Top 30 Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

April 27, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are perfect for making your special day memorable. These diamonds will provide an amazing sparkle on your bride’s finger and are certain to grab everyone’s attention with their unique shape.

If you’re looking for the perfect cushion-cut diamond engagement ring for your loved one, then read on as we introduce you to 30 amazing options and offer some tips on how to pick the right one.

1. Glenridge Ring

Glenridge Engagement Ring Featuring Large Cushion Cut Diamond

Price: $60,000

A sizeable stunning cushion-cut diamond takes center stage on the Glenridge Ring. It is of K color, VS2 clarity, and weighs 5.04 carats. Additionally, two pavé-set old European-cut diamonds adorn each shoulder, emphasizing the main diamond even more.

2. Montreal Ring

Montreal Cushion Cut Diamond Ring With Sapphire Halo

Price: $33,000

The combination of diamonds and sapphires never gets old, and the Montreal Ring is here to prove it.

The ring features a bezel-set cushion-cut diamond weighing 3.03 carats, with K color, and VS2 clarity. In addition, a 0.72-carat halo of natural French-cut sapphires surrounds the center stone. Finally, the ring features a triple-wire platinum shank, old European-cut diamonds on each shoulder, and a bold openwork under-gallery.

3. McKinney Ring

Mckinney Edwardian Era Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $6,500

The stunning McKinney Ring is certainly a great choice for those interested in a more traditional look with some added sparkle factor. The GIA-certified center diamond has J color and SI2 clarity grades and weighs 0.95 carats. Platinum prongs hold the stone, while three old European-cut diamonds adorn each shoulder. The impressive ring was handcrafted in 18k yellow gold during the Edwardian era circa 1900.

4. Addison Ring

Addison Double Halo Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Price: $15,000

If your loved one is a fan of big and bold jewelry, then the Victorian Era Addison Ring may be the perfect cushion-cut diamond engagement ring for you.

The antique cushion-cut center diamond weighs approximately 1.52 carats and is set in prongs. The diamond has a K color and VS2 clarity. In addition, a 2.40-carat double halo of old European-cut diamonds gives this ring a floral shape, while even more diamonds adorn the shoulders of this silver on 18k yellow gold ring.

5. Marino Ring

Marino Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring A Diamond Halo

Price: $9,800

The Marino Ring features a 1.10-carat GIA-certified cushion-cut center diamond with G color and SI1 clarity grades. The octoganol frame of this ring is adorned with a stunning halo, while the tapered shoulders extend from the center stone and feature additional diamonds. Finally, a triple-wire shank is the final touch granting enhanced elegance to this enchanting ring.

6. Faro Ring

Yellow Gold Faro Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $5,000

The Faro Ring is a stunning 18k yellow gold masterpiece featuring a 0.60-carat cushion-cut diamond of H color and VS1 clarity. This antique diamond dates back to 1920. Additional diamonds surround the stone in a halo and adorn the ring’s shoulders. Finally, the finishing touches include a triple-wire shank and a handcrafted openwork under-gallery.

7. Kent Ring

Kent Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Onyx

Price: $45,000

If you’re looking for the ultimate contrast between colors, then the Kent Ring is the ideal cushion-cut diamond engagement ring for you.

Handcrafted circa 1925, it dates back to the Art Deco era. It features a massive 4.30-carat cushion-cut diamond of K color and SI1 clarity. What’s more, the stone is bezel-set in buffed onyx thus creating a spectacular juxtaposition of colors. Finally, the fine milgrain and openwork under-gallery offer an added touch of elegance, bringing the piece together.

8. Lorraine Ring

Lorraine Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Featuring Ruby Halo

Price: $4,000

The 18k yellow gold mounting and natural rubies make the Lorraine Ring’s 0.20-carat diamond shine even more.

This square-shaped ring was handcrafted in the Edwardian era, circa 1905. The cushion-cut central diamond is set in prongs, while additional half-bezel-set old European-cut diamonds surround it. These diamonds bring this ring to a total diamond weight of 1.00 carat. Finally, enhancing the vibrant energy of this ring is the floral ruby halo.

