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Top 25 Aquamarine Birthstone Rings

Aquamarine Birthstone Rings

Aquamarine birthstone rings are an ideal choice for celebrating a March birthday. This stone embodies the rebirth of energy and the vitality of life. This dazzling stone is also perfect for proposing to your Pisces or Aries significant other as it’s said to bring happiness to a new marriage and symbolizes universal harmony.

Here are our top 25 aquamarine birthstone rings in various cuts, sizes, and price points to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

1. Aspen Ring

13105 Aspen Aquamarine Birthstone Ring

Price: $3,800

The aquamarine, diamond, and sapphire combination is so visually-appealing that you’ll barely be able to look away from the exquisite Aspen Ring.

This double-halo ring features an Asscher-cut natural aquamarine gemstone in the center weighing approximately 1 carat. The surrounding deep-blue sapphire halo complements the vivid teal color of the center stone beautifully. The sapphires are calibrated French-cut pieces weighing around 0.70 carats.

The second halo consists of brilliant round cut diamonds that add another 0.40 carats to the ring’s total weight. Additional diamonds embellish the ring’s shoulders while fine filigree makes the under-gallery a sight to behold. The final piece to this awe-inspiring puzzle is a narrow triple-wire shank handcrafted in platinum.

2. Arosa Ring

12015 Arosa Step Cut Aquamarine Birthstone Ring

Price: $4,950

The three-stone Arosa Ring could be a perfect engagement ring for your March-born partner, with the stones symbolizing your past, present, and future together.

This stunning ring centers a lively, 1.86-carat step-cut aquamarine gemstone of beautiful teal saturation. The two surrounding stones match its color perfectly and add 1.05 carats to the ring’s total weight. Three small diamonds adorn each shoulder, ensuring a seamless blend with the elegant platinum band.

3. Lugano Ring

12669 Lugano Aquamarine Ring

Price: $5,900

This Lugano Ring might be the perfect choice if you’re looking for an attention-grabbing piece. This imposing ring features a stunning emerald-cut aquamarine weighing approximately 2.54 carats. A diamond-studded halo enhances the beauty of the center stone and adds around 1 carat to the ring’s total weight.

The diamond play continues on the flanks and down the platinum band. Two baguette-cut stones connect the center stone with a row of three smaller diamonds on each shoulder, tying the design together.

4. Rhine Ring

13884 Rhine Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Price: $2,500

You can never go wrong with a solitaire ring, and this Rhine sparkler is the perfect example. The ring features a 1.58-carat center aquamarine in a four-prong setting. Although the center stone can undoubtedly hold its own, pavé-set brilliant-cut diamonds down the shank make this ring come alive. The dazzling diamonds continue onto the ring’s under-gallery, making this jewelry piece a feast for the eyes from every angle.

5. Wyoming Ring

13573 Wyoming Aquamarine and Sapphire Ring

Price: $1,100

Consider purchasing the Wyoming Ring if you’re looking for a bold gift for your March-born love. This statement piece centers a cushion-cut aquamarine gemstone weighing roughly 2 carats. This light-blue beauty is accentuated by two natural blue baguette sapphires on the shoulders, creating an effective contrast. Adding to the distinction, the ring’s mounting and the band are made in 18k yellow gold, giving this ring an antique appeal.

6. Aber Ring

13090 Aber Asscher Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Price: $2,500

The romantic Aber Ring features an Asscher-cut aquamarine weighing approximately 1.07 carats and boasting impressive saturation. An elegant floral halo of round diamonds surrounds the center stone, blending with its shape beautifully. Besides the halo, diamonds hug the entire visible portion of the dainty platinum band. All in all, diamond accents add 0.52 carats to the ring’s total weight.

7. Avenida Ring

13488 Avenida Ring

Price: $4,800

The impressive Avenida Ring will make its presence felt on your loved one’s finger. This memorable piece features a gigantic emerald-cut aquamarine weighing approximately 5.80 carats. Since a center stone of this size might seem out of place on its own, the ring’s shoulders feature pavé-set round diamonds in a geometric design. Diamonds of the same cut adorn the shank, balancing the ring’s sides with the grandiose center display.

8. Colorado Ring

13404 Colorado Aquamarine Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

Price: $3,800

The Colorado Ring features a hypnotizing double-halo pattern you can easily get lost in. The outer halo consists of uniform old European cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.40 carats. In contrast, the inner halo brings the color, flaunting a row of deep-blue natural sapphires. While stunning on their own, both halos primarily serve to emphasize the center stone’s beauty.

The stone in question is a mesmerizing round aquamarine weighing around 1 carat. Although the top display is undoubtedly the star of the show, the jewelers didn’t neglect the rest of the ring. The sleek band is handcrafted in platinum while smaller accent diamonds embellish the ring’s shoulders.

9. Delaware Ring

12063 Delaware Elongated Aquamarine Birthstone Ring

Price: $4,800

The Delaware Ring is an excellent contender if you’re looking for March birthstone rings of more unique designs. This unusual ring features an elongated 1.62-carat aquamarine of deep saturation. A halo of old European cut diamonds enhances the dark and rich shade of the center stone, adding approximately 0.81 carats to this stunner.

