Top 30 Boho Engagement Rings

Written by: Benjamin Khordipour, Jewelry and Gemology Expert
September 20, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Boho engagement rings are for those who want something different. Engagement rings with a boho style usually come with colored gemstones, one-of-a-kind settings, and additional details that make them stand out. These types of rings are also often characterized by natural themes and are considered to exhibit a free spirit.

If you’re interested in boho engagement rings, this article is for you. Whether you like simple boho engagement rings or bold and colorful boho engagement rings, you’ll be able to find the perfect ring at Estate Diamond Jewelry.

What Are Boho Engagement Rings? 

Boho Diamond Ring Featuring Triple Shank And Floral Halo

Boho engagement rings are not like your everyday diamond and platinum rings. They often have a pop of color, an interesting design, and a soft glow. Jewelry stores usually offer gold and silver variants of boho engagement rings. It’s also possible to find vintage boho engagement rings, which are ideal if you want an engagement ring that no one else has. Read on as we begin our list of the top 30 boho engagement rings available at Estate Diamond Jewelry.

1. Kentwood Ring

White Gold Ring Featuring Marquise Yellow Green Diamond

Price: $4,000. Learn more about the Kentwood Ring.

Starting off our list, the spectacular Kentwood Ring features a unique center diamond enveloped in a dazzling display of additional diamonds and intricate embellishments.

The 0.37-carat light green-yellow center diamond features a marquise cut, making this gem special both in color and shape. What’s more, the surrounding cluster of additional white diamonds provides unrelenting sparkle and exhibits an overall floral shape. All these elements come together to form a magnificent boho piece.

The ring is made of 14k white gold and the additional diamonds weigh a total of approximately 1.02 carats.

2. Sydney Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Featuring Leaf Motif Shoulders

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Sydney Ring.

For lovers of gold and diamond combinations, the Sydney Ring is charming and one-of-a-kind. It features detailed leaf motif shoulders, each featuring three diamond-adorned leaves. The star of the show however is an antique 1.16-carat old European-cut diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. It’s set in four 18k yellow gold clover prongs. Finally, the delicate triple-wire shank completes this elegant piece. 

3. Cavendis Ring

Large Ring With Center Aquamarine And Sapphire Halo

Price: $10,000. Learn more about the Cavendis Ring.

The big bold and blue Cavendis Ring certainly needs no introduction; it speaks for itself.

This dreamy ring features an 8.95-carat emerald-cut center aquamarine surrounded by a deep blue halo of French-cut sapphires totaling approximately 1.10 carats. Additionally, a baguette-cut diamond flanks each side of the center stone, while three round brilliant-cut diamonds adorn each shoulder. The total diamond weight is approximately 0.63 carats.

4. Tolu Ring

Square Emerald Ring With Yellow Gold Bezel And Diamond Halo

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Tolu Ring.

If you’d prefer a boho engagement ring with a colored gemstone at the center, then check out the Tolu Ring. At the very center of the ring is a natural 1.84-carat emerald-cut green emerald set in an 18k yellow gold bezel and framed by a square halo of pavé-set European-cut diamonds. Additionally, further old European-cut diamonds are pavé-set along the shoulders.

5. Newnan Ring

Delicate Diamond Ring Featuring Unique Shape And Rubies

Price: $3,200. Learn more about the Newnan Ring.

Featuring a delicate shank and an elongated head, the Newnan ring is perfect for those with long, wide fingers. This fascinating design features a 0.15-carat old European-cut diamond center diamond with a curved ribbon of French-cut rubies to the left and right. Then, extending above and below the center stone we have intricate diamond-set embellishments resembling a tulip within a crown.

Finally, this gorgeous and unique Edwardian era ring was handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold circa 1900.

6. Lucerne Ring

Three Stone Diamond Ring With Unique Openwork Face

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Lucerne Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold circa 1900, this antique Art Nouveau ring features three old mine-cut center diamonds set in a diagonal row. The diamonds have a combined weight of 0.90 carats. A swirled open-work design set with rose-cut diamonds surrounds the center stones and evokes a wildness associated with the boho style.

7. Wyoming Ring

Yellow Gold Ring With Aquamarine And Sapphires

Price: $1,100. Learn more about the Wyoming Ring.

If you prefer minimalist boho engagement rings, then the simple yet stunning 18k yellow gold Wyoming Ring is one you’ll want to keep an eye on.

The center gemstone is a lively 2.00-carat cushion-cut aquamarine, while a bezel-set sapphire flanks each side of the central stone, creating a sharp contrast of blues. Without any additional details or ornamentation, this is an excellent minimal design for boho lovers.

