25 Best Places to Propose in California

November 7, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Your marriage proposal should be absolutely perfect, including where it takes place. The location is one of the most important factors to consider when planning your big day. California has gorgeous mountains, coastlines, lakes, and more, and choosing the right spot can be daunting with all the options available. We’ve put together 25 stunning choices to assist you with a California proposal location.

1. Yosemite National Park

picture of yosemite national park for idea to propose

Yosemite National Park has more than 740,000 acres of stunning land to pop the big question. The breathtaking scenery enhances the emotions it brings out. It’s as patient as old sequoia trees, as spritely as a melodious river that winds through the gorgeous landscape, and as solid as its granite cliffs. Hence, it’s easy to imagine proposing to a loved one while holding hands beside waterfalls while you seal your love at the top of the Half Dome.

2. San Francisco’s Marshall’s Beach

proposing at the san francisco's marshall's beach

Not every beach proposal has an iconic bridge in the backdrop. If you’re looking for a proposal with an added unique element, Marshall’s Beach may do the trick. It’s north of Baker Beach and has lovely views of the Golden Gate Bridge but from a more private perspective. There’s nothing worse than having curious tourists getting in the way of the perfect shot of your once-in-a-lifetime proposal, and the privacy of Marshall’s Beach ensures this won’t happen. This hidden gem has gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean with beautiful Marin Headlands and is a breathtaking, memorable place to ask someone to be with you forever.

3. Big Sur

proposing at big sure for idea of where to propose in california

A proposal is an unforgettable event, and what better place to propose than one of the world’s most unforgettable coastlines? Your hearts can meet at the same point as where the majestic Pacific greets Big Sur’s rugged cliffs. Finding a place with such striking beauty and breathtaking panoramic views isn’t easy. The prominent hills and powerful ocean waves make Big Sur a superb proposal location.

4. Napa Valley

proposing at the napa valley for ideas of where to propose in california

Napa Valley is a popular proposal choice. And as the saying goes…everything’s better with wine, including the picturesque lush vineyards and endless scenic hills. Napa screams beauty and romance and hosts fantastic wineries to assist you in creating a memorable proposal experience. It’s the perfect place for a romantic stroll followed by a surprise drop to one knee! Sample the delicious food and sip some bubbly to keep your future spouse mellow. Alternatively, take a royal-worthy train ride in a unique dining car to set those proposal wheels in motion.

5. Lake Tahoe

picture of the lake tahoe proposal in california

Is your love as deep as Lake Tahoe – one of the deepest North American lakes? Imagine a romantic private boat ride with snow-capped mountains and glistening sapphire-colored waters surrounding you. If you feel like getting breathless together, you could hit the slopes and ski right into your person’s heart.

6. Half Moon Bay

half moon bay california by the sea

You and your partner could explore the captivating coastal cliffs and Insta-worthy downtown spots on bikes or by foot, then feast on a tasty seafood dinner. This quaint bay offers excellent activities like goat tours and glass-blowing. Half Moon Bay Beach is a great proposal location due to the vibrant beach waves and lovely background views. Additionally, it’s often empty, so you and your partner could have the spot to yourselves. Remember that the weather at Half Moon Bay can be tricky, so be prepared.

7. Palisades Bluffs Park in Los Angeles

idea to propose at palisades bluffs park in los angeles

Palisades Bluffs Park is perfect for anyone dreaming of a picnic proposal. Nothing is as romantic as a picnic in a location with astonishing views. This particular spot lets you see as far as Malibu. Pack your favorite treats, some bubbly, and, most importantly, that dazzling ring, and treat your true love to a romantic, scenic, outdoor meal. The lovely Pacific Ocean views will set the tone, and a walk through the rose garden and paths with palm trees make it an excellent choice for a proposal.

8. Joshua Tree National Park

proposing at the joshua tree national park an idea for where to propose in california

Perhaps a beach proposal isn’t what you have in mind. This proposal spot is great for those active hikers and will provide the backdrop to gorgeous engagement photos. The national park houses two distinct desert ecosystems: the Colorado and the Mojave. Beware though, as this captivating landscape experiences occasional rain and super-strong winds. Joshua Tree’s geological features are surreal, and it’s a mesmerizing location to make your favorite person your life partner.

9. Hearst Castle

beatiful picture of the hearst castle in california

The Hearst Castle is a magnificent venue for you to ask someone for their hand in marriage. Its lavish historic gardens will create the perfect ambiance for a fairytale proposal. Make your betrothed feel like a king or queen in a historic landmark with a gorgeous collection of mansions. Hollywood stars Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, and Clark Gable have set their famous feet on these magnificent grounds. And it’s not surprising when you experience the unique architecture, including pieces imported from various parts of Europe.

10. Huntington Beach

idea to propose at huntington beach in california

A Huntington Beach proposal may be up your alley if you and your soon-to-be fiancé are laid back and chilled. Surf City USA will help you embrace the continuous summer spirit and catch a superb sunset at the same time. If you feel like indoors instead of outdoors, Huntington Beach has many trendy hotels to choose from.

11. Mammoth Lakes

stunning picture of mammoth lakes for the idea to propose

The Mammoth Lakes are a majestic proposal location, whether dazzling in summer’s glow or cushioned by snow. Picture this: you and your future fiancé nestled together in a cozy cabin, imagining your future together as fire flames flicker in a fireplace. But if you’re all about the action, you can go skiing on one of the nearby award-winning slopes. Either way, this location will give you a proposal that simmers your heart with special memories.

