat emerald-cut aquamarine set in a bezel. The surrounding halo is enhanced with fine milgrain details and consists of approximately 0.62 carats worth of diamonds. Finally, the under-gallery is decorated with exquisite openwork patterns.

22. The Portimão Ring

Unique Portimão Sapphire Engagement Ring For $6000

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Portimão Ring.

The stunning and unique Portimão Ring features a 1.15-carat cushion-cut center sapphire emphasized by the ring’s overall shape and design. A baguette-cut diamond adorns all four sides of the center stone while the ring’s face resembles diamond-adorned bundles of plumes extending above and below. Finally, the total diamond weight of this platinum ring is approximately 0.77 carats.

23. The Malta Ring

Yellow Gold Malta Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Malta Ring.

The Malta Ring is our top choice for a yellow gold diamond ring with a diamond halo. The 18k yellow gold compliments the white diamonds beautifully. The center stone is a cushion-cut bezel-set diamond weighing approximately 0.63 carats and with H color and VS1 clarity. Finally, the surrounding pavé-set old European-cut diamonds form the perfect element to bring the whole ring together.

24. The Rhone Ring

Rhone Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Floral Diamond Cluster

Price: $6,300. Learn more about the Rhone Ring.

If you recall the Highland Ring from earlier on the list, then you might think you’re experiencing deja vu. Indeed these rings are very similar, so the good news is that if you were considering the Highland, then you have an alternative. The center stone is a 0.65-carat diamond while the additional diamonds add another 1.20 carats. Finally, the diamond quality overall is I color and VS1-VS2 clarity.

25. The Fleetwood Ring

Sapphire Halo Fleetwood Engagement Ring With Center Diamond

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Fleetwood Ring

If you’re interested in a charming sapphire ring, then consider the affordable Fleetwood Ring. This ring’s center stone is a 0.66-carat Asscher-cut diamond surrounded by an effective halo of natural sapphires. This contrast emphasizes the center stone’s beauty and the sapphires’ deep blue color. The under-gallery features interesting patterns that add a touch of delicacy to the platinum ring. 

26. The Aster Ring

Aster Ruby Engagement Ring For Approximately $6000

Price: $6,500. Learn more about the Aster Ring

A striking 1.55-carat natural ruby with deep saturation is this platinum ring’s center stone. A row of diamonds encircles the ruby and adorns the shoulders, thus contributing to the ring’s luxury and elegance. Finally, a detailed under-gallery and a narrow triple-wire shank match the overall style and solidify this as a top choice. 

27. The Valencia Ring

Three Stone Valencia Sapphire Engagement Ring For Approximately $6000

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Valencia Ring.

For those in love with the color pink, the Valencia Ring is a perfect match.

This dazzling 18k white gold ring features a 1.01-carat pink sapphire in the center, while a princess cut diamond adorns the left and right totaling 0.69 carats. What’s more, all three stones are bordered by round brilliant-cut diamonds which, along with additional diamonds adorning the shoulders, totals approximately 0.84 carats.

This charming ring expertly leverages a contrast of colors, but also benefits from a juxtaposition of shapes to add another level of elegance.

28. The Broadway Ring

Double Halo Broadway Aquamarine Engagement Ring For $6000

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Broadway Ring.

If you’re looking for a colorful and bold halo ring that will be sure to stand out, then consider the tri-color broadway ring. This elongated ring features a 5.00-carat center aquamarine surrounded by a double halo conforming to the overall shape of the center stone. Finally, the inner halo is comprised of deep blue baguette-cut sapphires, while the outer halo features a floral pattern of single-cut diamonds.

29. The Durbin Ring

Diamond Cluster Durbin Ruby Engagement Ring For Approximately $6000

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Durbin Ring.

The ruby-centered Durbin Ring features a starburst cluster of diamonds that produce a sharp and energetic design. The oval-cut center ruby weighs approximately 1.15 carats and is set in beautifully contrasting 18k yellow gold prongs. Finally, the surrounding diamonds contribute 1.00 carats.

30. The Georgetown Ring

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Georgetown Ring

A symmetrical combination of geometrical shapes is showcased in this Art Deco style ring. The center stone is a round old European-cut diamond weighing 0.69 carats. Rectangular diamonds surround the stone, while natural French-cut sapphires adorn the corners. This distinctive ring featuring different patterns is perfect for brides that like bold, artistic jewelry. 

The Perfect Ring Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry

As you can see, there’s a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes within a $6000 budget. In fact, with such a variety of options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We hope this collection of our top 30 engagement rings for $6000 made your decision easier. In any case, if you have any questions about our rings, then don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form below.