8. Kingston Ring

Ring Featuring Center Sapphire And Floral Diamond Halo

Price: $9,500. Learn more about the Kingston Ring.

Yet another excellent option for lovers of the color blue, the Kingston is a charming floral ring you’ll certainly want to consider. The GIA-certified oval-cut natural sapphire possesses a rich blue color and weighs approximately 1.56 carats. The surrounding 2.00-carat halo of old European-cut diamonds perfectly complements the center stone, while creating a charming floral pattern.

9. Alameda Ring

Minimalistic Marquise Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $7,800. Learn more about the Alameda Ring.

Lovers of simple boho engagement rings should take a look at the stunning Alameda Ring. It certainly has a minimalistic design, featuring a GIA-certified 1.01-carat marquise-cut fancy yellow diamond held by 6 distinct prongs. The 18k yellow gold prongs provide a perfect balance of security and visibility, while tapered baguette diamonds adorning the shoulders lead to a delicate platinum shank. 

10. Boucheron Ring

Yellow Gold Ring With Rare Diamond And Halo

Price: $20,000. Learn more about the Boucheron Ring.

If you’re in search of luxury and elegance, then the absolutely breathtaking 18k yellow gold Boucheron Ring is an option you must consider.

The center 1.06-carat round brilliant-cut diamond is surrounded by a halo of smaller round-cut diamonds. Additional small diamonds adorn the shoulders and continue down the shank. What makes this engagement ring so desirable is the superb gold-diamond contrast and the fact that it was signed by Boucheron in France in 1980.

What’s more the central diamond is one of the most impressive you’ll find, boasting incredibly rare color and clarity grades of E and VVS1 respectively. Finally, the stunning halo and exceptional central diamond are enhanced by a clever design choice; they are separated by a gap. This gives both elements room to stand out and impress on their own, while effectively emphasizing each other.

11. Smyrna Ring

Ring Featuring Center Emerald And Floral Diamond Halo

Price: $13,500. Learn more about the Smyrna Ring.

If you’ve found our floral diamond clusters appealing but would prefer a center emerald, then the Smyrna is a perfect choice.

The 0.97-carat no-oil emerald features an emerald cut and has been certified by Gubelin as Colombian with no clarity enhancement, making this natural stone a rare find. Then, the surrounding 1.12-carat diamond halo consists of old European-cut diamonds ranging from H-I and VS2-SI1 in color and clarity respectively.

12. Califon Ring

Delicate Diamond Ring Featuring Various Shapes

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Califon Ring.

If you’re looking for a boho engagement ring that’s equal parts charming and minimalistic, then the Califon Ring should be a great fit. This vintage piece was handcrafted in the Retro era during the 1940s and was handcrafted in 14k white gold. The center diamond weighs approximately 0.40 carats and holds J color and VS2 clarity grades.

The juxtaposition of various shapes is a key element of the Califon’s design. We find a round diamond set in a square frame that leads to semi-leaf shoulders adorned with additional round diamonds.

13. Somerville Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring With Diamond Lined Shoulders

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Somerville Ring.

The Somerville Ring is a beautiful boho engagement ring with a subtle yet striking design. An eye-catching, 1.41-carat old European-cut diamond serves as the center stone, while the 18k yellow gold mounting creates a gentle yet effective contrast. Additional smaller diamonds decorate the ring’s under-gallery and shoulders. 

14. Barrow Ring

Platinum Ring Featuring Yellow Diamond And White Diamond Halo

Price: $39,600. Learn more about the Barrow Ring.

There’s something magical about the Barrow Ring, and it’s not just the 1.15-carat fancy yellow-green diamond. The unconventional diamond is bezel-set in 18k yellow gold, and it’s framed by a halo of small round diamonds. In addition, two baguette-cut diamonds adorn each side of the central stone, interrupting the halo. Finally, this stunning platinum ring features a low profile and minimal shank.

15. Littleton Ring

White Gold Emerald Ring With Diamond Halo

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Littleton Ring.

The Littleton Ring combines baguette-cut diamonds with a lively green natural emerald to produce a striking contrast. Indeed the central stone here is the 0.79-carat vivid green emerald-cut emeral. Baguette-cut diamonds comprise the surrounding halo, while two additional baguette-cut diamonds adorn each shoulder. Finally, the total diamond weight of this 14k white gold ring is 0.54 carats.

16. Plano Ring

Simple Round Diamond Ring With Ruby Halo

Price: $17,000. Learn more about the Plano Ring.

