Top 25 Diamond Engagement Rings for $9000

May 1, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Setting a budget for an engagement ring can be difficult, but by no means should you disregard how important it is. Few of us have bottomless pockets full of cash, but nobody wants to skimp on such an important item. That being said if you’ve decided on a budget of approximately $9k, then read on for our list of diamond engagement rings for $9000.

1. Tuena Ring

Tuena Diamond Engagement Ring For $9000 With Halo

Price: $9,000

The platinum Tuena Ring makes a bold statement thanks to the bezel-set center diamond and a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding it. The impressive 1.07-carat cushion-cut diamond boasts J color and VS2 clarity grades, while the halo and diamond-adorned leaf motif shoulders are welcome embellishments.

2. Ridgefield Ring

1.10 Carat Diamond Halo Ring - Ridgefield Ring - Hand Video

Price: $9,000

The Ridgefield Ring features an octagonal frame consisting of a beautiful halo and a 1.10-carat old European-cut center diamond. The halo itself also features 24 old European-cut diamonds which certainly work to enhance the J-color center stone. Finally, the shoulders are adorned with even more diamonds and the under-gallery is decorated with mermaid scale pattern openwork.

3. Denmark Ring

Kite Shaped Denmark Sapphire Engagement Ring For $9000

Price: $9,500

The regal Denmark Ring features a 1.23-carat old European-cut center diamond with J color and SI1 clarity grades. Emphasizing the center stone, French-cut calibre sapphire accents and four round brilliant diamonds form a surrounding kite shape. Each shoulder offers further ornamentation by way of a diamond-set fleur-de-lis. If you want her to feel like royalty, then this ring is a great choice.

4. Corby Ring

Round Sapphire Halo Corby Engagement Ring For $9000

Price: $9,000

If you appreciated the sapphire flare of the Denmark Ring above, then you may want to also consider the Corby Ring.

This less glamorous counterpart is perfect for those who appreciate the unassuming; it’s not as much of a stand-out ring as the shape and embellishments are a bit more subtle. It is, however, just as impressive and stunning nonetheless.

The 1.20-carat old European-cut center diamond holds J color and VS1 clarity grades and is surrounded by a round halo of French-cut sapphires. In addition, the shoulders are adorned with small diamonds, and the under-gallery is decorated with elegant openwork.

5. Fairmont Ring

White Gold Fairmont Diamond Engagement Ring For $9000

Price: $9,000

If you’re looking for a more delicate and subtle option, then the dainty Fairmont Ring is a great choice. Handcrafted in 18k white gold circa 1980 and bearing French hallmarks, this vintage ring features a 1.29-carat old European-cut diamond set in four double prongs. It doesn’t get more classic than a solitaire ring, and with the right diamond and setting it’s sure to offer a timeless elegance.

6. Kempton Ring

Floral Diamond Cluster Kempton Engagement Ring For $9000

Price: $9,000

The dazzling Kempton Ring is certainly a sight to behold; this cluster ring features a 1.18-carat old European-cut center diamond set in a bezel. The surrounding floral cluster of 10 bezel-set old mine-cut diamonds enhances the center stone but is also quite marvelous in its own right. Finally, the total diamond weight of this platinum ring is approximately 1.84 carats with an impressive I color grade.

7. Whitfield Ring

Art Deco 1.25ct Center GIA Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Whitfield Ring - Hand Video

Price: $9,000

If you’re searching for elegance and luxury, then the antique Whitfield Ring is a perfect match.

This Art Deco-era ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1920 and features breathtaking openwork filigree and hand engravings that truly elevate its beauty. The center stone is a GIA-certified old European-cut diamond weighing 1.25 carats, while the total weight of the accent diamonds is approximately 0.20 carats. This ring certainly speaks for itself.

8. Riverview Ring

Vintage Riverview Diamond Engagement Ring For $9000

Price: $9,000

The stunning Riverview Ring features a 1.19-carat old European-cut center diamond, unencumbered by unnecessary ornamentation. Yes, the gorgeous stone is certainly the center of attention and what’s more, it’s GIA-certified. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1960, the vintage ring’s luxuriousness is boosted by several additional diamonds along each shoulder.