9. Rideau Ring

French Victorian Era Diamond Dome Shape Engagement Ring

Price: $9,900

If she can’t get enough diamonds, then the Rideau Ring is her perfect cushion-cut diamond engagement ring. It is a French Victorian-era silver ring (circa 1880) consisting of pavé-set diamonds of three different cuts. Following the main 0.30-carat cushion-cut diamond, a row of single-cut and pavé-set old European-cut diamonds give it a dome shape. The total weight of the diamonds is 2.93 carats.

10. Orford Ring

5.15ct Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond & Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring - Orford Ring - Hand Video

Price: $68,000

The absolutely stunning Orford Ring features an impressive 5.15-carat elongated antique cushion-cut center diamond. A surrounding bold blue halo of French-cut natural sapphires emphasizes the large center stone, thus elevating this ring in a striking way.

11. Beaumont Ring

Beaumont Engagement Ring Featuring Cushion Cut Diamond

Price: $3,000

The antique Beaumont Ring features two diamonds on a gorgeous, swirled design. One is an old European-cut diamond of H color and SI2 clarity, set in yellow gold prongs. The other is an antique cushion-cut diamond of I color and SI1 clarity, set in platinum prongs. Together they weigh 0.38 carats. This Art Nouveau ring was handcrafted in 18k yellow gold circa 1900. The swirl is decorated with rose-cut diamonds and fine milgrain.

12. Eura Ring

Eura Diamond Halo Floral Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Price: $9,200

A halo of old-cut diamonds provides a charming flower shape to the lovely Eura Ring. The central 1.21-carat old mine-cut diamond is of K color and VS2 clarity. This antique diamond was cut circa 1920. In addition, fine milgrain and arch-like openwork decorate this platinum ring.

13. Norfork Ring

Cushion Cut Norfolk Floral Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $7,200

The beautiful cluster of diamonds on this floral-shaped Norfork Ring makes for a perfect cushion-cut diamond engagement ring.

The bezel-set central stone is a 0.80-carat cushion-cut diamond of H color and SI1 clarity. Additional European-cut diamonds are set in a halo and on each shoulder inside a bezel shaped like a diamond. What’s more, an elaborate openwork under-gallery and a triple-wire shank serve to enhance this ring’s delicate look.

14. Sulham Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Sulham Ring With Emerald Halo

Price: $9,500

The combination of diamonds and emeralds offered by the Sulham Ring makes this ring a lovely gift for those born in May. A perfectly square-shaped halo of emeralds surrounds a 1.30-carat antique cushion-cut diamond of K color and VS2 clarity. Finally, a detailed under-gallery gives this platinum ring a refined and sophisticared look.

15. Teterboro Ring

Teterboro Dome Shaped Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $10,500

Set in a dome-shaped cluster, the Edwardian-era Teterboro Ring is a wonder to behold. A 1.08-carat, I color, and SI1 clarity cushion-cut center diamond is set in an octagonal bezel. Additional old mine-cut diamonds adorn the sides and bring the total diamond weight to 2.08 carats. Finally, fine milgrain and elaborate hand engravings on the shank give this ring a perfect finish.

16. Tropea Ring

Tropea Cushion Cut Diamond Ring With Emerald Halo

Price: $85,000

If you’re interested in the diamond and emerald combination, then consider the gorgeous Tropea Ring. The bezel-set diamond in the center is of L color, VS2 clarity, and weighs 5.49 carats. A 2.0-carat halo of French-cut emeralds as well as two triangles on each side surround the center stone. Finally, the ring is also decorated with fine milgrain and an openwork under-gallery.

17. Canterbury Ring

Art Deco 0.80ct Center Antique Cushion Cut Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Ring- Canterbury Ring -Hand Video

Price: $10,000

The Canterbury Ring is an Art Deco-era masterpiece featuring diamonds in three cuts.

The cushion-cut 0.80-carat center diamond is set in box prongs and carries I color and SI2 clarity grades. Next, two channel-set baguette-cut diamonds flank the central stone. Lastly, a double halo of old mine-cuts comprise the remaining diamonds. Handcrafted in England circa 1925, this is platinum on 18k yellow gold ring also features an openwork under-gallery.

