The Top 15 Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2020 December 28, 2020 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

2020 has been a tumultuous year, to say the least. But that did not stop celebrities from popping the question or tying the knot. Their lavish engagement rings and extravagant proposals are often a source of envy. So if you’re thinking about proposing to your significant other, get inspired by these celebrities. 

And to make sure you explore different styles, we’ll recap the top celebrity engagement rings of 2020. We’ll also include some bling from previous years because of its timeless appeal. 

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost 

Colin Jost and Scarlett Johannson

When Scarlett Johansson debuted her engagement ring at Comic-Con, its design wowed everybody. A famous jeweler, James de Givenchy of Taffin, deemed the James Bond of design, designed this oval, 11-carat ring. This ring confirms his reputation – it’s extravagant and glamorous. 

The unusual, curved, black ceramic band supports the light brown diamond in a pearl shape. In a nutshell, it’s a perfect engagement ring for women wanting their bling to cause a sensation. You can find a similar Art Deco-inspired piece here

Jackie Cruz and Fernando Garcia 

Jackie Cruz and Fernando Garcia

The Orange Is the New Black star, Jackie Cruz, has a sparkle that is a beautiful example of vintage jewelry. 

Design-wise, the ring features three separate, diamond-shaped stones on top of the matte, gold band. It has an antique and bohemian feel to it, making it a perfect choice for free-spirited brides. So if this ring stole your heart, take a look at a similar option here

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams 

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

Although a Modern Family actress and a former Bachelorette star had to postpone their wedding, Sarah’s engagement ring is still a source of inspiration. It’s a stunning, 5-carat oval-diamond beauty on a thin band. And the interesting thing about their engagement story is that Sarah chose the ring for herself. Although this isn’t customary, it gave her the opportunity to select the dream ring. 

If you’re looking for something with timeless appeal, give a hint to your loved one by sending them this beauty. That way, you can also get the engagement ring of your dreams. 

Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell 

Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell

One of the most popular engagement rings of 2020 has to be the one Charlie McDowell gave to Lily Collins. The jeweler Irene is known for designing engagement rings with attractive colors. And this bling is no exception. 

However, this ring is an untraditional choice for a celebrity. It features a rose-cut diamond and the gold, bezel setting. In fact, this kind of setting makes the stone entirely see-through! Although rose-cut diamonds don’t sparkle, they’re a chic choice. Therefore, they’re a great option for such brides. 

Gabourey Sidibe and Brandon Frankel 

Gabourey Sidibe and Brandon Frankel

Celebrities aren’t immune to round diamond rings. After all, they suit almost any hand. They’re also a classic choice that would leave any woman speechless. 

Gabourey’s engagement ring is a gorgeous example of elegant bling. It sports a timeless, round diamond, paired with a delicate pavé band. Furthermore, this type of band is adorned with small diamonds but is generally less expensive. If you want your ring to feature small diamonds across the band, check out this 1.01 carat Cartier engagement ring

Emma Stone and Dave Mccary 

Emma Stone and Dave Mccary

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that isn’t traditional, you might fall in love with Emma Stone’s bling. Designed by a Japanese brand Kataoka, this piece is truly a fine piece of jewelry. 

Inspired by nature, the Ayoka pearl in the center of the ring makes this piece look ethereal. The pearl rests on a delicate, platinum band and sits in a halo setting. It’s a unique piece of accessory, great for brides who don’t want the traditional sparkle. For instance, check out this pearl vintage engagement ring

Lilly Allen and David Harbour 

Lilly Allen and David Harbour

The guy we know as Chief Hopper from the famous sci-fi series Stranger Things tied the knot with Lily Allen in 2020. Since Lily is unconventional and quirky, everybody expected her ring to reflect exactly that. However, it’s a traditional piece that won’t lose its charm for years to come. 

The ring sports a 2 to 2.25-carat round diamond which sits on an elegant, thin band decorated with diamonds. If you like this ring and style, you might want to check out the Madrid Ring which is as timeless and classy. 

