Can Sapphire Jewelry Be Your Something Blue?

September 26, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Nowadays, most people who want to keep something old, new, borrowed, and blue tradition drop former aspects to go with something blue. While blue is traditionally used to ward off evil, modern weddings attach a new meaning to it.

Either way, when selecting your something blue, you might wonder if sapphire jewelry is a good option. This article will provide the answer.

What Is “Something Blue”?

Bride wearing sapphire necklace as her something blue for wedding

To be cognizant of what something blue means, let’s look at its origins. One of the popular wedding traditions in the 1800s came from British folklore, where the bride was required to carry several items on the wedding day for good luck and blessings:

  • Something old: This stood for the protection of the couple’s future offspring as well as the perpetuation of the family lineage. Additionally, it represented something positive that the bride would like to pass on to her new family from her past life. 
  • Something new: This symbolized the joining of two families to start a new life.   It also represented the beginning of a new chapter the pair was about to begin. 
  • Something borrowed: The bride was expected to bring something borrowed from a happy and prosperous family to bring good fortune to the newlywed’s family. 
  • Something blue: The bride had to wear or bring something with a blue color. Although blue has varying historical meanings, bringing it to a wedding symbolized fending off evil. It also represented fidelity, love, and trust. 
  • A silver sixpence in your shoe: A silver sixpence was an English coin that the bride’s father would drop into the bride’s shoe to wish the couple prosperity and good fortune. 

Can a Sapphire Ring Be Your Something Blue?

Sapphire and Diamond Floral Halo Engagement Ring held in hand

Although sapphire rings come in almost all colors except red, blue is the most common. And yes, you can use it as your something blue. Blue sapphire rings have a special place in history given they’re the Royal Family’s most favored non-diamond rings. For instance, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s engagement rings were blue sapphire. 

Besides exuding royalty and luxury, there are countless other reasons why blue sapphire rings make an ideal something blue. Chief among them is that blue blends perfectly with white, the most dominant wedding color. Also, blue sapphire rings come in different hues, giving you various options to match your wedding color palette. 

Blue sapphire ring can be found in the following hues:

  • Navy blue: This saturated color with a moderate purplish undertone gives your ring a mesmerizing appearance. If you’re in for a classic and timeless appearance, they’d make a perfect choice.
  • Royal blue: Royal blue sapphire rings will be on point if you’re looking for regal elegance. Due to their association with royalty, you’d expect them to be more expensive than other hues. Cornflower blue: This shade is less concentrated than royal blue and projects a sense of softness and grace. 
  • Sky blue:  Also known as pale blue or baby blue, and it gives a subtle visual appeal. 

The symbolic essence of blue sapphire rings is fidelity, love, and loyalty, which align perfectly with the original meaning of something blue tradition. Most importantly, these rings are durable, and you can keep them for future family weddings or as family heirlooms.

Styles of Wearing a Blue Sapphire Ring 

Sapphire Ring on Finger Something Blue Example

Blue sapphire rings come in different styles. Knowing them will help you find a ring that matches your wedding theme and style. Here are the options available:

  • Solitaire blue sapphire ring: This unsophisticated design features your sapphire at the center on a plain metal band. You can get emerald, oval, round, and pear cuts, which can help make your gem more visible.  
  • Halo blue sapphire rings: If minimalism isn’t your thing, you’ll find this sophisticated design suitable. Your sapphire rests at the center, with collections of tiny gemstones surrounding it. 
  • Contemporary blue sapphire ring: You can break the monotony of common designs by selecting twisted or asymmetrical bands.
  • Three-stone blue sapphire ring: As the name suggests, this ring features three sapphire stones with a symbolic meaning of consistent love in the past, present, and future. 

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Can Sapphire Earrings Be Your Something Blue?

Bride looking at box of present while looking at box

Like blue sapphire rings, blue sapphire earrings can be your something blue. You can use them as the only jewelry or match them with a ring. These earrings make an ideal blue something because they’re typically less expensive than blue sapphire rings. Plus, you can find different styles that complement your hairstyle, face frame, and gown.

These earrings come in different hues and styles: Stud blue sapphire earrings: With studs, you can maintain a low-tone style and achieve a sparkle that doesn’t overwhelm your overall look. They match well with short hair and pixie cuts. Hoop blue sapphire earrings: These would come in handy if you’re going with a relaxed vintage vibe. When you wear them, they create an enviable frame around your face that works well with up-door flowing hairstyles. Drop blue sapphire earrings: If you’re looking for earrings that compete for attention, these would be a great choice when paired with up-do or any style that pulls the hair away from the face. Here are some examples of blue sapphire earrings from our collections: 

  • Westhampton earrings: These are floral hanging earrings with bezel-set oval cut sapphire and diamond halo bottom. The part that suspends the earring consists of diamond leaf motifs alternating with French-cut sapphire. The earrings are around 3.6 cm long, and both weigh 7.06 grams. 
  • Colburn earrings: The main stone in these earrings is pear-shaped sapphire surrounded by tiny brilliant diamond stones. The setting is 18K rose gold and silver. It’s approximately 1.25 inches in length. 

