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Top 20 Cool Diamond Engagement Rings

Top Twenty Cool Diamond Engagement Rings

Not everyone wants a simple engagement ring, and if you resonate with that, then you’ll love our list of cool diamond engagement rings. The cool diamond engagement rings on this list are sure to be much more exciting and interesting than the average engagement ring. So, without further delay, please enjoy our list of the top 20 cool diamond engagement rings.

1. Norristown Ring

Large Pear Shaped Diamond Ring With Pavé Diamonds

Price: $92,000

Starting off our list of cool diamond engagement rings is the spectacular Norristown Ring. This gorgeous engagement ring features a massive 6.00-carat rose-cut pear-shaped diamond that exudes beauty, luxury, and elegant femininity. This precious center stone is GIA-certified as K color and VS1 clarity.

The gallery, prongs, and shank are adorned with micro-pavé diamonds that add a delicate touch of luxury. The platinum shank perfectly holds the setting in place and complements the center stone. Indeed, the radiant glow of this ring is sure to turn heads.

2. Haydon Ring

Crown Style Ring With Large Diamond And Intricate Details

Price: $90,000

The Haydon Ring is an excellent choice from the Art Deco era for those who want something simple yet radiant. The large 5.81-carat old European-cut center diamond has J color and VS1 clarity. The detailed crown-style setting earns this ring a place in the top cool diamond engagement rings.

However, the only details that take attention from the center stone are the delicate hand engravings that dazzle the shoulders, the band, and the under-gallery.

3. Barrington Ring

Yellow Gold Barrington Engagement Ring Featuring Crown Style

Price: $22,000

If you’re looking for something more regal and opulent, then the Barrington Ring is an excellent choice. The GIA-certified, F-color, old European-cut center diamond weighs 1.63 carats and resides in an elegant crown setting. The 18k yellow gold crown features additional diamonds and intricate details. Additional diamonds sit on each shoulder, making this already perfect piece extra special.

4. Kent Ring

Ring With Round Diamond Set In Buffed Onyx

Price: $45,000

The Kent Ring is among our top choices and it is here to impress those who love the black-and-white combination of diamonds and onyx.

The center of the ring holds a K-color cushion-cut diamond that weighs 4.30 carats and is bezel-set in buffed onyx. The shiny black outer frame produces a striking contrast with the white diamond. What’s more, stunning openwork details decorate the gallery for an added touch of coolness. Finally, fine milgrain borders the diamond, further emphasizing the precious stone.

5. Olympia Ring

Square Diamond Halo Ring With Round Center Diamond And Onyx Ring

Price: $3,900

If you find the contrast of black onyx and white diamonds appealing, then consider the Olympia Ring for a more diamond-centric option.

The 0.40-carat round brilliant-cut center diamond has J color and VS2 clarity. Then, a delicate ring of buffed natural onyx surrounds the center stone, while a square halo of additional diamonds frames them both. Indeed, this piece is perfect if you want just the right amount of onyx to make the ring pop.

6. Wharton Ring

Blue Oval Sapphire Ring With Diamond Sunburst Cluster

Price: $31,500

The Wharton Ring is perfect for those who love glamor and luxury. And who doesn’t love Princess Diana’s style? That’s right. The Wharton Ring resembles one of her accessories, and there’s a good reason why the People’s Princess chose this style. It features a natural heavy blue sapphire which radiates boldness and confidence.

What makes this piece truly spectacular, though, is the sunburst cluster of brilliant-cut diamonds that surround the sapphire. The GIA-certified oval sapphire weighs 5.99 carats, while the diamonds total 2.06 carats. Finally, the sapphire has its roots in Madagascar and the ring is handcrafted in a platinum mounting.

7. Arvada Ring

Round Diamond Ring With Diamond Halo And Sunburst Openwork

Price : $11,500

The stunning Arvada Ring certainly has a strong cool factor due to the mesmerizing ring of openwork patterns between the halo and center diamond.

The I-color and VS2-clarity round old European-cut center diamond weighs 1.49 carats, while the additional diamonds set along the shoulders and outer frame total approximately 0.44 carats. Most importantly, a delicate and lacey sunburst openwork pattern bridges the gap between the center stone and halo.

8. Cairns Ring

Diamond Ring With Clover Prongs And Leaf Motif Shoulders

Price: $8,000

The Cairns Ring is a beautiful display of elegance and charm that is perfect for those who love nature themes. The K color and VS2 clarity center stone weighs 1.16 carats and is held in four clover prongs. Most importantly, the shoulders feature three leaf-shaped accents adorned with diamonds. What’s more, the leaves are bordered by fine milgrain, making this already exquisite ring even more special.

9. Bologna Ring

Round Gold Diamond Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $19,500

Next up on our list of cool diamond engagement rings is the dazzling Bologna Ring. This exquisite 18k gold piece features a 2.07-carat old European-cut diamond surrounded by a halo of old-cut diamonds. What’s more, the gallery features breathtaking openwork designs, while the triple-wire shank and fine milgrain borders are beautiful final touches.

10. Newnan Ring. Circa 1900

Elongated Platinum And Gold Floral Motif Diamond Ring With Rubies

Price: $3,200

If you’re looking for a ring that is not only cool but extraordinarily playful and unique, then the Newnan Ring is a fantastic choice. Handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold circa 1900, this iconic Edwardian-era piece features an elongated open-work mounting holding three bezel-set diamonds.

