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Top 30 Art Deco Engagement Rings

Vintage Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

Art Deco is one of the most significant eras in the history of jewelry design. It completely rejected the lightness and ethereal quality of Edwardian era jewelry. Art Deco Engagement Rings celebrate geometry and repeating metalwork. 

It also introduced new ways of using colored gemstones. Engagement Rings from this era are trendy today, and the style has been experiencing an ongoing revival. Art Deco engagement rings are versatile, and each piece tends to hold some unique quality.

Read on as we introduce the top 30 Art Deco engagement rings and discuss their most important features. 

1. Trieste Ring

Dome Shaped Art Deco Trieste Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $7,500

Starting off our list, the Trieste Ring is an excellent representative of the Art Deco era. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this dome-shaped treasure features a stunning center diamond surrounded by a variety of geometric ornamentation. The center stone weighs 1.38 carats and is set in prongs, while the total diamond weight of the ring is approximately 1.64 carats.

The defining embellishments of this ring include crossing diamond-adorned ribbons, bold bars openwork, and leaf motif openwork. Moreover, intricate hand engravings and fine milgrain detailing are found throughout the design.

2. Jersey Ring

Two Tone Art Deco Jersey Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,200

If you’re looking for a more delicate option, then consider this one-of-a-kind Art Deco engagement ring. The Jersey Ring was handcrafted in France circa 1920 and features a platinum setting on an 18k yellow gold band. The rare near-colorless, 0.45-carat center diamond is graded G for color and VS2 for clarity. Finally, three rose-cut diamonds are bezel-set along each shoulder.

3. Blairstown Ring

Blairstown Diamond Ring With Graduating Rectangles Design

Price: $3,800

The geometric design of the stunning Blairstown Ring certainly does well to represent the Art Deco era. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, this spectacular antique ring features a 0.70-carat center diamond with I color and VS2 clarity grades. The center stone is set in a square bezel, while the graduating rectangular shoulders are composed of two steps, each adorned with additional diamonds.

4. Pittston Ring

Wide Art Deco Pittston Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $22,500

When you think about Art Deco, this is probably the type of ring that comes to mind.

Indeed, it might not suit everyone’s taste, but it’s certainly perfect for those wanting a wide option. The Pittston Ring was handcrafted in the early 1920s and features a near-colorless 2.00-carat center diamond. Finally, the stylized engravings run along the face of the ring, while four additional diamonds extend from the center stone towards the shank on each side. 

5. Edison Ring

Edison Square Diamond Engagement Ring With Tapered Shoulders

Price: $3,800

Yet another option with a bold yet relatively minimalistic design, the Edison Ring is the perfect option for those wanting something sleek and delicate.

This French platinum ring was handcrafted circa 1920 and displays a gorgeous 0.70-carat old European-cut center diamond set in box prongs. The square head of this ring seamlessly transitions to a plain and dainty band by way of tapered shoulders decorated with additional diamonds and fine milgrain borders.

6. Lienz Ring

Lienz Diamond Engagement Ring With Multiple Diamond Accents

Prce: $23,000

The stunning Lienz Ring is an Art Deco piece that certainly earns its spot on this list. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this luxurious ring features several diamond elements.

Firstly the old European-cut center diamond weighs 2.26 carats and is graded J for color and VS1 for clarity. Then, each side of the center stone is decorated by a bezel-set, baguette-cut diamond surrounded by several smaller diamonds and fine milgrain.

7. Rovigo Ring

Rovigo Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring Sapphire Accents

Price: $16,500

The Rovigo Ring is perfect for those considering bold options, especially if they can appreciate some color accent stones. The GIA-certified center diamond weighs 1.64 carats and is elevated above the surrounding face of the ring. A deep blue sapphire triangle is set in each corner while additional diamonds adorn the shoulders. Finally, this platinum ring also features fine milgrain and engravings.