18. Delray Ring

Delray Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Angled Starburst Cluster

Price: $11,000

If you’re looking for a ring that will catch everyone’s attention, then the unique Delray Ring is a great choice.

This dazzling ring features a 0.91-carat cushion-cut diamond with D color and SI1 clarity grades. Marquis-cut diamonds of E-F color and VS1-VS2 clarity surround the center in an angled starburst cluster and add approximately 0.23 carats to the ring. Subtle openwork decorates the under-gallery of this 18k white gold ring.

19. Lafayette Ring

Antique French Victorian Lafayette Ring With Double Halo

Price: $5,500

If you want to impress your fiancé with a bold statement ring, then the Lafayette Ring is the way to go.

This French Victorian-era ring was handcrafted in 18k yellow gold circa 1880 and features a 0.60-carat cushion-cut center diamond with J color and SI2 clarity grades. A double halo of old mine-cut diamonds with black enamel accents give this ring a unique floral look. In addition, the shoulders feature rose-cut diamonds and engraved fleur-de-lis motifs.

20. Melbourne Ring

Retro Era Melbourne Five Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800

With three antique cushion-cut diamonds in the center and an old mine-cut diamond on each side, the Melbourne Ring comes from the Retro era, circa 1945. The ctral endiamond is of K color, VS1 clarity, and 0.25 carats. The additional diamonds are of I-J colors, VS2-SI1 clarity, and weigh 0.75 carats in total. The diamonds are set on a geometric, platinum 18k yellow gold mounting.

21. Malta Ring

Malta Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $5,200

A halo of pavé-set old European-cut diamonds makes the Malta Ring an incredible engagement ring. The center is adorned with an antique cushion-cut diamond of H color and VS1 clarity. It is set in a bezel and weighs 0.63 carats. Furthermore, an openwork under-gallery, triple-wire shank, and fine milgrain decorate this 18k yellow gold ring. Lastly, each tapered shoulder has a single old European-cut diamond.

22. Tuena Ring

1.07ct Center Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - Teuna Ring - Hand Video

Price: $9,000

If you’re interested in a cushion-cut diamond engagement ring with a diamond halo, then the Tuena Ring may be the perfect choice. This platinum ring features a rare antique 1.07-carat cushion-cut diamond as the center stone. The halo serves well to enhance the center stone. Finally, the triple-wire shank and fine milgrain are subtle details that make all the difference.

23. Manchester Ring

Manchester Engagement Ring Featuring Cushion Cut Center Diamond

Price: $7,200

If you’re interested in floral motifs, then here’s another mesmerizing option.

The Manchester Ring features a cushion-cut center diamond of 0.80 carats, H color, and VS1 clarity. It is set in a bezel and framed by an old European-cut halo comprising of an accent diamond in each of the four cardinal directions. With additional diamonds set on the shoulders, the total diamond weight of the ring is 1.21 carats.

This platinum ring also features an openwork under-gallery, triple-wire shank, and fine milgrain.

24. Tournus Ring

Tournus Geometric Engagement Ring Featuring Sapphires And Diamonds

Price: $36,000

If you’re searching for a unique engagement ring with a geometric shape, then take a closer look at the Tournus Ring.

This Art Deco style ring centers a massive cushion-cut diamond of L color, SI1 clarity, and 3.38 carats. Calibre natural sapphires and old European-cut diamonds form a fascinating floral design that continues down the shoulders. As a finishing touch, the platinum ring features an under-gallery decorated with openwork and additional diamonds.

25. Springdale Ring

Yellow Gold Springdale Diamond Engagement Ring With Cluster

Price: $9,500

The lively flower-shaped Springdale Ring is certain to draw in attention. The center stone of this ring is a cushion-cut diamond of 1.30 carats, K color, and VS1 clarity. A 0.45 cluster of old mine-cut diamonds surrounds the center stone on the 18k yellow gold mounting. Finally, the ring also features an openwork under-gallery and diamonds on each diamond-shaped shoulder.

