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Shop our selection of old mine cut diamonds set in an engagement ring. These old mine diamonds are also available loose. Contact us for more info.

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Product Era: Victorian Era
  • Antique Victorian Gold Diamond Cluster Earrings - Trenton Earrings 14007 TVAntique Diamond Cluster Victorian Era Stud Earrings 14007-Worn-1-1000x1000

    Antique Victorian Diamond Cluster Halo Earrings, Trenton. Circa 1840

  • Antique Victorian Floral Diamond Cluster Earrings - Cardiff Earrings 14022 TVVictorian Diamond Cluster Earrings Circa 1880 14022-Worn-2-1000x1000

    Antique Victorian Diamond Earrings. Cardiff. Circa 1880

  • An antique diamond solitaire ring Artistic picture 14393Old Mine Diamond Engagement Ring Circa 1960 14393 F5

    Victorian Solitaire 0.35ct Old Mine Cut diamond Ring. Cleft Ring. Circa 1860

  • An antique Art Nouveau diamond cluster ring M24_3295Seven Old Mine Cut Diamond 1.05ct Total Weight 13729 F2

    Antique Yellow Gold Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring. Medway Ring. Circa 1890

    Original price was: $5,500.Current price is: $4,950.
  • 18k Yellow Gold Antique Victorian Era Navette Ring Haven Ring 148891870 antique victorian era engagement ring set with old mine cut diamonds and handcrafted

    Victorian Antique Cluster Ring. Haven Ring. Circa 1870

  • Victorian Era Ring with Diamond Cluster Artistic Picture Clarence Ring 14946clarence ring from the victorian era SI2 clarity 18k yellow gold 14946

    Clarence Ring. Circa 1880, Antique, Victorian Era.

  • Silver Basket Mounting Diamond Engagement Ring 14351 F4Victorian Era Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring 14351 F2

    Clement Ring. Circa 1860, Antique, Victorian Era

  • Silver on Gold antique Pendant Edinboro Necklace Top ViewAntique Victorian Pendant 4.40 carats of Diamonds Edinboro Necklace Back View

    Edinboro Pendant. Circa 1880, Antique, Victorian Era.

  • Granby locket checkered boar motif with old mine cut diamond 10882 -TVold mine cut diamond and black enamel locket Granby locket 10882 (6)

    Granby Locket Pendant. Circa 1880, Antique, Victorian Era.

  • Victorian 5 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring - Inwood Ring 14861 F5Victorian Era Five-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring - Inwood Ring 14861 F2

    Inwood Ring. Circa 1880, Antique, Victorian Era.

  • Old Mine Cut Band Diamond Snake Head Ring Hand Picture Circa 1850 14537 F618k Yellow Gold Diamond Snake Ring

    Rencontre Ring. Circa 1850, Antique, Victorian Era

  • Antique Victorian Era Diamond Star Brooch - Westmount Brooch 14092 TVAntique Old Mine Cut Diamond Brooch - Westmount Brooch 14092 BV

    Westmount Brooch. Circa 1850, Antique, Victorian Era.

  • Victorian Era Diamond Floral Hanging Earrings 14350 F1Antique Victorian Era Floral Diamond Earrings - Remington Earrings 14350 TV

    Remington Earrings. Circa 1850, Antique, Victorian Era

  • isham ring j color and si1 clarity mounted in silverisham ring featuring fivee old mine cut diamonds j color

    Isham Ring. Circa 1880, Antique, Victorian Era.

  • Vintage Victorian 1ct yellow gold ring 1880 Artistic 12529Victorian 1.23-carat yellow gold engagement ring 1880 TV 12529

    Antique Sheffield Ring. Circa 1880

  • English Victorian Diamond Engagement Ring Woodbridge Ring Circa 1840 14317 F5Victorian Era Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Ring 14317 F2

    Woodbridge Ring. Circa 1840, Antique, Victorian Era