8. Highbridge Ring

Highbridge Rounded Diamond Ring With Openwork And Engravings

Price: $6,500

For an option that packs a lot of detail in an uncomplicated design, consider the Highbridge Ring. This Art Deco treasure features a rather standard overall shape and design, but the mesmerizing openwork and engravings covering the ring are what truly elevate the piece. The old European-cut diamond weighs 0.93 carats.

9. Chelmsford Ring

Wide Art Deco Chelmsford Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $18,000

The Chelmsford ring, circa 1925, is a rare and outstanding example of the finest Art Deco engagement rings. The center diamond weighs approximately 2.14 carats and is set in a raised platinum mounting covered with ornamentation in the form of additional diamonds and openwork. What’s more, detailed hand engravings decorate the shank, adding even more appeal to this gorgeous ring. 

10. Milton Ring

Art Deco Era Milton Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $6,000

Up next, the enchanting Milton Ring certainly has an eye-catching design. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, this Art Deco piece features a 0.90-carat center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. What’s more, tapered segments adorned with additional diamonds lead down to the shoulders on each side. Additionally, above and below the center stone are three rounded segments adorned with diamonds.

11. Morrison Ring

Morrison Diamond Engagement Ring With Elaborate Shape

Price: $10,500

If your interest in Art Deco rings was sparked by the ornate and attention-grabbing designs, then consider the Morrison Ring.

Firstly, the center stone is a 0.55-carat old European-cut diamond with I color and VS2 clarity. Then, most importantly, three plumes extend above and out from the center while meeting in the center to form a halo. Finally, the total diamond weight of this ring is approximately 2.15 carats.

Indeed, this is certainly a perfect option for those who like to stand out.

 12. Charlton Ring

Charlton Diamond Engagement Ring With Onyx Halo

Price: $14,000

The striking Charlton Ring is here to show us that there’s certainly room for stones besides diamonds. In fact, the buffed onyx in which the diamond is set provides captivating contrast. Truly, the 1.50-carat diamond is enhanced by the surrounding back stone. What’s more, the onyx also contrasts the round shape of the diamond as it is square itself. Finally, the shoulders feature bold fleur-de-lis patterns.

13. Clermont Ring

Clermont Diamond Ring With Unique Kite Shape

Price: $2,800

Another bold and ornate option, the Clermont Ring certainly speaks for itself. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this unique ring features three vertically set central diamonds weighing approximately 0.40 carats total.

Additionally, the ring extends horizontally to display two more diamonds on each side, resulting in a kite-like shape. What’s more, subtle openwork patterns with fine milgrain borders are found decorating the north and south edges and along the entire east-west portions.

14. Lumier Ring

Art Deco Era 0.30ct Center Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Lumier Ring - Hand Video

Price: $2,500

If you’re only interested in bold and unique geometric designs, then the Lumier Ring is yet another exquisite option to keep in mind.

Handcrafted in 1925, this large platinum ring offers an elevated head design that slopes down into somewhat of a dome shape while smoothly transitioning to the delicate shank by way of elegant tapered shoulders.

The ring’s face is composed of geometric segments adorned with additional diamonds and separated by openwork and fine milgrain. What’s more, the corners of the face feature stunning fleur-de-lis openwork patterns. Finally, the 0.30-carat center diamond holds H color and SI1 clarity grades.

15. Hylan Ring

Art Deco Hylan Diamond Ring With Interesting Shoulders

Price: $3,800

If you’re more of a fan of the late Art Deco era, then this ring might be a perfect fit. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1935, this charming option is an excellent option for anyone seeking an understated design. The 0.91-carat center diamond is graded I for color and VS2 for clarity. What’s more, the shoulders display additional diamonds and interesting metalwork. 

16. Noyers Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring With Geometric Openwork Shoulders

Price: $13,500

Up next is yet another geometric marvel; the mesmerizing Noyers Ring. This stunning platinum ring features one of the Art Deco era’s most recognizable traits; extraordinary geometric design. Not only are the exquisite shoulders a sight to behold but the entire visible parts of this ring are embellished with absolutely fantastic detailed engravings.