9. Toronto Ring

Toronto Engagement Ring For $9000 Featuring Sapphire Halo

Price: $9,000

If you’re looking for some color in your ring, then you may be pleased with the Toronto Ring. The star of this ring is an elongated cushion-cut center diamond of 1.01 carats with J color and VS2 clarity. The surrounding 0.28-carat halo of French-cut sapphires gives the star its spotlight and certainly makes all the difference. Finally, each shoulder is adorned with two additional diamonds.

10. Utah Ring

Utah Elongated Diamond Halo Engagement Ring For $9000

Price: $9,000

If you are a fan of the first item on this list, the Tuena Ring, then you may like the Utah Ring even more.

This beautiful alternative is very similar except that it has an elongated design; the 0.95-carat GIA-certified center diamond has an elongated cushion cut and the surrounding halo follows suit. The total additional diamond weight is approximately 0.40 carats. Happily, the same fleur-de-lis style shoulders make a reappearance here.

11. Montville Ring

Round Montville Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $8,800

The handcrafted Montville Ring is an alluring Art Deco-style platinum ring featuring a 1.00-carat center diamond with impressive J color and VS2 clarity grades. In addition, the surrounding 0.22-carat halo of old mine-cut diamonds is quite charming. Both the center diamond and halo are emphasized by bordering fine milgrain.

Finally, the ring features a tripe-wire shank while additional diamonds adorn the shoulders, and openwork patterns decorate the under-gallery.

12. Brighton Ring

Brighton Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Diamond Halo

Price: $8,800

Continuing with another fine round diamond halo ring, the Brighton Ring is rather charming. If the previous Montville Ring appeals to you, but you’d prefer a more delicate option, then this is a great alternative.

Above all, it features an antique 1.25-carat diamond cut circa 1915 and boasts J color and VS2 clarity grades. Finally, the outstanding halo and the charming shoulders adorned with additional diamonds emphasize the center stone.

13. Carlyle Ring

Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Halo & 18k Yellow Gold Engagement Ring - Carlyle Ring - Hand Video

Price: $8,800

If you’re interested in yellow gold, then consider our first such option on the list- the Carlyle Ring.

The impressive antique cushion-cut center diamond of this ring weighs 1.16 carats and has J color and VS2 clarity grades. The surrounding halo of old European-cut diamonds is dazzling and a perfect complement to the center stone. Last but not least, the 18k yellow gold ring features a delicate triple-wire shank.

14. Cartier Ring

French Vintage Cartier Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $8,800

If you’re a fan of yellow gold but want something that is equal parts subtle and unique, then you’ll want to keep an eye on the French Cartier Ring. Featuring a uniform band design, this rare ring was signed, numbered, and handcrafted circa 1995 by Cartier. The total diamond weight is approximately 1.62 carats while the oval-cut center stone is approximately 0.50 carats and holds G color and VS1 clarity grades.

15. Milan Ring

Milan Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring French Sapphire Halo

Price: $8,800

We’re not done yet with suggestions featuring lovely sapphires, and the Milan Ring is an option certainly worth considering.

With a bold yet unobtrusive design, this sapphire halo ring features a 1.07-carat, J color center diamond cut circa 1920. Meanwhile, the French-cut sapphires comprising the halo produce an alluring contrast with the center diamond as well as the accent diamonds leading to, and on, the shoulders.

16. Mildred Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Mildred Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $8,500

The Mildred Ring is a perfect option for those who want an elegant vintage gold ring with a delicate touch.

This two-tone ring featuring 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold was handcrafted circa 1940 during the Retro Era. There’s no doubt that the stunning center diamond is the prize here; it’s a prong-set old European-cut stone weighing approximately 1.26 carats. Emphasizing the main stone is a diamond-adorned bullet-shaped bezel on each shoulder.

