Engagement Rings for $9000

June 24, 2019 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Setting a budget for an engagement ring is difficult. But by no means should you disregard how important it is. Few of us have bottomless pockets full of cash, but nobody wants to skimp on such an important item.

In this article, we talk about buying diamond engagement rings for $9000 ($9k).

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  • 1.23ct Old European Diamond Sapphire Ring - Denmark Ring 14258 TV
    The Denmark Ring
  • Charlton Antique Art Deco Engagement Ring - Crowley Ring 14265 TV
    Charlton Diamond and Onyx Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)
  • Antique Cushion Cut Floral Halo Ring - Eastchester Ring
    Eastchester Ring
  • Victorian Old European Diamond and Silver Ring - Rideau Ring
    Rideau Ring. Circa 1880 (Antique, Victorian Era)
  • 0.87ct Emerald Cut Diamond and Halo Rings Boston Ring 13094
    Boston Ring
  • Mid-Century 1.06-carat vintage diamond engagement ring Evanston TV 12700
    Evanston Ring. Circa 1950
  • 11614 Sydney Diamond Engagement Ring TV
    The Sydney Ring
  • 1.07 carat Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring TV 12916
    Tuena Ring
  • New York Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum
    New York Ring

Tuena Ring

12154 Engagement Ring with Flowers

Price $9,000

The Tuena Ring produces a bold statement thanks to the bezel set 1.05-carat cushion cut center diamond and a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding it. At I color and VS1 clarity, this antique diamond also has elements of an emerald cut in the cushion dimensions, making it both rare and spectacular.

Small diamonds adorn each shoulder, leading from the handcrafted platinum mounting to the triple-wire shank.

Linda Ring

11761-Artistic Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Price $8,600

The Linda Ring has, at its heart, a 1.10 ct, J color, Vs1 clarity old European cut diamond. The stone has a halo of smaller diamonds in platinum mounting. The gallery has a scroll motif, which adds to the femininity of the ring.

The antique center diamond is c.1920, and the ring has a triple-wire shank.

Denmark Ring

11998 Artistic 3 Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price $9,500

The Denmark Ring has a 1.03 ct, K color, VS2 clarity old European cut diamond. French cut calibre sapphire accents and eight further old mine diamonds. The overall effect is very much of a fleur-de-lis motif, and the diamonds studded into the shoulders and shank add great delicacy to the appearance.

Fine milgrain adds further refinement, and the triple wire shank and platinum mounting are both fine platinum.

Wellshire Ring

12153 Engagement Ring with Onyx 9K

Price $9,000

The bold use of onyx in this ring makes it very unusual for an engagement ring, but high-contrast stones are very popular now. The hand-carved onyx surrounds a 1.10 ct, J color, VS1 clarity antique emerald cut diamond.

The diamond and onyx both sit above an understated gallery which provides a subtle and very clean look to the finished ring.

Leaf Motif Art Deco Ring

12297 Diamond Engagement Ring Art on Wood

Price $9,800

This stunning ring has elements of art deco and Edwardian motifs. The center diamond is dated c.1930 and is 1.02 ct, I color and VS2 clarity. Prong set, with a leaf motif on each shoulder finished with fine milgrain, the diamond is also set very high for maximum impact.

This ring is understated and oozes class from every angle.

Castleford Ring

11874-Artistic Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price $15,000

Any halo ring has the potential to be spectacular. When there are two halos, and one of them is made up of sapphires, the results are just stunning. The antique cushion cut diamond is 1.54 ct, M color, and VS2 clarity. A halo of calibre-cut natural sapphires makes the first halo, with a second outer halo of old mine-cut diamonds.

The platinum gallery on this ring has fine open filigree and leads down to a triple-wire shank.

Antique Aquamarine Ring

11573 Antique Aquamarine Ring Artistic

Price $9,000

Aquamarine is seeing a massive surge in popularity thanks to its lovely color and affordability. This ring has a huge 3.94 ct aquamarine center stone, emerald cut, and is framed by several diamonds to provide good contrast and elegance.

The ring dates back to 1925 and has intricate carvings on the shoulders.

Vintage Cluster Ring

Price $9,000. Learn more about this ring.

This incredible cluster ring has 2.45 ct of diamonds in total. The center diamond is a rare 0.85 ct, I color, VS2 old mine cut diamond that is rare and spectacular. The prongs holding the center diamond are part of the lower gallery, allowing the halo to get as close as possible to the center stone.

The mounting is surprisingly delicate for such a large cluster of diamonds and is made from platinum.

Loughton Ring

GS577-Artistic 2

Price $7,800

This beautiful Edwardian ring is dated c.1900 and has the classic floral design so typical of the period. The center emerald is 0.70 ct and is surrounded by a floral arrangement of rose cut diamonds and other smaller emeralds.

The top mounting is platinum, and the gallery and shank are 18K yellow gold.