While the ring’s overall design is truly remarkable, the center stone itself is also worth noting. This old European-cut diamond is graded J for color and VS1 for clarity and weighs approximately 1.59 carats.

17. Cedar Ring

Art Deco 0.40ct Center Old European Cut Diamond Open Work Engagement Ring - Cedar Ring - Hand Video

Price: $2,200

For some, the Art Deco style is great in principle, but the eccentric designs featuring bold colors and unique shapes can be a bit much. If this sounds like you, then the more subtle Cedar Ring may be a perfect match.

This solitaire ring features a square face holding a 0.40-carat diamond with I color and VS2 clarity, while the tapered shoulders and tall gallery host elaborate openwork patterns. Indeed this option retains the unique geometric ornamentation typical of the Art Deco era but in a more discrete manner.

18. Haydon Ring

Art Deco Haydon Engagement Ring With Large Diamond

Price: $90,000

The Art Deco Haydon Ring certainly showcases its diamond with minimal distractions and does so for good reason. The absolutely spectacular stone weighs a whopping 5.81 carats and is graded J for color and VS1 for clarity. The band itself is quite thin and displays intricate hand engravings along with the gallery. If you’ve been looking for the most breathtaking diamond on the list, then look no further. 

19. Stratton Ring

Art Deco Stratton Engagement Ring With Large Diamond

Price: $55,000

For those who are leaning towards Art Deco rings that focus on the main stone, the Stratton ring delivers.

The GIA-certified 3.62-carat old European-cut diamond is set in eight prongs and carries L color and SI1 clarity grades. The additional elements of this ring certainly stay out of the spotlight, but these subtle details are no less beautiful. Among these elements, we find a stylized yet delicate setting, engravings along the shank, and three additional diamonds on each shoulder.

20. Salford Ring

Bold Diamond Engagement Ring With Elevated Center Diamond

Price: $16,000

Sometimes what we want out of a ring is boldness, and this is certainly a characteristic trait of the Art Deco era. If you’re not necessarily looking for unusual designs but want something that will stand out, then consider the Salford Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, this ring features a 1.89-carat old European-cut center diamond with K color and VS1 clarity. The center diamond is held by elevated prongs while additional diamonds adorn the shoulders and mounting. What’s more, openwork and fine milgrain decorate the gallery and face. Finally, the total diamond weight is approximately 2.01 carats.

21. Rankwell Ring

Rankwell Diamond Engagement Ring With Three Section Shoulders

Price: $7,500

Some Art Deco engagement rings aim to dazzle and show off, while others offer designs that are equal parts minimalistic and intriguing. That being said, items like Rankwell Ring are a staple of the Art Deco era. This engagement ring centers on a 1.07-carat old European-cut diamond and three sections of single-cut diamonds across each shoulder. 

22. Barcelona Ring

Barcelona Diamond Engagement Ring With Halo Of Diamonds

Price: $19,500

The Barcelona Ring is the perfect Art Deco engagement ring for those seeking diamond halos.

Handcrafted circa 1920, this platinum ring truly stands out in many ways. Firstly, the bold openwork patterns displayed on the gallery are quite unique. Secondly, the center stone is emboldened by a diamond halo of approximately 0.36 carats. Finally, the tapered shoulders display additional diamonds and lead to a plain platinum shank.

23. Ambroise Ring

Wide Ring With Checkered Pattern Diamonds And Sapphires

Price: $3,200

If your interest in Art Deco rings stems from the allure of attention-grabbing designs, then the Ambroise Ring may be a perfect fit.

This spectacular piece features a checkered pattern of old mine-cut diamonds and synthetic French-cut sapphires. The tapered shoulders also feature leaf motif engravings. The diamonds total 0.35 carats with overall grades of I-J color and VS2-SI1 clarity while the sapphires total approximately 0.40 carats. Finally, this French ring was handcrafted in platinum on 18k gold circa 1920.