17. Toledo Ring

Art Deco Style Toledo Ring Featuring Sapphire Accents

Price: $8,500

A stunning display of bold detail, the unique Toledo Ring is perfect for those who favor the rounded taper style. Featuring a ribbon motif across the center, the main diamond is a GIA-certified old European cut of H color, VS1 clarity, and 0.89 carats. The aforementioned ribbon ornamentation extending on each side features baguette-cut sapphires, additional diamonds, and accentuating fine milgrain filigree.

Although it may not necessarily be considered a cocktail ring, the bold Art Deco-style Toledo Ring certainly stands out and makes its presence known

18. Elverson Ring

Art Deco Era Elverson Ring Featuring Diamond Accents

Price: $8,600

If you’re on the hunt for a timeless antique ring with a unique design, then the Elverson Ring is a perfect option. This antique piece was handcrafted in platinum circa 1920 during the Art Deco Era and features a rounded shape consisting of geometric elements.

The box prongs-set center diamond is GIA-certified, 1.27 carats, and has K color and VS2 clarity grades. The additional diamonds decorating this ring consist of accent stones set in marquise bezels flanking the center diamond as well as a gap-buffered halo. The total diamond weight is approximately 0.27 carats.

19. Eura Ring

Eura Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Floral Diamond Halo

Price: $9,200

The Eura Ring is a perfect representation of why halo rings are so popular these days. In this case, the halo is of the charming floral variety as the overall design is reminiscent of an exemplary flower shape.

The center stone is a stunning 1.21-carat antique old mine-cut diamond, cut circa 1920. Finally, the ring is brought together by a triple-wire shank, spearhead shoulders, and fine milgrain bordering each diamond element.

20. Springdale Ring

Springdale Yellow Gold Ring Featuring Floral Diamond Cluster

Price: $9,500

The glamorous Springdale Ring is perfect for those who want a yellow gold ring featuring a floral diamond cluster. This 18k yellow gold ring features a stunning 1.30-carat cushion-cut center diamond surrounded by a 0.45-carat cluster of old mine-cut diamonds. Finally, the ring features a triple-wire shank and an openwork decorated under-gallery.

If the previous Eura Ring appealed to you but you’d prefer a different color metal, then this alternative should be right up your alley.

21. Elvas Ring

Elongated Elvas Engagement Ring Featuring Diamonds And Sapphires

Price: $9,500

The Elvas Ring is certainly perfect if you want a piece that stands out.

The elongated regal ring features a bezel-set 1.11-carat old European-cut center diamond, cut circa 1920. What’s more, the bold fleur-de-lis shoulders are adorned with diamonds and extend to the center diamond adding further cohesion and luxury to this design.

Finally, the most eye-catching aspect of this ring must be its elongated shape; the face surrounding the center diamond and shoulders features alternating vertical rows of old European-cut diamonds and calibre-cut sapphires.

22. Norwalk Ring

Norwalk Diamond Engagement Ring With Impressive Hand Engravings

Price: $9,500

If you’re interested in a more traditional ring but with some flare, then consider the Norwalk Ring. This breathtaking ring’s stand-out quality lies in its exquisite embellishments.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1950, this vintage ring features an impressive prong-set center diamond of 1.26 carats, J color, and VS1 clarity. The aforementioned embellishments are contained on the tapered shoulders and all along the outer parts of the shank in the form of hand engravings and subtle openwork.

There’s no need to settle for a simple classic when rings like the Norwalk are able to deliver a timeless yet exciting design.

23. Harlingen Ring

Harlingen Double Halo Ring Featuring Diamonds And Sapphires

Price: $9,500

The glamorous Harlingen Ring is perfect for those who want a blue sapphire element that doesn’t detract from the diamonds.

This platinum ring features a 1.07-carat elongated cushion-cut center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity grades. The center stone is emphasized by a double halo, the inner of which features natural blue French-cut sapphires, while the outer consists of old European-cut diamonds. Finally, the triple wire shank and fleur-de-lis shoulders tie this piece together nicely.

