Top 30 Diamond Engagement Rings For $10000

Written by: Benjamin Khordipour, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
July 13, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

So, you finally decided to pop the question. All you have to do now is pick out the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. If you’ve decided to spend approximately $10000, then rest assured that there are plenty of excellent diamond engagement rings for $10000 to choose from.

1. New York Ring

New York Diamond Engagement Ring For Approximately $10000

Price: $9,800

Starting off our list strong, the New York Ring features the ever popular diamond halo. The 1.01-carat Asscher-cut center diamond is GIA-certified as having impressive J color and VVS2 clarity grades. What’s more, a 16-stone halo emphasizes the captivating central diamond. Finally, the diamond-set fleur-de-lis shoulders brings the total diamond weight of this ring to approximately 1.27 carats.

2. Tuena Ring

Tuena Diamond Engagement Ring For Approximately $10000

Price: $9,000

If you’re interested in halo-style rings, then consider the Tuena Ring. It features a fabulous 1.07-carat bezel-set, cushion-cut diamond. What’s more, the surrounding halo of smaller cushion-cut old European-cut diamonds adds to this gorgeous ring’s appeal. The ring is set in platinum, and it has a triple-wire shank. 

3. Rochdale Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Rochdale Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $9,500

The Rochdale Ring is a gorgeous diamond engagement ring that any bride-to-be would fall in love with. The center stone is a beautiful 1.08-carat old European-cut diamond GIA-certified as J color and VS2 clarity. It’s flanked by a baguette-cut diamond on each shoulder. The diamond is set into a high-profile mounting, and it has a detailed under-gallery.

4. Bellino Ring

Bellino Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Sapphire Halo

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If you’re a fan of sapphire halos, then you might want to take a look at the Bellino Ring. While many halo-style diamond engagement rings follow the shape of the central diamond, this ring features two different shapes. The 1.49-carat old mine-cut central diamond features a round shape, while the surrounding sapphire halo is octagonal. Finally, a row of small diamonds decorates each shoulder. 

5. Alvor Ring

Alvor Diamond Ring From The Art Deco Era

Price: $10,500

If you’re looking for a bit of color, then the Alvor Ring may be an excellent choice.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this Art Deco Era engagement ring features a 1.00-carat central diamond with impressive J color and VS1 clarity grades. What’s more, the rounded shoulders are adorned with outer rows of diamonds and an inner row of emeralds. Finally, the shank is embellished aff beautiful and intricate hand engravings.

6. Baysville Ring

1.10ct Center GIA Certified Asscher Cut & Baguette Diamond Halo Ring - Baysville Ring - Hand Video

Price: $9,800

If you’re loving the halo style rings but are interested in exploring further options, then check out the Baysville Ring.

The star of this ring is certainly the 1.10-carat Asscher-cut center diamond. It boasts the excellent color and clarity grades of J and VVS2 respectively. What’s more, the surrounding halo of baguette-cut diamonds is set lower than the center diamond thus strongly emphasizing it. Finally, the delicate shoulders are adorned with several smaller diamonds.

7. Somerville Ring

Somerville Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Adorned Shoulders

Price: $14,000

The Somerville Ring is one of the most stunning diamond engagement rings you can find in this price range.

The old European-cut center stone weighs an impressive 1.41 carats and has a luxurious appeal. Smaller diamonds adorn the high-profile setting, while additional diamonds are set along the ring’s shoulders and the bridge. When you view the diamond from the side, it resembles a crown. To top it off, this solitaire engagement ring was handcrafted in 18k yellow gold. 

8. Eura Ring

Eura Diamond Ring With Floral Cluster Of Diamonds

Price: $9,200

For fans of floral halos, the Eura Ring is here to charm you. This delicate treasure features a 1.21-carat old mine-cut center diamond surrounded by a delightful floral cluster of old-cut diamonds. Meanwhile, each shoulder displays a small diamond. Finally, fine milgraine borders each element, emphasizing the precious stones.

9. Montville Ring

Montville Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Diamond Halo

Price: $8,800

Those who have sophisticated and distinguished taste will certainly want to look at the Montville Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum, this elegant diamond engagement ring is reminiscent of the Art Deco period. The old European-cut 1.00-carat center stone is emphasized by the surrounding 0.22-carat halo consisting of 20 small old-cut diamonds. Finally, the gap separating the halo from the center stone provides further emphasis of these elements.

10. Mirage Ring

Mirage Diamond Ring With Unique Swirl Design

Price: $9,200

If you’re ready for something unique, then check out the platinum on 18k yellow gold Mirage Ring. The mesmerizing swirled shoulders design gives this ring its stand-out quality. The center stone is a 1.13-carat old European-cut diamond with I color and VS2 clarity. Finally, diamonds are pavé-set along the face of the swirls.

