30 Engagement Photo Ideas July 30, 2018 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

A photographer is no longer just engaged for the duration of the wedding day. More and more of us are now choosing to record our engagement for posterity. An engagement is a wonderful, precious event, so why shouldn’t we have a physical memento of the occasion?

But, whereas a wedding album writes itself, in many ways, an engagement shoot isn’t quite so self-fulfilling. So how do you make sure your engagement shoot turns out to be exactly what you wanted? The key thing is that it’s all about the two of you. With locations, events or even poses which sum up your time together are perfect.

The images don’t all have to be in gorgeous locations. Did you meet in line at a coffee store somewhere, or did you literally bump into each other fighting over the last flower pot on the lot? You have your first location right there.

A good photographer will also be worth their weight in gold. Choose one with experience in engagement shoots, and whose portfolio appeals to you. They will know what questions to ask to get the best from the day.

But, if you need some inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you on your way.

Recording the Date

Although you’re never likely to forget the date, it’s nice to include it. It’s a special day for you now, incorporate these new numbers into a memorable photo.

Have A Supporting Cast

Sometimes, it’s not just about you… There are other creatures in your life too. Their lives are changing, let them be a part of some of the photos.

Don’t Forget The Ring

You and your ring will never be more together than at this moment. Create artistic photos of you wearing your ring. You can even take a close up photo of your ring. It will never look as good as it will right now.

Black Tie Not Required

It’s nice to get dressed up but, sometimes, you should just be you whatever the occasion. Just get out of the car and take a real photo.

Lend a Hand. Or Two

Chances are you’ll both feel like big kids, so take a tip from little kids and mark the occasion with palm prints. It doesn’t have to be sand. You can make mud prints on the ground, snow prints, water prints on cement, or even paint prints.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Messy

Photoshoots can be exhausting. So why not have a little fun right at the end? Mess and choas can be really beautiful when captured correctly.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Weather, we all have it! Instead of fighting the conditions, be ready to roll with them. Some of greatest photos happen during the worst weather. Don’t get upset that your perfect proposal is getting ruined by bad weather. Own the moment and it will be one of your best memories.

Get Into Character

A couple of little props can often bring lots of fun, and just allow you to be a little different for a few moments. The props can vary from absolutely simple to ridiculously elaborate. Pinterest is packed with ideas of paper designs and decorations that you can easily add to your photoshoot. Of course, you can also rent costumes and really get into character.

Black and White Style

B&W photos often have tone of “mood”, especially in the right location. A good eye will notice the perfect locations even without having to see it through the camera. A professional photographer will really come in handy when it comes to black and white photos. Just take a look at the portfolio to make sure that his photos are good. Black and white photography is specialty that even great photographers haven’t yet mastered.

Have Style

If you or your partner have a style they like to wear, exploit it. Make the photo shoot as personalized as you can. Let your friends guess that the photos are yours even without looking at your faces in the picture.

Choose Your Moment

The likes of the Brooklyn Bridge are very popular for proposals, and are often insanely busy. Pick the right time, though, and you have the perfect shot to match. A few pedestrians in the photo is fine if they are far away. Loads of close-up random gawking faces in the photo can really ruin the photo (unless of course, you want to do that).

Relax, Relax, Relax

Not all your engagement photos need to be even remotely formal. What better place to start than in bed first thing in the morning? You don’t have to share all your photos to instagram, you can also take photos just for yourselves.

One Half of a Whole

Have an image focus on one of you, rather than both. The feeling of intimacy and tenderness comes across perfectly. As with some of the other expert photos, you may need the help of a professional photographer for this.

Check The Angles

Odd angles, optical illusions and just photos which are very different add fun and uniqueness. If you want your photo to be conversation-starter you are going to have to get really creative.

The photo below was taken from above the couple. They are lying on the ground. The illusion is that they are flying.

Get A Little Goofy

Your engagement is a fun event, so have some fun! Not all photos require posing. Just be yourselfs and have fun. The perfect photo will reveal itself.

Look, No Hands. Or Faces, Or Rings…

Another take on camera angles. Try think out of the box (or frame). Not always do you need to point the camera directly at the subjects. Think of water, mirrors, glass, and anything else reflective. Even shadow-play can reveal so much about the story of your engagement.

Capture That Moment

Proposing can be nerve wracking, and accepting almost as much so. Capture the release of emotions that come next. Have a photographer ready (or hiding if it’s a surprise proposal). The raw emotions will create a photo that you will treasure for decades.

Backdrops, But Different

It’s easy to get drawn into backdrops that have been used a thousand times in the same ways. Look for something a little different. If you’re shooting a large landmark, go a few blocks away.

Show Off A Little

Have a special, maybe lightly weird skill? Use it! It doesn’t have to be Guinness-World-Records amazing. It just has to be you!

Get Photo-Bombed

We love our pets almost as much as we love each other. It’s only natural they’ll want to be involved.

Let Music Be The Food of Love

Recreate your favorite album cover. If you love a particular song or album, try to reshoot the front cover. Another added bonus is that it was likely that the album cover was shot by the best photographers in the industry. Copying an existing incredible photoshoot will give you a much better chance of getting something incredible for yourself.

Or Recreate a Movie Scene

Movie scenes are some of the romantic expressions of love you can get. Movie writers get paid so well because they spend so much time thinking and brainstorming. No need to reinvent the wheel. There are so many ideas already at your fingertips.

Be An Action Hero

Why not really let loose a little? Just, please, be careful. You don’t want to end up as a viral video for all of the wrong reasons.

Use Shadows And Light

It may need a little thought, but get creative. You want to somehow inject your own personality into a silhouette. Pinterest would also be a great place to search for inspiration.

You Could Send Cards, Or…

You could do it differently. If you already have a photographer on hand you may as well take a photo of for “save-the-date” your wedding. You may not know when the wedding is going to be and in that case just take a photo with the words “save the date”. You’ll add the actual date later.

If a Save the Date themed photo may create undue pressure on either of you, skip it. You can do it later. There is no reason to mar the moment, by creating unnecessary stress.

Be Romantic

When trying to be different and creative, the romance is sometimes forgotten. Don’t let that happen. Take some time to just be together. Ignore the photographer. Let him find the best way to tell the story. This is your personal story. Don’t forget about each other. You may end up with something so much better.

Trust Your Photographer

If he asks to roll up your pants and stand in a river, he’ll have a good reason. If you want something perfect, find a photographer that you trust.

Use The Old With The New

The contrast of the past and present can be spectacular. Don’t be afraid to mix old or aged props into the photo. You may discover something beautiful.

Add A Little Light

If it isn’t there, bring your own! A nighttime proposal photoshoot doesn’t have to be dark.

Let The Ring Shine

Not everyone is going to be able to check your finger a few moments after the proposal. You know everybody’s going to want to see it, so…