Alexandra Park and James Lafferty 

Alexandra Park and James Lafferty

The number of women who can resist a diamond solitaire setting is probably low. And Alexandra Park isn’t one of them. Her engagement ring is a simple, smaller piece. It’s a wonderful choice for ladies who don’t want their bling to interfere with everyday activities. 

With its diamond solitaire setting, it’s the ultimate bling choice. And if you have a penchant for symbolic meaning, know that this setting stands for eternal love. Are you interested in a diamond setting? Then check out some of our choices such as this vintage beauty or the Aquamarine bling

Amanda Pacheco and Wilmer Valderrama 

Amanda Pacheco and Wilmer Valderrama

Carry Bradshaw was wrong about pear-shaped bling being a bad engagement choice. It turns out that these rings are more popular than ever. That’s why Wilmer Valderrama, the That 70’s show star, chose precisely this setting to propose to his girlfriend. 

Generally speaking, pear-shaped engagement rings make the diamond seem larger, which is why many ladies love them. They are an alternative to traditional, round diamonds. 

The massive rock of this engagement ring rests on an elegant diamond band. As such, it looks fashionable and has a unique shape we love! 

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez 

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

Choosing an engagement ring is a challenging task. It requires time and patience to find that perfect gem that’ll adorn her hand. What’s more, you want to find something that will reflect the style of your loved one. And Dalton Gomez knows this, especially since he was involved in the design of Ariana’s engagement ring. 

Her ring is a delicate, modern piece of jewelry with an oval-shaped diamond in its center. But the unique detail is a pearl from Ariana’s grandfather next to it. Moreover, since the pearl is Ariana’s birth stone, it has sentimental value. 

Pearl jewelry never goes out of style. Check out these beautiful pearl earrings that could complement your pearl engagement ring. 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Inspired by Lady Di’s jewelry, Katy Perry’s engagement bling is a cluster ring. Because of its design, the ring is most likely a period piece. It features a pink diamond in a floral halo which consists of eight sparkly, diamonds. 

On top of that, the ring sits on a gold band and is royal-worthy. Princess Eugenie has a similar romantic bling. If you like Katy’s charming engagement ring, take a look at a similar sparkle

Demi Lovato and Max Enrich 

Demi Lovato and Max Enrich

Demi’s engagement ring could be the most expensive bling on our list. With over a 10-carat central gem, it could be worth around $2.5 million. 

This extravagant bling features an elongated central stone in an emerald cut. It’s also decorated with trapezoid diamonds on the sides, which connect the diamond to the platinum band. 

The creation of the ring is also interesting. Parts of the diamond previously belonged to Demi and Max. With this in mind, if you and your partner have some beautiful gems, think about incorporating them into an engagement ring. 

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland 

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland

It’s always romantic when the partner helps design the engagement ring. They can offer valuable insight to create something that speaks to their loved one’s style. That’s why Brittany Snow’s engagement ring found its way on our list. Her partner was involved in the design process from the start and helped create a timeless, 2.5 to 3 carat round diamond. It features a thin, diamond-studded, white-gold band. 

With an appeal like this, this ring will be a source of inspiration years from now. If you’re interested in 2-carat rings, our choice would have to be this magnificent, European cut diamond

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss 

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss

Radiant-cut diamonds stand out from the crowd. They’re modern and sparkly, and were a perfect choice for the Bachelorette lead, Clare Crawley. 

Her engagement ring has a shiny, 4.5-carat gem framed by two diamonds. Furthermore, the band is clad in diamonds, making this piece stunning. Hop over to this romantic proposal video to see the massive diamond. And if you want to get your beloved one a 4.5-carat engagement ring, we think this is a gorgeous choice. 

Explore Different Options 

With so many stunning celebrity engagement rings, it isn’t that difficult to find inspiration. We’ve included classic rings for traditional brides and antique sparkles for those with a penchant for vintage things. Our goal was to show you that there are many settings and shapes available so that you can find something your partner will love. 

As a symbol of commitment, your engagement ring should be special.