The Most Emotional Proposal Videos November 8, 2017 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Finding new and innovative ways to make a marriage proposal isn’t new, but the lengths that some people will go to in order to ask someone to marry them can be just amazing. Thankfully, with the advent of high quality video on smartphones, we all now get to be a small part of a wonderful moment.

Here are 9 proposal videos that will tug at even the stoniest heartstrings.

Matt and Ginny

Some proposals are so well thought out and meticulously planned, that the only way to execute them properly is to tell a white lie or two. Here, Matt Still tells his girlfriend Ginny that he can’t take her to the movies as he has to work, but has asked his brother to go with her. As the trailers start, things don’t go as Ginny expected.

Sean and Andrea

Depending on your point of view, magic tricks are either wonderful moments or something to be endured but, when you pull off a trick this good, there isn’t anybody who won’t be impressed. When amateur magician Sean stuffed his hand full of leaves and dirt that was just lying about, Andrea was shooting a video that she thought would be used by Sean to review his technique later. Instead, when Sean opened his hand, the engagement ring in his palm was the last thing Andrea expected.

Dean and Jennifer

Treasure hunts are great fun but, when your whole family sends you to various areas of the hotel you are staying in during a vacation in Aruba, there’s a lot more at stake than a small prize and the joy of being good at following instructions! And so it was when Dean presented Andrea with a video showing 365 clips of him proposing to her to a soundtrack of Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams and Anthem Lights, one for every day of the past year. Now that’s planning!

Matthew and Bryn

Of course, if you really want to propose, you just have to be down on one knee at the time you pop the question. However, getting down on one knee whilst you and your girlfriend are wakeboarding is a whole other level of getting it done. The confusion on Bryn’s face as Matthew drops to one knee as they skim across the water is obvious, as is her delight when he takes her hand and asks her to marry him.

Jeff and Caitlin

As timelapse videos go, this is a doozy. Jeff decided to propose to Caitlin by having a mural painted on a wall. The video shows the entire painting process, and culminates in Caitlin seeing the finished mural for the first time. Original, artistic and incredibly sweet, how could she refuse?


Dion and Cassandra

If you’re going to get a celebrity involved in your wedding proposal, then it may as well be a bona fidé music legend, literally. After playing his monster hit, “All Of Me”, John Legend invited the couple up on stage so that Dion could propose to Cassandra right there and then. Cue huge audience reaction and a “Yes” to seal a wonderful night.

Paul and Lee

John Legend gets a second mention now but, this time, instead of the man himself, Paul decides to serenade Lee personally, right on one of London’s busiest streets. Helped out by jazz vocal group The Buzztones, and a supporting cast of other singers, musicians and dancers, Paul goes the extra mile and gets the answer he wanted.

Ronnie and Mandi

Collectively known as Rondi, this is one of the sweetest proposal videos you’ll ever see. A million miles removed from flash mob or time lapse as it’s possible to be, Ronnie simply chooses to propose on a mountain in Arizona. What makes this video special isn’t the great little speech Ronnie gives to Mandi about how they’re meant to be together, or the spectacular location, it’s that all the sound effects are provided by Mandi herself, completely unaware that the video is rolling. The beeps of the camera, the shutter sound and, crucially, the hiccups make this short video a masterpiece in minimalism.

Isaac and Amy

You don’t get 32 million (and rising) hits on YouTube without doing something right, and Isaac picked the perfect way to let Amy know he wanted to marry her. Involving over 60 of their family and friends, and put together in a way that makes it so different to almost every wedding proposal video ever, this particular proposal is unique and spectacular in equal measure.