Saxon Ring

Saxon Engagement Ring in Box

Price $9,500

This geometric ring has strong influences from art deco in the design. The 1.01 ct emerald cut diamond at the center is surrounded by a halo of calibre’ cut emeralds and a further halo of diamonds.

The handcrafted platinum gallery is incredibly intricate with lots of detail.

The Wells Ring

Wells Ring with filigree 9500

Price $8,400

Named for, and inspired by the ancient cathedral city of Wells, in England, this incredible ring has a level of detail rarely seen. The center old European cut diamond is dated c.1930 and is 1.05 ct, I color and SI1 clarity. Further small diamonds are coupled with precise milgrain to create a lovely floral pattern for the finished ring.

The shoulders also have lots of detail, and the mounting has the diamond set high for maximum effect.

Rhyl Ring

Rhyl Ring

The Edwardian era produced some stunning rings, and this is a wonderful example of craftsmanship and technique. The 0.90 ct old European cut diamond has a halo of natural, calibre’ cut sapphires in an 18K yellow gold bezel. This is all set within a cluster of smaller diamonds.

The gallery is relatively shallow, allowing the center diamond to be the focal point.

Filey Ring

GS522-Artistic Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price $7,800

Antique engagement rings are becoming increasingly rare due to the original stones often being re-cut to bring them up to modern standards. Thankfully, this Victorian ring has managed to survive intact. The 2.50 ct oval sapphire has an 8 prong setting in yellow gold and has a halo of ten old-mine cut diamonds, adding a total of 2.00 ct in weight.

The ornate gallery has a very open appearance. This allows maximum impact for the sapphire and diamonds from any angle.

Ruby Engagement Ring

11600-Artistic-2 Ruby Engagement Ring 7800

Price $7,800

Although diamonds have been the dominant stone for engagement rings for a long time, other gemstones are also regaining some of their previous standings. In particular, rubies are now a very popular choice. The ruby, thanks to its deep red color, is the precious stone we most associate with the heart. The amazing ruby here is 2.24 carat is prong set and is flanked at each side by diamonds. These, in turn, have a half-halo of smaller diamonds.

The shank, shoulders, and gallery all have fine engraving, which adds to the obvious feeling of skill and craftsmanship which has gone into this ruby ring.

Newry Ring

GS404 Pear Shape Engagement Ring Artistic

Price $7,100

The pear shape of the diamond of the Newry Ring carries through to the overall design of the mounting. Set in rose gold, and 0.98 ct, J color, and VS1 clarity, the diamond also has a halo containing a further 0.60 ct of diamonds.

The open gallery and prong setting of the center diamond adds a high degree of elegance to this very pretty and unusual engagement ring.

Spending Above Your Budget

The temptation is to go further and spend more than we should. But it isn’t a good idea to take on what could end up as unmanageable debt in the future, regardless of the importance of the item or the occasion.

When starting the ring-buying process, set a budget and stick to it unless something changes. Set two budgets. The first should be the actual amount you have available, and the other should be that figure but reduced by 10%. The reasoning behind this is simple but effective. With your (slightly) lower budget, if you see something at a higher price but within your higher figure limit, it remains affordable.

Much of what we buy, and the price we pay, is predicated on a particular mindset. If we settle our minds on one thing, that will dominate our actions. This is simply human nature. So, by settling on a lower budget, that will be the target spend in our minds. Going a little above it but staying within our higher figure is not only non-detrimental to our pocket but is also a nice little psychological boost to our emotions. All at no extra cost.

How Much Does an Engagement Ring Cost?

Diamond engagement ring held in finger with pen

The only answer, quite literally, is “How much have you got?”

Engagement rings can cost anything from a hundred dollars to several million. Factors like the stone(s) and metals in the ring, whether handmade or factory-produced, all contribute to the total value.

In the US, the average price paid for engagement rings is around $6,000. Of course, this means a lot of rings cost less, and a lot cost more. The beauty of the modern age is that your choices have never been so great. Now, selecting a ring isn’t a job that takes up a whole weekend or even longer. Thanks to the internet, we can browse every manner of items before buying, including engagement rings.

If you are lucky enough to have a little more than the average cost of an engagement ring to spend, here is our selection of rings costing around $9,000.

Yes, it’s great to be able to see rings in person and try them on, but life is such that many people don’t have the time they used to

Tips for Buying Engagement Rings for $9000

First and foremost, do your research. The internet, for all its faults, is a great tool for looking at the styles of engagement rings that are now available. Buying online is also easier than ever, thanks to retailers embracing customer interaction through digital means.

Don’t be afraid to try different styles. Some hands suit one ring style, and others may suit a different style. Your fingers will determine whether you will suit a pear-shaped center stone, for example, as it helps to lengthen the look of your hand.

Don’t be afraid to include estate jewelry in your search. Antique engagement rings have a history that is unique to them. It may well be that the jeweler will know something of the life of the ring which adds huge historical interest.

Most of all, enjoy the experience. Enjoy the search, and enjoy your choice. An engagement ring is a very special thing. You should make the most of it.

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