If you are fond of sapphires but want to maintain a dominant diamond presence, then you can’t go wrong with this fantastic ring.

24. Rockaway Ring

Rockaway Ring Featuring An Asscher Cut Center Diamond

Price: $9,500

This bold diamond halo ring features a magnificent GIA-certified vintage Asscher-cut center diamond weighing 1.01 carats. What’s more it boasts impressive J color and VVS2 clarity grades, making it quite the treasure. The Rockaway Ring also features 0.30 carats of additional diamonds set in its octagonal halo and fleur-de-lis shoulders. Finally the elegance of this ring is heightened by a triple-wire shank.

25. Sulham Ring

Sulham Emerald Halo Engagement Ring Featuring Antique Diamond

Price: $9,500

The final ring on our list is the charming Sulham Ring. If you were waiting for an option containing green emeralds, then here it is. This platinum ring features a 1.30-carat antique cushion-cut center diamond surrounded by a halo of natural faceted calibre emeralds. Additionally, three small diamonds adorn each shoulder.

There’s no question that this ring is perfect those fond of more earthy tones, not to mention the added appeal of what emeralds represent: luck, love, peace, and hope.

Spending Above Your Budget

Man Holding Wallet With Credit Cards And Cash

The temptation is to go further and spend more than we should. But it isn’t a good idea to take on what could end up as unmanageable debt in the future, regardless of the importance of the item or the occasion.

When starting the ring-buying process, set a budget and stick to it unless something changes. Set two budgets. The first should be the actual amount you have available, and the other should be that figure but reduced by 10%. The reasoning behind this is simple but effective. With your (slightly) lower budget, if you see something at a higher price but within your higher figure limit, it remains affordable.

Much of what we buy, and the price we pay, is predicated on a particular mindset. If we settle our minds on one thing, that will dominate our actions. This is simply human nature. So, by settling on a lower budget, that will be the target spend in our minds. Going a little above it but staying within our higher figure is not only non-detrimental to our pocket but is also a nice little psychological boost to our emotions. All at no extra cost.

How Much Does an Engagement Ring Cost?

Diamond engagement ring held in finger with pen

The only answer, quite literally, is “How much have you got?”

Engagement rings can cost anything from a hundred dollars to several million. Factors like the stones and metals in the ring, whether handmade or factory-produced, size, clarity, and color all contribute to the total value.

In the US, the average price paid for engagement rings is around $6,000. Of course, this means a lot of rings cost less, and a lot cost more. If you would like to follow the more traditional path, then it is recommended that you spend at least two months’ salary.

The beauty of the modern age is that your choices have never been easier to understand and account for; thanks to the internet, we can browse every manner of items before buying, including engagement rings. It certainly is nice to see rings in person and try them on, but having the option to utilize the internet in a similar way is a great convenience.

Tips for Buying Engagement Rings for $9000

  • First and foremost, do your research. The internet is a great learning tool and can help expose you to the various styles of engagement rings now available. Buying online is also easier than ever, thanks to retailers embracing customer interaction through digital means.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different styles. Some hands suit one ring style, and others may suit a different style. Your fingers will determine whether you will suit a pear-shaped center stone, for example, as it helps to lengthen the look of your hand.
  • Consider including estate jewelry in your search; antique engagement rings have a unique history. It may well be that the jeweler would know something about the life of the ring which adds substantial historical interest.
  • Most of all, enjoy the experience. Enjoy the search, and enjoy your choice. An engagement ring is a very special thing, so you should make the most of it and find some pleasure in the search and purchase of one.

Talk to a Jewelry Expert

Afshin Negotiating prices on vintage ring at estate diamond jewelry showroom

Even after figuring out a price range, the decision of which engagement ring to purchase may be daunting. If you have any questions about the rings from our list or want general guidance through the process of buying an engagement ring, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at Estate Diamond Jewelry for support. Feel free to fill out the form below and a jewelry expert will respond within 1 business hour.