A handcrafted under-gallery and accent diamonds on the shoulders ensure this elegant ring looks impressive from any angle.

10. Quebec Ring

13489 Quebec Aquamarine Birthstone Rings

Price: $3,000

The Quebec Ring is everything Retro-era jewelry is supposed to be – big, bright, and bold. This magnificent ring was handcrafted circa 1940 and bears French hallmarks.

The center stone is a cushion-cut natural aquamarine weighing approximately 2.06 carats. The aquamarine is hugged by round brilliant-cut diamonds on both sides, adding 0.30 carats to the ring’s total weight.

Since the center stone is set pretty high, the under-gallery couldn’t disappoint. So, it features detailed openwork that perfectly matches the wider platinum band.

11. Tallis Ring

13615 Tallis Aquamarine and Sapphire Halo Ring

Price: $2,400

Combining two blue gemstones results in monochromatic goodness that is the Tallis Ring. This eye-catching piece revolves around a lively, teal-colored aquamarine weighing around 1 carat. A beautiful halo of French-cut sapphires wraps around the center stone, emphasizing its clarity and hue. Delicate milgrain decorates both elements, contributing to the ring’s elegance.

Diamonds have also found their way to this ring, adorning each shoulder and blending them with the sleek platinum band.

12. Aqua Halo Ring

12620 Aqua Halo Ring

Price: $750

The Aqua Halo Ring is a perfect gift for people not fond of over-the-top jewelry pieces. This dainty ring features a natural round-cut aquamarine gemstone weighing around 0.80 carats. A halo of round full-cut diamonds encircles the center stone and shines a spotlight on its beautiful blue hue.

The ring has a higher set profile and showcases beautiful openwork on the under-gallery. The white gold band is simple, keeping with the theme of subdued elegance.

13. Bellington Ring

14252 Bellington Aquamarine Birthstone Ring

Price: $1,800

The gorgeous Bellington Ring breathes elegance and feminine energy. It centers a beautiful aquamarine gemstone in a four-prong setting, weighing around 1 carat. The center stone connects with lovely leaf motifs on both shoulders. Each design is set with old European cut diamonds, with the middle one flowing into the platinum triple-wire shank.

14. Plymouth Ring

14017 Plymouth Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Halo Ring

Price: $4,800

The lovely Plymouth Ring centers an oval-cut aquamarine weighing around 1.20 carats set in six yellow gold prongs. A stylish floral halo encircles the center stone, boasting a cluster of old European cut diamonds. Additional baguette-cut diamonds flank the center stone and accent the shoulders, tying the entire design together. Since the top is pretty busy, the platinum band remains simple.

15. Bellport Ring

13778 Bellport Aquamarine and Sapphire Birthstone Ring

Price: $2,500

The Bellport Ring might be the perfect gift if your loved one is fond of more unorthodox bands. The center of this ring is business as usual – a stunning, prong-set aquamarine gemstone weighing approximately 1.24 carats. However, the band is where the ring stands out among other aquamarine March birthstone rings on our list.

The band features a channel-set row of French-cut sapphires covering the visible part of the band and flowing into the under-gallery. The shoulders are tapered, contributing to the ring’s unique appearance. The rest of the band is a sleek platinum shank that matches the handcrafted mounting.

16. Burnell Ring

12614 Burnell Ring

Price: $2,800

The Burnell Ring is a platinum halo piece that perfectly blends aquamarine with diamonds. Of course, the aquamarine is front and center, characterized by a round-cut 1 carat of weight and a bezel setting. The diamond portion goes around the center stone, starting with the halo cluster and continuing onto the ring’s shoulders. The shoulders are also worth mentioning, as their leaf shape matches the detailed under-gallery beautifully. The shank has three wires but is otherwise unadorned, ensuring all eyes stay on the center display.

17. Coatesville Ring

14100 Coatesville Vintage Aquamarine Birthstone Ring

Price: $1,500

If the gift recipient is fond of two-tone vintage rings, this Coatesville piece is calling their name. This captivating ring centers a 0.64-carat round aquamarine in a prong setting. The gemstone exhibition continues with three old European cut diamonds adorning the shoulders. The ring’s band strays away from the typical white color and features a beautiful combination of 14k white and yellow gold. This lovely ring was handcrafted during the Retro era, circa 1940.

18. Sardinia Ring

13188 Sardinia Aquamarine Ring

Price: $2,800

The Sardinia Ring is another exquisite solitaire among the aquamarine birthstone rings. Its center stone is a striking Asscher-cut aquamarine piece in a double-prong setting. The aquamarine weighs around 1.20 carats and boasts a distinctively vivid color.

The jewelers paid a lot of attention to the ring’s platinum under-gallery and band. Smaller diamonds line the under-gallery from various angles, while intricate hand engravings add a special touch to the band.

19. Clifden Ring

12679 Clifden Ring

Price: $3,200

Although the center stone is the main attraction on most of our aquamarine birthstone rings, the shoulders on the Clifden Ring threaten to overshadow it. They feature a lavish display of diamonds that entirely envelops the center aquamarine. The diamonds are arranged in a unique pattern, going east to west.