26. Rhone Ring

Rhone Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Floral Diamond Cluster

Price: $6,300

The Rhone Ring is a charming floral ring with a 0.65-carat elongated antique cushion-cut diamond in the center. The surrounding cluster of old European-cut diamonds raises the total diamond weight of this ring to approximately 1.85 carats.

27. Westchester Ring

Westchester Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $55,000

If the bride prefers subtle elegance, then the Westchester Ring is an excellent option.

The GIA-certified antique cushion-cut center diamond weighs 2.01 carats, and holds D color and VVS2 clarity grades. The weight of the smaller antique cushion-cut diamonds flanking the central stone add 1.49 carats. All three diamonds are set in prongs in a contemporary micro-pavé mounting. Moreover, round brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders and under-gallery.

28. Utah Ring

Utah Ring Featuring Elongated Diamond And Diamond Halo

Price: $9,000

The Utah Ring is a geometric wonder with its elongated cushion-cut center diamond and a rectangular diamond halo with cut corners.

The central diamond is GIA-certified, of 0.95 carats and boasts H color and SI2 clarity grades. In addition, there is a fleur-de-lis on each shoulder, decorated with a diamond leading to a triple-wire shank. The total additional diamond weight is approximately 0.40 carats.

29. Torrington Ring

Three Stone Torrington Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,000

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that is subtle yet effective, then the Torrington Ring might be worth considering. This antique three-stone ring was crafted in France during the Edwardian era, circa 1900. The center stone is a 0.45-carat cushion-cut diamond with J color, and VS2 clarity grades. The side diamonds weight 0.25 carats each and are of I-J color, and VS1-VS2 clarity.

30. Toronto Ring

Diamond Toronto Engagement Ring Featuring A Sapphire Halo

Price: $9,000

The Toronto Ring is a great testament to the effectiveness of the striking diamond-sapphire contrast. The central elongated cushion-cut diamond is of J color, VS2 clarity, and weighs approximately 1.01 carats. A 0.28-carat halo of natural French-cut sapphires surrounds the central stone. Finally, the under-gallery of this sophisticated ring is decorated with intricate openwork.

Tips and Tricks for Buying a Cushion Cut Diamond

Couple researching engagement ring prices online

Finding the right cushion-cut diamond engagement ring can be overwhelming; there’s a lot to consider when buying any sort of diamonds. The necessary information to make a good purchase is readily available online, but to make things extra convenient, we’ve compiled a list of tips:

  • Completely colorless cushion-cut diamonds are rare, so it’s important that the diamond color goes well with the setting. If your preferred setting is white gold, then don’t go any lower than H color. If your setting is yellow or rose gold, then J or K color will still look good and the slight yellowness of the diamond won’t be noticeable.
  • For clarity, choose VS2 or SI1 clarity grades if you want a better price point, but keep in mind that the SI2 clarity grade will still appear clear to the naked eye.
  • When choosing between square or elongated cushion-cut diamonds, remember that elongated ones are not easy to find in high quality. Instead, find one that is somewhere in between nearly round or nearly square, and filter out the ones with odd shapes.
  • Carefully consider the stone’s cut because it’s the feature that affects the diamond’s brilliance the most. Avoid diamonds with strange light return and obvious inclusions.
  • Stick to cushion-cut diamonds with depths and tables under 70%. This will leave you with higher-quality diamonds that reflect better in the light.
  • Find a trustworthy seller who will tell you all about the diamond, its 4C’s, and its price point features. Additionally, if the diamond has GIA certification, its quality is confirmed.
  • Above all, don’t forget to consider your bride’s taste. Her style may be the most crucial point in the whole choosing process.

Talk to a Jewelry Expert

Afshin and Customer in Showroom Ring in Finger

This top 30 cushion-cut diamond engagement rings list may have given you an idea about what you might want for your engagement ring. However, there are many things to consider when buying a diamond ring, especially if you’re choosing it for your significant other. If you’re unsure which cushion-cut diamond is the perfect choice for you or your loved one, then don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Estate Diamond Jewelry for guidance.

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