12. Lake Arrowhead

picture idea to propose at lake arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is a tranquil mountain town with breathtaking forested trails, vistas, and crisp alpine air. After your special proposal moment, you can end your time there cuddling beside a cozy fire in a unique vacation home, fantasizing about your future together.

13. Paso Robles Wine Country

idea for proposing at paso robles wine country

This delightful proposal location is an excellent option for wine connoisseurs. You can indulge in the rejuvenating warmth of the hot springs and celebrate your new life with some bubbly toasts.

14. Disneyland

picture of the castle of disneyland

All right, some may have cringed at this popular cliché proposal location. But it’s popular for a reason. Known as the ‘Happiest Place on Earth,’ one can never be too old to step into Disney’s magic. Imagine proposing against a backdrop of illuminating fireworks and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. If your partner has a favorite fairytale, proposing by that spot will add nostalgia and create a new memory infused with old feelings of youthful abandon and joy.

15. Pfeiffer Beach

picture of the pfeiffer beach for propose in California

With captivating rock formations and glistening sand, Pfeiffer Beach promises a truly memorable proposal experience. Rain causes an erosion of manganese garnet from hills nearby, which makes the beach purple. Covered by an umbrella and teased by the magical waves, let this beautiful location cast a love spell as you say those four magic words.

16. The Hollywood Sign

best spot idea to propose in california which is hollywood sign

Another legendary favorite that lets you bask in Los Angeles’s impressive views, the Hollywood sign has been around for ages –and it’s not going anywhere soon. Why not let it symbolize your future marriage? You could squeeze in a visit from some paparazzi or have a private helicopter ride. Either way, this location is bound to leave you with a memorable proposal experience.

17. Red Rock Canyon State Park

picture of the red rock canyon state park to propose there

For an adventurous proposal option, take your true love to the heart of the Mojave Desert. The raw natural beauty of the old rock formations and the blazing sunsets will set your partner’s heart ablaze as they say yes to more adventures with you!

18. Balboa Park

picture of the balboa park in california

If you’re looking for a proposal spot with architecture, history, and nature, Balboa Park won’t disappoint. It has enchanting gardens you can stroll through hand in hand and take some delightful shots beneath the Spanish Colonial Revival archways. The San Diego Zoo will let you befriend some four-legged cuties for a sweet addition to your day.

19. Emerald Bay Lookout

picture of the viewpoint of emerald bay lookout

Emerald Bay offers a haven of natural beauty and is one of the most stunning proposal location options. The magical turquoise water cushioned by sloping mountains with emerald-colored trees will leave your special person breathless and surprised when you pop the question amidst the splendor. The lookout is gorgeous all year round, especially in the fall when the aspens become superb gold.

20. San Francisco’s Baker Beach

san francisco's baker beach for idea of where to propose in california

Especially dazzling at sunset, Baker Beach has so many positives that make it an ideal proposal spot and one of the best locations in California. The Golden Gate Bridge in the background, rolling hills and mesmerizing ocean views. Stroll along the beach with your partner during golden hour and immerse yourselves in the sound of lapping waves. This location is as romantic as your favorite rom-com.

21. San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs

idea to propose at the san diego's sunset cliffs

The spectacular coastal environment makes Sunset Cliffs a mesmerizing proposal spot. These cliffs stretch for 1.5 miles on the western shoreline of Point Loma Peninsula. Infuse yourself with the caves, rock formations, ocean views, pretty intertidal area, and lush coastal scrub. As you probably guessed, this location is more captivating during sunset, although equally beautiful at any other time. The sunset over the lovely blue Pacific Ocean creates a memorable picture-perfect proposal.

22. San Diego’s Scripps Coastal Reserve

proposing at the san diego's scripps coastal reserve

This reserve has a picturesque landscape with seasonal wildflowers, a deep canyon, sandy beaches, and a submerged coastal plain. It takes up almost a thousand acres in La Jolla, California. The delightful views of the Pacific Ocean make it a naturally beautiful, peaceful place to propose to your soulmate.

23. San Diego’s Windansea Beach

beautiful picture of the san diego's windansea beach for idea to propose

Known as one of the most stunning beaches in San Diego, Windansea Beach is a great proposal location with rocks, strong currents, and many sandy pockets in the water. Remember that it looks different depending on the season, and winter storms can remove most of the sand. However, the rocky coastline that rolls into the water makes it a striking proposal location.

24. Meritage Resort

stunning picture of the meritage resort for idea to propose in california

The Meritage Resort and Spa is nestled among the sprawling wine country and the undulating green hills of Napa Valley. It’s a good choice for anyone wanting a more luxurious proposal option. You can spoil your loved one with the best Californian wine and lavish extravagance. The vineyards invite you to romantically stroll through them and breathe in the natural aroma of the soil and the vine’s floral notes. And when you come across the perfect spot, you can drop down on one knee to pop the question. You can enjoy all Meritage offers for your romantic getaway when you’ve proposed.

25. Carmel-by-the-Sea

picture of carmel by the sea to propose in one of the best places in california

This artsy, historical village provides a storybook escape for a few days. The countless nooks, crannies, and cobblestoned streets give it a unique, memorable feel. While enjoying your stay, book a spot on the official wine walk by the sea. This location gives you many moments to ask your person to be your partner for life.

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