The Plano Ring is the perfect choice for those who like a splash of color in their jewelry. This round ring features a 1.59-carat diamond with K color and VS1 clarity, while the surrounding halo of French-cut natural sapphires is approximately 0.60 carats in total. Finally, the subtle details bring it all together; fine milgrain bordering, a triple-wire shank, and a gallery decorated with striking openwork patterns.

17. Aster Ring

Pltainum Ring Featuring Oval Ruby And Surrounding Diamonds

Price: $6,500. Learn more about the Aster Ring.

If you’ve been waiting for a ruby-centered option on our list, then consider your wait over thanks to the Aster Ring. The oval-cut natural ruby weighs 1.65 carats and is bezel set in the center of this platinum beauty. Surrounding small round diamonds enhance the red stone by providing a striking contrast to make the red pop. The total diamond weight is approximately 0.50 carats.

18. Covelo Ring

Ring With Pink Central Sapphire And Blue Sapphire Accents

Price: $3,000. Learn more about the Covelo Ring.

Fans of sapphires should certainly check out the Covelo ring, a beautiful engagement ring featuring sapphires in two distinct colors. The prong-set round-cut pink sapphire is the center of attention, weighing 1.20 carats. Then, a pear-shaped blue sapphire is set on either side of the pink central stone. Finally, detailed hand engravings surround the three sapphires, along with two round brilliant diamonds.

The incredible details of this ring are unseen in the image above, so we urge our readers to visit the product page for a closer look.

19. Arcadia Ring

Emerald Engagement Ring With Halo Of Baguette Diamonds

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Arcadia Ring.

The Arcadia Ring centers a 1.01-carat emerald-cut natural emerald with an intense green hue. Smaller baguette-cut diamonds form a surrounding halo of the same shape. Additionally, small round diamonds adorn the shoulders, bringing the total diamond weight of the ring to approximately 0.65 carats. Finally, intricate fleur-de-lis pattern openwork decorates the gallery, adding a layer of elegance to this piece. 

20. Lafayette Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring With Floral Diamond Cluster

Price: $9,000. Learn more about the Lafayette Ring.

The Victorian era Lafayette Ring is an excellent option for those wanting an antique boho-style ring that does not feature colorful gems. Indeed, this exquisite piece evokes the boho style while maintaining a diamond-only design.

Handcrafted in 18k yellow gold circa 1880, this treasure features a 1.02-carat cushion-cut center diamond with I color and VS1. The eight surrounding diamonds total approximately 1.06 carats and feature H-I color and VS2 clarity overall. The true magic is that the additional diamonds form a floral cluster, while the side view offers a blooming flower effect due to the varying heights of each element.

21. Tennyson Ring

Yellow Gold Ring Featuring An Emerald And Diamonds

Price: $9,800. Learn more about the Tennyson Ring.

Up next, the Tennyson Ring is an excellent option for those wanting a luxurious emerald and yellow gold ring.

The three-stone design centers around a 1.65-carat round-cut natural emerald, while the accenting stones are old European-cut diamonds totaling 1.08 carats. Additionally, five smaller diamonds set within fine milgrain borders adorn each shoulder. What’s more, the 18k yellow gold mounting itself stands out and complements the green emerald as the bridge features bold and beautiful openwork.

22. Bellington Ring

Platinum Aquamarine Ring With Leaf Motif Shoulders

Price: $1,800. Learn more about the Bellington Ring.

If you prefer platinum to yellow gold settings, then the Bellington ring is definitely worth considering. What makes it so appealing is the 1.00-carat round-cut prong-set aquamarine. The gemstone displays a dreamy blue color that excellently plays off of the platinum. What’s more, each shoulder features three diamond-adorned leaves that further enhance the center stone.

23. Dublin Ring

Gold Diamond Ring With Diamond And Ruby Halos

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Dublin Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold circa 1900, the Edwardian era Dublin Ring features an elegant design with striking contrast.

The center diamond is surrounded by an initial halo of red-pink calibre rubies set in gold. The outer diamond halo completes the design and creates a symmetry of colors centering the ruby ring. This pattern of diamond, gold, ruby, gold, and diamond creates an incredible contrast that makes the rubies pop.

The center 1.00-carat diamond has I color and SI2 clarity, while the outer diamond halo weighs approximately 0.20 carats.

24. Westbrook Ring 

Yellow Gold Ring Featuring Center Aquamarine And Accent Rubies

Price: $1,500. Learn more about the Westbrook Ring.

If you prefer colorful boho engagement rings, then take a look at the Westbrook Ring.

Indeed this lovely piece is one of our most colorful options on the list. The 18k yellow gold ring features a 1.65-carat light blue aquamarine as the center stone, while a bezel-set natural pink-red ruby adorns each shoulder. There’s no doubt that this is an uncommon combination, yet it works brilliantly to make each element of this minimalistic design pop.

