The Distinctive Beauty of Old Mine Cut Diamonds December 2, 2013 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

The vintage diamond ring is usually a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and it is all the more distinctive if the cut of the diamond gives it a shape and dimension that captures the essence of its era. Old Mine Cut Diamonds have become highly sought-after, especially as modern tools and technology brings very little individuality to much of today’s jewelry.

Old mine cut diamonds are stones that have an unmistakably vintage feel, with a warmer, more romantic glow than the modern-cut diamonds.

Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Old mine cut diamonds are hand-cut stones from the late 17th until the and early 20th century. These cuts often followed the original shape of the rough stone much closer than modern laser-cuts do, making them deeper and sometimes a bit asymmetrical.

If you have a ring featuring an old mine cut diamond, you can be certain that there is not a single diamond in the world that looks the same. Each diamond was cut individually by hand, and is absolutely one of a kind and unique.

Furthermore, during this era, a diamond ring was often specifically designed by a jeweler to highlight the unique characteristics of the diamond that was to be set within it.

Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring

Characteristics of Old Mine Cut Diamond

The old mine cut is the predecessor of the modern round brilliant cut. The basis of its facet structure is what comprises the structure of the modern diamonds.

The old mine cut diamond is typically more square (cushion-shaped), with larger facets, heavier weight, and deeper cuts. These beautiful vintage diamonds can be recognized by their high crown, small table, deep pavilion, and large culet.

Old Mine Cut Diamonds are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Many of the old mine cut diamonds have stayed in the family as heirlooms or have been lost. It is hard to find old mine cut diamonds available for sale.

Because of their relative scarcity, these distinctive gems have become a favorite of discerning collectors and lovers of jewelry from bygone eras.

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