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  • 18k Yellow Gold Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Faro Ring 14604Faro Ring 0.64ct antique cushion cut diamond ring 14604-F5

    Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Ring. Faro Ring

  • Antique Diamond Floral Motif Cluster Engagement Ring 14047-Artistic-1000x1000Old European Cut Diamond Floral Cluster Halo Engagement Ring 14047 F5

    0.80ct Antique Cushion Cut, H color Diamond, Cluster Ring. Norfork Ring

  • Antique Edwardian Era Diamond Engagement Ring Teterboro Ring 13600

    Teterboro Ring. Circa 1910

  • Double Halo Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Castleford Ring 14412Old European Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 14412 F5

    Castleford Ring

  • Silver Basket Mounting Diamond Engagement Ring 14351 F4Victorian Era Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring 14351 F2

    Clement Ring. Circa 1860, Antique, Victorian Era

  • 0.60 carat Old European Cut French Antique Engagement Ring Luton Ring 14508Open Work Under-Gallery 18k Yellow Gold Engagement Ring 14508 F5

    Leiria Ring. Circa 1900, Antique, Edwardian Era

  • 1.03ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond And Diamond Halo Platinum Engagement Ring 12991-Artistic-1000x1000Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 12991 F2

    Sharptown Ring

  • Geometric Antique Cushion Cut And Natural Sapphire Halo Accented Engagement Ring 13467-artistic-1000Bezel Set Platinum Mounting Floral Motif Cushion Cut Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring 13467 F5

    Tournus Ring

  • 1.44ct Antique Diamond and Sapphire Halo Ring Warminster Ring 129531.44ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Sapphire Halo Ring Warminster Ring 12953

    Warminster Ring

  • Ellenville Ring Top ViewEllenville Ring Top Side View

    Ellenville Ring

  • 1.25ct Center Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 13934 F1

    GIA 1.25ct Antique Cushion Diamond Cluster Ring

  • 1.92ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 12785 F2

    Wimberley Ring

  • Tiffany Ring Top ViewTiffany Ring Top Side View

    Vintage Tiffany Diamond Ring