25. Cedarmere Ring

Ring With Rich Blue Sapphire And Floral Diamond Halo

Price: $55,000. Learn more about the Cedarmere Ring.

Up next, the Cedarmere is a truly special piece that is worth every penny. Indeed, this is one of the more expensive pieces on our list, but all for good reason; the center stone is an exceptionally rare and high-quality Kashmir sapphire.

The magnificent AGL-certified blue cushion-cut sapphire weighs approximately 1.45 carats and has not undergone heat treatment. The surrounding floral diamond cluster consists of eight round brilliant-cut diamonds, while additional small diamonds adorn the shoulders within fine milgrain borders. The total diamond weight is approximately 0.91 carats.

26. Bennett Ring

Rose Gold Ring Featuring Citrine Surrounded By Pearls

Price: $3,200. Learn more about the Bennett Ring.

The Bennett Ring is perfect for those who like large, statement pieces. The rose gold ring centers a cushion-cut 2.00-carat center citrine. As if that’s not special enough, a halo of 13 natural pearls surrounds the unconventional center stone. Finally, this antique engagement ring was handcrafted somewhere between 1820 and 1840, during the Georgian era.

If you’re looking for a ring that will stand out in a crowd, then look no further.

27. Coatesville Ring

Yellow Gold Ring With Center Aquamarine And Accent Diamonds

Price: $1,700. Learn more about the Coatesville Ring.

The Coatesville is a delicate yet luxurious piece that manages to pull off some of the most lovely color contrasts.

The 2.75-carat round center aquamarine is set in four distinct prongs, while 0.24 carats of round brilliant-cut accent diamonds line the shoulders. The true spectacle here is the interplay of these fantastic colors; the delicate and dreamy light blue aquamarine, the luxurious 18k yellow gold, and the sparkling bright white diamonds all come together with a beautiful level of coherence.

28. Brunswick Ring

Elongated Silver And Yellow Gold Three Stone Ring

Price: $2,700. Learn more about the Brunswick Ring.

The Brunswick Ring embodies what boho style truly means; it’s an untamed design that evokes natural themes, while not extending into the bombastic territory of Art Deco designs.

Indeed this Geordian era piece strikes an excellent balance in terms of Boho style traits. The elongated mounting features three round diamonds, with the center diamond weighing approximately 0.30 carats. What’s more, the center stones are all bordered by an earthy halo while the shank is decorated with engravings that instill a natural feel. Finally, this ring was handcrafted in silver on yellow gold circa 1810.

29. Corliss Ring

Yellow Gold Citrine Ring With White Diamond Clusters

Price: $1,500. Learn more about the Corliss Ring.

If you want a ring with a larger gemstone, then consider the charming Corliss ring. The center stone is a 2.97-carat oval-cut citrine with a warm yellow color. A stunning cluster of round brilliant-cut diamonds adorns each shoulder, providing charm a sense of whimsy. The diamonds certainly play an important role as this ring is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold; without the diamonds, the yellows would clash and not look too great. Thankfully the carefully placed white clusters provide excellent contrast. 

30. Florham Ring

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring With Intricate Openwork Details

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Florham Ring.

Last but certainly not least, the Florham Ring is an excellent choice for those who like bold jewelry.

Openwork filigree and small diamonds are set all along the mounting, surrounding an exquisite 1.54-carat fancy intense yellow diamond. The diamond comes with a GIA certification, and it has an oval cut and SI1 clarity. It would look good on someone with wide fingers. What’s more, the stone’s stunning yellow color is emphasized by its yellow gold bezel.

How to Mix Vintage and Bohemian 

Diamond Ring With Unique Shape And Additional Diamonds

Bohemian and vintage styles complement each other, and this complementary relationship is best seen in jewelry. These styles have many elements in common, with unique appearances, detailed settings, and colored gemstones being some of them. While platinum is better suited for modern jewelry, yellow and white gold is ideal for vintage boho jewelry. Adding colored gemstones is another way to mix vintage and bohemian.

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Finding the perfect engagement ring is not easy, even if you have a specific style and price range in mind. When it comes to boho engagement rings, there is a wide breadth of styles and designs, so knowing exactly what you’re looking for is a vital factor. 

Estate Diamond Jewelry is dedicated to assisting you with any and all questions you may have along your journey to the perfect ring. If you’re interested in a ring from our list or have any questions or concerns, then feel free to contact us. Simply complete the form below and an EDJ jewelry expert will assist you shortly.