24. Colmar Ring

Art Deco 1.49ct Diamond & Sapphire Accented Engagement Ring - Colmar Ring. Circa 1920 - Hand Video

Price: $16,800

For an Art Deco era diamond engagement ring with sapphire accents, consider the lovely Colmar Ring. The 1.49-carat center diamond is prominently displayed in a minimal and elevated setting, allowing the stone to be appreciated from more angles.

Not only is the diamond remarkable, but the embellishments surrounding it are equally exquisite. Crescent sapphire accents are set in each cardinal direction while the entire ring features additional diamonds, detailed openwork, fine milgrain, and intricate engravings. This opulent and regal piece certainly earns its spot on this list.

25. Banbury Ring

Banbury Diamond Engagement Ring With Triangular Accent Stones

Price: $19,000

Up next, the Banbury Ring provides us with the unique geometric designs typical of the Art Deco era, but in a more subtle fashion. The center diamond weighs approximately 2.02 carats and has J color and VS1 clarity grades. A smaller diamond is pavé-set in a triangular bezel on each side of the center stone; together they weigh approximately 0.12 carats.

26. Curel Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring With Sapphire Accents And Openwork

Price: $25,000

If the Colmar Ring earlier on our list got your attention, then perhaps you’ll also find the Curel Ring appealing. Indeed these rings are quite similar in terms of style, so if they speak to you then you’ll certainly want to investigate in further detail.

Here we have a larger 2.24-carat old European-cut diamond with K color and VS2 clarity held in an elevated setting. Then, a subtle sapphire ribbon accent adorns each side of the gallery while an additional one extends vertically below the north and south sapphires. Last, but certainly not least the impressive shoulders and bridge display the most incredible openwork and metalwork.

27. Boudry Ring

Boudry Plain Band Ring With Large Center Diamond

Price: $42,000

The Boudry Ring is yet another Art Deco option that is focused on the main stone as opposed to geometric designs and colorful stones. Indeed it may not be the first style of ring that comes to mind, but it certainly maintains the boldness attributed to designs of the Art Deco era. The center diamond weighs approximately 3.90 carats and is accented by bezel-set baguette-cut diamonds adorning the shoulders.

28. Hays Ring

Large Platinum Ring Featuring A Vertical Row Of Diamonds

Price: $2,500

If you’re seeking large and bold rings, then look no further than the outstanding Hays Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this striking Art Deco piece features a vertical row of center diamonds as well as additional diamonds to the left and right. What’s more, these dazzling stones are emphasized by subtle openwork and fine milgrain. The total diamond weight is approximately 0.42 carats, 0.30 carats of which come from the three most central stones.

29. Dorchester Ring

Dorchester Wide Three Stone Diamond Ring In Platinum

Price: $25,000

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, the wide Dorchester Ring possesses an allure only possible with the Art Deco style. The shoulders and bridge of this three-stone ring are embellished with stunning metalwork enhanced with fine milgrain. The central stones total approximately 3.05 carats and hold J color and VS clarity grades, while the middle stone accounts for 1.25 carats.

30. Newcastle Ring

Delicate And Elaborate Newcastle Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $10,500

Wrapping up our list is the delicate yet elaborate Newcastle Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, this elaborate design features a 1.06-carat old European-cut center diamond with I color and VS2 clarity. Then, the shoulders are composed of three sections; the openwork middle portion extends to the shank while two small round diamonds are set above and below it. Finally, the shank itself is decorated with splendid engravings

If you’re interested in Art Deco rings because they tend to stand out, but you’re not particularly fond of large rings, then definitely keep this one on your radar

Final Thoughts on Art Deco Engagement Rings

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry

Art Deco rings are rare and usually an impressive find. Our collection of the top 30 Art Deco engagement rings above contains different styles and qualities, so we’re hoping that it’s been helpful in narrowing down a decision. That being said, such a big decision is often overwhelming even after deciding on various aspects of the ring such as price, style, era, etc.

If you have any questions or want to seek guidance in any regard, then feel free to reach out via the form below and we’ll do our best to help resolve any concerns and find a ring that speaks to your heart.


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