11. Denmark Ring

1.23ct Old European Cut Diamond & Sapphire Geometric Engagement Ring - The Denmark Ring - Hand Video

Price: $9,500

The Denmark Ring has such a breathtaking design that it looks like it belongs to a royal jewel collection.

The 1.23-carat center diamond features an old European cut and is set into a French-cut sapphire base. What’s more, it has an impressive J-color grade. The sapphires are accentuated by four prong-set diamonds that have a filigree appearance. Finally, the ring’s shoulders feature a fleur-de-lis design and are connected to the platinum triple-wire shank.

The regal Denmark Ring is sure to impress. 

12. Charlotte Ring

Charlotte Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Floral Halo

Price: $11,500

The Charlotte Ring has an intriguing design that appeals to those with bold tastes.

It features a 1.35-carat antique cushion-cut center diamond enclosed by a cluster of old European-cut diamonds. These diamond elements come together to form a charming floral pattern, while even more diamonds are set on the ring’s shoulders. Finally, this slim platinum ring features a triple-wire shank and fine openwork decorating the undergallery. 

13. Geneva Ring

Charlotte Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Floral Halo

Price: $10,500

For those who appreciate black-and-white combinations, the Geneva Ring leverages diamonds with onyx accents very well to achieve this desirable contrast.

This handcrafted geometric engagement ring features a 1.09-carat old European-cut diamond, surrounded by a double halo. The inner halo is circular and comprised of small diamonds, while the outer halo is octagonal and consists of 6 natural onyx edges. Step down bagutte-cut diamonds form the remaining edges and lead to additional small diamonds on the shoulders.

14. Morrison Ring

Art Deco Morrison Ring Featuring Unique Shape

Price: $10,500

If you are looking for an outstanding ring with a expectation-defying shape, then consider the Morrison Ring. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this antique Art Deco ring features three plumes emerging above and below the 0.55-carat center diamond. The additional diamonds embellishing the plumes total approximately 1.60 carats.

15. Dresden Ring

Georgian Era Dresden Ring Featuring Unique Diamond Halo

Price: $11,000

If you’re looking for a unique halo, then check out the Dresden Ring. Handcrafted in silver on 18k yellow gold circa 1800, this Geogrian Era ring features a 1.00-carat center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. The surrounding halo is comprised of rose-cut diamonds, while additional diamonds are set on the shoulders. Finally, don’t overlook the shank as it is decorated by intricate engravings.

16. Westfield Ring

Westfield Diamond Engagement Ring With Emerald Accents

Price: $11,000

For those who prefer the combination of diamonds and emeralds, the Westfield Ring might be the right choice.

It was inspired by the Art Deco era, and features an east-west design which makes it flattering on wider fingers. The old European-cut center diamond weighs 1.17 carats and is emphasized by three bullet-shaped emeralds set on each side. Additionally, the emeralds are surrounded by a halo of old European-cut diamonds, which continues down to the ring’s shoulders. 

17. Rideau Ring

Victorian Era Rideau Ring Featuring Dome Shape

Price: $9,900

For those with a bold style and a love of times, the Rideau Ring is certainly a great choice. This French dome shaped engagement ring was handcrafted in silver during the Victorian Era circa 1880. 2.63 carats of pavé-set diamonds completely cover the face of the ring, while the cushion-cut center diamond weighs an additional 0.30 carats.

18. Basswood Ring

Three Stone Basswood Diamond Ring With Adorned Shoulders

Price: $10,500.

The Basswood Ring shines from every direction. What makes it unique is that it has not one but three center stones. All three center stones are prong-set, and have emerald cuts. The middle stone weighs 1.01 carats, while the side diamonds weigh 0.63 carats in total. To top it all off, smaller micro-pavé set diamonds line the ring’s shoulders. Finally, the ring is set in 18k white gold. 

19. Harlingen Ring

Harlingen Double Halo Engagement Ring Featuring Sapphires

Price: $9,500

The glamorous Harlingen Ring is perfect for those wanting a pop of color added to their halo ring. The stunning center diamond features a cushion cut and is approximately 1.07 carats. Meanwhile, the surrounding double halo features a natural blue French-cut sapphire inner halo and an outer halo comprised of diamonds.

20. Sulham Ring

Sulham Engagement Ring Featuring An Emerald Halo

Price: $9,500

If you’re looking for a more subtle halo ring, or find green emeralds to be more your taste, then consider the sleek Sulham Ring. The antique cushion-cut center diamond weighs approximately 1.30 carats, while the surrounding halo is comprised of natural faceted calibre emeralds. Finally, additional diamonds adorn the shoulders.

21. Neston Ring

Antique Neston Ring Featuring Center Sapphire And Diamonds

Price: $9,800

Although not as traditional as diamonds, a center sapphire can be very appealing.