Can Sapphire Bracelet Be Your Something Blue?

a bride in the winter forest wearing a modest long-sleeve white dress, holding a sapphire and diamond bracelet

You can use a blue sapphire bracelet as your something blue to add a sparkle to your wrist, especially when exchanging vows.  If you match your bracelet with a ring, wear it on the opposite wrist of your engagement or wedding ring to create a well-blended symmetrical look. Since blue sapphire clicks perfectly with the gown’s white color, it can help you add visual depth and interest to your wedding photographs. Here are some sapphire bracelets you can wear as your blue something:

  • Blue sapphire solitaire bracelet: If you prefer a simple or minimal look, you can choose this design with sapphire stones as the centerpieces around your wrist. 
  • Blue sapphire tennis bracelet: This design has a continuous line of tiny uniformly-sized sapphire gems. It’s a versatile design since it complements a casual or formal theme well. 
  • Blue sapphire and diamond bracelet: If you fancy a brilliant sparkle, you can choose a combination of blue sapphire as the parent stone and tiny colorless diamonds. 

Blue sapphire bangle bracelet: For a bold and jaw-dropping look, you can wear this design with surrounding large sapphire stones.

  • Blue sapphire bead bracelets: You can achieve a relaxed look by wearing these bracelets. Usually, tiny sapphire beads are strung together using a flexible cord. 
  • Blue sapphire cluster bracelets: This style features tiny sapphires clustered together, helping you create a visually striking vintage aesthetic. 

Other Creative Jewelry Ideas for Something Blue

Sapphire Rings Group Photo

Blue sapphire isn’t the only gemstone you can use as your something blue. Here are ten other creative jewelry options to inspire you:

  • Tanzanite jewelry: This gemstone has an intense blue-violet color that can make a perfect blue something. But you can find paler colors that are more affordable. 
  • Blue topaz jewelry: Topaz is a December birthstone and gives a calm but noticeable visual appeal to earrings, bangles, and rings. You can find it in sky blue, London blue, and Swiss blue hues. 
  • Turquoise jewelry: Turquoise has a pale blue color but can have traces of green or yellow because of impurities. Nonetheless, it makes an ideal something blue on jewelry. 
  • Lapis lazuli jewelry: Lapis lazuli’s dominant color is dark blue, though it occurs in other hues such as royal blue, light blue, violet-blue, and turquoise blue. This gives you a variety of choices. 
  • Zircon jewelry: Although zircon comes in other colors, blue is the most favored and has hues such as pure blue, Swiss blue, and topaz blue. 
  • Aquamarine jewelry: This March birthstone comes in different blue and blue-green hues. 
  • Blue apatite jewelry: Though blue apatite is rare, you can find it in different shades, including neon, bright indigo, and royal blue. 
  • Blue enamel jewelry: Enamel is made by coating a piece of metal with colored glass powder at high temperatures. Blue jewelry made using this method is popular and can make stunning blue something. 
  • Blue glass jewelry: These are handcrafted jewelry, and you can find different shades of blue for a unique and artistic look.
  • Blue pearl jewelry: Blue natural or artificial pearl jewelry is also a perfect something blue choice. 

Creative Non-Jewelry Ideas for Something Blue

Bride in Forest holding something blue flowers posing

You’re not restricted to using jewelry only as your something blue–there’s room for creativity. Below are some non-jewelry options to consider: 

  • A wedding cake with any shade of blue frosting or decoration. 
  • A blue hair accessory is like a floral crown, hairclips, or pins. 
  • Blue nail polish on your fingers and toes.
  • Blue and white bouquets or blue ribbons to wrap non-blue bouquets. 
  • You can wear a blue garter beneath your wedding dress to borrow from the tradition. 
  • Blue bridal heels or flat shoes.
  • You can wear a blue undergarment such as lingerie for a hidden but meaningful something blue.
  • Complement your white gown with a blue train or veil. 
  • If you don’t mind being unique, break the tradition by wearing a blue accent gown. 
  • Carry a blue-themed designer handbag for a luxury look. 

Talk to a Jewelry Expert

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There are many creative ways to incorporate something blue into your wedding and our experts are here to guide you. If you want your something blue to be a piece of jewelry, we have a vast collection, and we’ll ensure you get the right blue hue that matches your wedding color palette. Also, we’ll help you consider other creative non-jewelry blue something options. 

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