The center stone is a 0.15-carat old European-cut diamond accented with French-cut rubies in a curved setting. The additional rose-cut diamonds are laid out in a floral motif and bring a sense of fun and whimsy to the design.

11. Rouen Ring

Platinum Ring With Round Diamond Set In Prongs

Price: $19,000

If you’re after a prominent diamond with subtle details, then the Art Deco Rouen Ring should be right up your alley. This stunning pick features a 2.02-carat round brilliant-cut center diamond set on a crown-style mounting. Additional diamonds line the shoulders, while the crown further emphasizes the already gorgeous center stone.

12. Starrett Ring

Asscher Cut Diamond & Baguette Cut Geometric Halo Engagement Ring - Starrett Ring - Hand Video

Price: $4,500

The Starrett Ring certainly makes a lasting impression without being too over-the-top. The Asscher-cut, bezel-set center diamond weighs 0.50 carats and is GIA certified as I color and VS2 clarity. However, the cool factor begins with the octagonal halo of beautiful baguette-cut diamonds. What’s more, shining accent diamonds adorn the shoulders, adding extra sparkle. Finally, the gallery features bold openwork.

13. Washington Ring

Very Large Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Price Upon Request

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1950, the vintage Washington Ring is as vibrant and colossal as the city it’s named after. This impressive piece features a huge 6.49-carat Emerald-cut center diamond with J color and S12 clarity grades. Additionally, each shoulder is decorated with a tapered baguette-cut diamond, adding a radiant elegance to the already remarkable center stone.

14. Nyons Ring

Yellow Sapphire Ring With White Diamond Sunburst Cluster

Price: $8,000

The Nyons Ring is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the attention that comes with flaunting fancy-colored engagement rings. The 5.46-carat oval yellow sapphire is set in prongs and surrounded by a dazzling cluster of round brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 1.36 carats.

Besides the center stone, the ring also benefits from the striking 18k white gold mounting. The floral design of the Nyons Ring, together with its radiant color, makes it look like something out of a movie.

15. English Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring With Pear Shaped Accent Diamonds

Price: $21,000

Our cool diamond engagement rings list would be incomplete without the sleek and stylish English Ring.

At the center of this elegant piece sits a 2.06-carat old European-cut bezel-set diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. The pear-shaped diamond wings flanking the center stone certainly bring the design together; the three diamonds work in perfect harmony to make this ring a masterpiece. Finally, the total diamond weight of this 18k yellow gold ring is approximately 2.69 carats

16. Medway Ring

1.05ct  Old Mine Cut  Floral Antique Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring - Medway Ring - Hand Video

Price: $5,500

If you think rings on this list can’t get any cooler, then get ready for the exquisite Medway Ring.

This luxurious piece is perfect for those who want something flashy. Handcrafted in 18k yellow gold circa 1890, this Art Nouveau-era ring features a 1.05-carat cluster of seven diamonds that form a bold floral pattern. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this beautiful antique treasure is the swirling design; the shoulders swirl outwards from the center stones and feature a gorgeous engraved leaf motif.

17. Somerville Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring With Diamond Adorned Shoulders

Price: $14,000

The delicate Somerville Ring rightfully earns a place on our list of the top cool diamond engagement rings because of its stylish elegance and luxurious appeal.

This stunning crown setting of this 18k yellow gold piece holds a 1.41-carat old European-cut diamond. Additionally, the shoulders, bridge, and crown gallery feature many more small old European-cut diamonds. There’s no denying that yellow gold and a crown-style setting is an exquisite combination, and that’s no less evident here.

18. 1.10ct Tiffany Ring

Tiffany & Co. 1.10ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - 1.10ct Tiffany Ring - Hand Video

The Tiffany Ring exudes class, elegance, and glamor above all else. This platinum engagement ring features a round brilliant-cut diamond set in prongs. Additional pavé-set diamonds flank the shoulders, enhancing the ring’s radiance. The 1.10-carat GIA-certified center diamond boasts G color and VS2 clarity, while the Tiffany & Co signature makes this ring perfect for those who are building a Tiffany collection.

19. Sea Cliff Ring

5.31ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Sea Cliff Ring - Hand Video

Price Upon Request

The Sea Cliff Ring is another exciting addition to the list of cool diamond engagement rings, showcasing an exceedingly impressive center diamond.

Firstly, the center diamond is emerald-cut and weighs a whopping 5.31 carats. Then, the stone also boasts rare F color and VVS2 clarity grades, making it a colorless stone with very very slight inclusions. What’s more, each shoulder holds a baguette-cut diamond for added interest, while the rest of the platinum piece is unadorned.

There’s no doubt in our minds that the Sea Cliff will make a lasting impression, no matter the audience.

20. Westchester Ring

Three Stone Diamond Ring With Diamond Lined Shoulders

Price: $55,000

Finishing the list of the top cool engagement rings on a strong note, the three-stone Westchester Ring is no less impressive than any of our other 19 picks.

The ring features a 2.01-carat cushion-cut center diamond that’s GIA certified as D color and VVS2 clarity, making this another rare colorless stone with very very slight inclusions. The other two stones perfectly complement the center stone and have a combined weight of 1.49 carats. Additional diamonds flank the under-gallery and extend along the shoulders, making this already spectacular ring truly perfect.

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