Handcrafted in 18k yellow gold circa 1900, the verticle marquise-shaped Neston Ring features a 0.68-carat natural Thai center sapphire. The center stone is surrounded by 0.45 carats of old-cut diamonds with G-H color and VS1-VS2 clarity overall. The blue sapphire, white diamonds, and yellow gold mounting work together to produce a breathtaking ring.

22. Teterboro Ring

Antique Teterboro Dome Shaped Diamond Ring

Price: $10,500

Another dome-shaped option, the dazzling Teterboro Ring is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1910, this ring features a 1.08-carat cushion-cut center diamond with I color and SI1 clarity. The ring’s major appeal comes from the dome shape and the surrounding embellishments. Fine milgrain and openwork are cleverly utilized to emphasize the diamond elements in an elegant way.

23. Fenton Ring

Fenton Diamond Engagement Ring With A Diamond Halo

Price: $9,600

The Fenton Ring combines classic features with modern accents, resembling some of today’s most popular designs. It’s a halo-style diamond engagement ring, but its size is ideal for those with thin, long fingers. The center stone is a 1.25-carat bezel-set old European-cut diamond with H color and VS2 clarity. Smaller old European-cut diamonds are set on the round halo, as well as the ring’s shoulders. 

24. Newfield Ring

Edwardian Era 1.00ct Center Old European Cut Diamond Lacey Work Ring - Newfield Ring - Hand Video

Price: $11,000

For those looking to stand out with a unique and bold design, consider the antique Newfield Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1910, this Edwardian Era ring is sure to be the center of attention due to its elongated form. The center diamond weighs approximately 1.00 carat and has I color, while the additional diamonds total approximately 1.56 carats and have color and clarity ranges of I-J and VS1-SI1 respectively.

25. Jonesboro Ring

Jonesboro Diamond Ring Featuring Detailed Hang Engravings

Price: $10,800

The Jonesboro Ring looks simple at first, but it’s filled with finer details upon further inspection.

The center diamond weighs 1.03 carats and has an old European cut. What’s more it is GIA certified as G color and SI1 clarity. Next, there are diamonds on the shoulders and one old European-cut diamond set in the ring’s mounting. Finally, the entire length of the ring is decorated with intricate hand engravings, making it gorgeous from every angle. 

26. Huntington Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Huntington Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $11,000

For those looking for more delicate and traditional options, the Huntington Ring is certainly a top choice.

Held in four triple prongs, the extremely impressive GIA-certified old European-cut diamond boasts D color and weighs 1.00 carat. What’s more, additional diamonds adorn the gallery and shoulders ensuring that the ring will truly shine. Bringing the ring together, fine milgrain borders the gallery, shoulders, and shank, while detailed hand engravings decorate all sides of the shank.

27. Montgomery Ring

Montgomery Diamond Ring Featuring A Halo Of Sapphires

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The Montgomery Ring is perfect for those who love to combine diamonds and sapphires.

The central stone is a 1.06-carat Asscher-cut diamond that comes with a GIA certification. French-cut sapphires form a 0.72-carat halo, while conforming to the center stone’s shape. Finally, the platinum ring features a triple-wire shank, while its shoulders are covered with small diamonds.

It’s a wonderful choice for any sapphire lover. 

28. Brentford Ring

Edwardian Era Emerald Engagement Ring Featuring Floral Halo

Price: $8,000

If you want a non-diamond central stone, then consider the emerald-centered Brentford Ring, handcrafted during the Edwardian Era circa 1905.

The 1.90-carat, bezel-set Columbian emerald has an intense green saturation and is set on an 18k yellow gold mounting. What’s more, a floral cluster of old mine-cut diamonds surrounds the emerald, adding some charm to this exquisite ring. Finally, small diamonds are also placed on the ring’s shoulders, bringing the total diamond weight to 2.75 carats.

29. Whitfield Ring

Art Deco 1.25ct Center GIA Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Whitfield Ring - Hand Video

Price: $9,000

The Whitfield Ring is perfect for those who want a traditional look that will still stand out. This Art Deco treasure was handcrafted in platinum circa 1920 and demands attention via its high profile design, rounded shoulders, and metalwork filigree. The 1.25-carat center diamond is GIA-certified and set in prongs. What’s more the ring’s ornamentation introduces an additional 0.20 carats of diamonds.

30. Chesterfield Ring

Chesterfield Ring Featuring Yellow Sapphire And Diamond Halo

Price: $9,000 

Blue sapphires have always been popular, but there’s something special about yellow sapphires. The Chesterfield Ring features a 7.17-carat oval-cut natural yellow sapphire framed by a halo of pear-shaped diamonds, while a baguette-cut diamond adorns each side. Finally, the ring is handcrafted in 18k white gold, and the total diamond weight is 0.89 carats.

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