Creative Wedding Rings April 19, 2018 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Wedding rings (aka Wedding Bands) have come a long way. Although a plain, yellow gold band is still the most popular choice, it isn’t the only one. More and more, we are seeing wedding rings that go much further, with style and bags of creativity.

Different gemstones and inserts of all shapes, sizes, and colors and even engraving can all be part of a modern wedding ring. It truly does feel like nothing is off limits.

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The History Of Wedding Bands

Holding flowers with wedding ring

The use of a ring to display “ownership” of a partner is an ancient tradition. For many cultures, the wedding ring has always been a decorative and very personal creation. Cultural and religious symbols were often incorporated into the designs and, if the giver was wealthy, various precious stones would also feature.

Many of these decorative features are still with us today but have moved sideways slightly. What we now think of as eternity rings are not unlike ancient wedding rings from many different cultures.

And now some of those traditions have come full circle, back to wedding rings themselves.

Single Metal

Creative Wedding Ring Moody Photography

Although yellow gold still dominates, platinum and other metals now play a big part in wedding bands. In fact, decorative wedding bands have been around for centuries. Usually highly intricate, they were often used to complement existing rings. This early “stacking” practice allowed makers something of a free hand, without the constraints of setting stones. Small diamonds will sometimes be used, but these are usually decorative rather than dominant.

Antique examples, although not common, are available, and work perfectly with a platinum engagement ring.

Dual Metal

Buccellati Two Tone Wedding Ring

For those who like the idea of staying with yellow gold, but being a little bit different, using more than one metal is the ideal choice.

Platinum or white gold both work wonderfully with yellow gold. Often, the white metal will form the bulk of the design. This is because accents of yellow on white will usually be more effective than the other way around.

The asymmetrical design is typical of ancient Norse rings, and such designs are very popular today. Celtic symbolism is also another favorite. The use of two different color metals allows these symbols to show their beauty with maximum effect.


Infinity Wedding Band on Wood Surface

Diamonds are, of course, the most popular stones for engagement rings. When incorporated into a wedding ring, it is possible to have both rings work together for a stunning effect. Whether done sympathetically or with contrast in mind, diamonds just have an amazing impact on a wedding band.

White metals will usually work best, assuming the intention is to emphasize the whiteness of the diamonds. Baguettes or other oblong cuts are excellent in a platinum band. In such a setting, the allow the traditional plain band shape to remain, without over-elaborating the finished look.

Of course, with diamonds, it’s difficult to get it wrong! If you like a particular design or have one in mind, go for it.

Colored Stones

Colored stones are a little less traditional for what we think of as a wedding band today. If they are to be used, rubies and sapphires are especially effective. They are also generally set with diamonds as this helps to promote the ruby or sapphire even more.

Using colored stones in a wedding ring might make some people flinch at the thought but, with care, the effect can be stunning. It isn’t about just putting as many stones as you can on the band. Instead, it is about complementary colors and cuts working together. If this means a single colored gemstone, so be it.

And More

Buccellati Wedding Ring

Buccellati is one of the most renowned jewelry houses in the world. Like all Italian makers, their designs can be highly elaborate and intricate, and yellow gold id a favorite metal.

Buccellati rings also have a tendency to be big and bold. Even without a scale to measure by, the ring shown here is clearly broader than most wedding rings. Yellow gold edges, white gold openwork and diamonds studded throughout the design. As wedding rings go, it is a wonderful example of more can be more.

The ring is also a great way to show that a wedding band needs to be what you want it to be. It shouldn’t be what convention dictates, but what you dictate. Wedding rings are more than just “a ring”, they are a part of you, a part of your life. So why not show that?