The center stone puts up a good fight with its prominent shape, bold color, and 0.89 carats of weight. The under-gallery is no less magnificent. It features stunning openwork that matches the shoulders’ length.

20. Cutler Bay Ring

14174 Cutler Bay Aquamarine Ring

Price: $1,800

If we could use only one word to describe the Cutler Bay Ring, it would be majestic. However, such a piece of jewelry deserves to be discussed in detail.

The center stone is a round aquamarine weighing approximately 1.16 carats. Furthermore, this stunning stone is set in four prongs and shows off a mesmerizing blue hue. The band is where this ring truly shines. In a splendid display of craftsmanship, the shank is separated into two wires twisted around each other, forming the infinity symbol.

One wire is covered in round brilliant-cut diamonds in a micro-pavé setting, striking the perfect balance with the other sleek platinum wire.

21. Long Valley Ring

12611 Long Valley Vintage Aquamarine and Diamond Birthstone Ring

Price: $2,700

The mighty Long Valley Ring is a perfect example of the elaborate designs from the Art Deco era. Everything about this ring feels grand – the 0.85-carat center aquamarine, the box prong setting, and the wide shoulders stacked with old European cut pavé-set diamonds.

The ring was handcrafted circa 1920 and features captivating hand engravings along the entire platinum mounting. This ring is ideal for an individual who likes to stand out and wear a piece of history on their finger.

22. Easton Ring

14083 Easton Aquamarine and Sapphire Diamond Double Halo Ring

Price: $3,000

If you can’t decide which gemstone to feature on a ring, this Easton beauty has got you covered. It features a splendid combination of aquamarine, diamonds, and sapphires.

Naturally, the aquamarine is in the center, weighing approximately 1.15 carats. This stunning oval-cut stone shines even brighter thanks to a striking octagonal halo of French-cut sapphires. The sapphire halo also gets its spotlight thanks to the contrast created by the surrounding diamond halo. Additional brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders, blending in with the modern platinum band.

The under-gallery is also quite an eyeful with stunning filigree resembling heart shapes.

23. Elliston Ring

13898 Elliston Aquamarine Ring

Price: $1,800

Yellow gold makes an excellent basis for contrasting the aquamarine gemstone’s cool blue tones, which makes the Elliston Ring so captivating.

The aquamarine weighs approximately 1.10 carats, while the gold is 18 karats. The ring’s shoulders also feature three lovely leaf motifs with single old European cut diamonds embedded in them. The shoulders connect to a triple-wire band that adds a final touch to this beautiful design.

24. Lexington Ring

Emerald Cut 28 carat Aquamarine Gemstone Cocktail Ring 13332_Artistic

Price: $12,500

The Lexington Ring takes “go big or go home” to a new level. This show-stopping ring features a colossal emerald-cut aquamarine gemstone weighing a staggering 28 carats. One might think there’s no room left next to this mammoth of a gemstone, but the jewelers managed to add a touch of diamonds to the triangular shoulders.

Such a massive stone requires an equally elaborate mounting and under-gallery, and that’s precisely what this ring has. You can’t exactly see the band while wearing the ring, so the platinum shank was kept simple yet elegant.

25. Robertson Ring

13187 Robertson Aquamarine and Onyx Ring

Price: $4,500

If your loved one fancies March birthstone rings with a twist, consider buying the Robertson Ring.

This ring evokes Art Deco-era designs and centers an Asscher-cut 1.08-carat aquamarine. The curveball comes in the shape of onyx stones embedded in the diamond halo in an eye-catching geometric design. Additionally, the ring’s shoulders are adorned with old European cut diamonds leading into a platinum triple-wire shank decorated with delicate milgrain.

This ring can also be a great gift for that special December-born person, since onyx is considered the mystical birthstone for the month of December.

Shopping Advice for Buying Aquamarine Birthstone Rings

13313  Amadora Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Ruby Halo Ring

Since aquamarines aren’t as popular as diamonds, you might not be entirely familiar with this gemstone. So, we’ve compiled a quick shopping guide to help you make the right choice.

  • Paying more money won’t necessarily get you a larger gemstone, since aquamarine occurs in large formations naturally.
  • If the gift recipient leads an active lifestyle, look for an aquamarine ring with a robust setting.
  • Aquamarine also comes in green, but the March birthstone rings are most desirable when blue.
  • The deeper the blue color, the more costly the ring.
  • Aquamarine works well with all metals. If you want to make the stone look cooler, go for a yellow or pink gold mounting. Choose platinum or white gold if you want to enhance the gemstone’s blue tones.
  • Although aquamarine comes in all cuts, some jewelers recommend rectangle and square cuts as the best choice for this gemstone.

Talk to an Aquamarine Expert

Afshin and Adira with Vintage Earring in Estate Diamond Jewelry Box

Thanks to the incredible variety of our top 25 aquamarine birthstone rings, you’ve probably found the perfect gift for your loved one. If that isn’t the case, don’t worry; simply contact one of our aquamarine experts to help you find the perfect match.


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