G Color

Browse our collection of G color diamond engagement rings, curated by Estate Diamond Jewelry. These diamonds have a center diamond that features G Color.

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  • Antique Prong-Set Halo Engagement Ring Jersey Ring 142170.45ct Old European Cut Diamond Floral Motif Prong Setting 14217 F5

    Edwardian 0.45ct Old Mine Cut Jersey Engagement Ring. Circa 1910

  • GIA-Certified Geometric Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Eastgate Ring 14581Bezel Set 0.54ct Emerald Cut Center Stone And Geometric Halo Platinum Engagement Ring 13738-F5

    0.54ct Diamond Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring.Eastgate Ring

  • 1.10ct Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond And Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 12632-Artistic.1000x1000Antique Cushion Cut Diamond G Color SI1 Clarity Diamond Engagement Ring 12632-F2

    1.10ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring, G color. Marino Ring

  • Hexagonal Motif Sapphire Halo And Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 13025 F3

    4.09ct Asscher-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Haddon Ring

  • 4.30 carat Cushion Cut Vire Engagement Ring Artistic4.24 Carat Diamond Ring Vire Ring Top View Zoomed In Held

    4.24ct Cushion Cut Diamond Ring. Vire Ring

  • Platinum on 18k Yellow Gold Milgrain Ring 14518 F50.25ct Center Old European Cut Diamond Ring 14518 F2

    Fenmore Ring. Circa 1910, Antique, Edwardian Era

  • Stunning platinum three-stone diamond ring Artistic Picture HER604A 3.53 carat antique cushion cut diamond with G color and VS1 clarity

    Marbury Ring

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  • 0.59ct Center Old European Cut Diamond Ring Artistic 138240.59ct G Color Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Wheaton F2

    Wheaton Ring

  • 1.01 carat Stunning Cartier Engagement Ring Artistic Picture 128481.01ct Cartier French Signed Diamond Engagement Ring 12848 F3

    1.01 Carat Cartier France Ring

  • 1.10 carat Tiffany Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 13974Prong Set Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Tiffany & Co. 13974-F5

    1.10ct Tiffany Ring

  • Prong Set 1.29ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Center Stone Solitaire Engagement Ring 14185-F5Prong Set 1.29ct G Color VS1 Clarity Signed Diamond Engagement Ring 14185-F2

    1.29ct Tiffany Ring

  • Elongated Emerald Cut Ring 5.14 Carat Tiffany Ring SB252 F5Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 5.14 Carat Tiffany Ring F2

    5.14 Carat Tiffany Ring

  • 1.22ct Rose Cut Diamond & Floral Motif Halo Engagement Ring 13759-Artistic-1000x1000Rose Cut Diamond Center Stone Old European Cut Diamond Cluster Halo Platinum Ring 13759 F5

    Almena Ring

  • antique tiffany ring with a 0.63 carat diamond artistic picture 13848art deco tiffany engagement ring featuring a 0,63 old european cut diamond

    Art Deco Tiffany Ring. Circa 1925, Antique, Art Deco Era.

  • Triple Halo Rose Cut Diamond And Sapphire Antique Engagement Ring Circa 1900 14291-F50.50ct Old European Cut Diamond Center Stone Sapphire Floral Head Halo Engagement Ring 14291-F2

    Ascan Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era

  • 5.09ct Emerald Cut and Platinum Ring - Baywood Ring

    Baywood Ring

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  • GIA-Certified 1.05 carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Bellingham Ring 14158Rose Cut and Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 14158 F5

    Bellingham Ring

  • Cushion Cut Sapphire Halo And Diamond Halo Platinum Geometric Engagement Ring 12993-Artistic-1000x1000Bezel Set GIA Certified Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring 12993 F3

    Bromley Ring

  • Cartier Dress Ring Top ViewCartier Dress Ring Top Side View

    Estate Cartier Pillar Ring

  • Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Art Deco Artistic 607SBGIA Certified Old European Cut Diamond Ring 607SB F5

    Garland Ring

  • 1.02 carat round brilliant cut diamond ring Graff Diamond Ring KOT8856Round Brilliant Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring KOT8856 F3

    Graff Diamond Ring

  • 1.03ct Old European Cut Diamond Antique Ring Jonesboro Ring 12406A Stunning Platinum Engagement Ring Jonesboro Ring Top View 12406

    Jonesboro Ring

  • engagement band with emerald and asscher cut diamonds HER607engagement ring featuring ascher cut diamond with 2 emerald cut on the side

    Lansdale Ring

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  • Elongated Diamond Hanging Earrings Latimer Earrings Top ViewPlatinum Rose-Cut Diamond and Accenting Diamond Earrings Latimer Earrings Back View

    Latimer Earrings

  • 1.14ct Old European cut diamond engagement Ring Lons Ring 11844Prong Set Old European Cut Diamond And Baguette Accented Engagement Ring 11844-F5

    Lons Ring

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  • Princess and Radiant Cut Diamond Pendant - Malba Pendant dyl34 TV

    Malba Pendant

  • 4.00ct Prong-Set Oval Diamond Platinum Ring - Oakville Ring HER606 F5Oval Cut Half-Moon Accents Engagement Ring - Oakville Ring HER606 F2

    Oakville Ring

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  • Edwardian Era Old European Cut Diamond Ring Paradis Ring 14748Single and Rose Cut Diamond Accent Ring 14748 F5

    Paradis Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era

  • 5.12ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring SB2504 F3Diamond Ring Emerald Cut 5.12 carat G color VS1 Clarity GIA Certified - Porto Ring

    Porto Ring

  • 5 Carat Emerald Cut Ring San Antonio Ring SB614 Zoomed In Held ViewEmerald Cut Diamond Ring San Antonio Ring SB614 Zoomed In Hand Photo Worn

    San Antonio Ring

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