Top 20 Vintage Halo Engagement Rings

September 1, 2022 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

While solitaire engagement rings will always be timeless, halo-style engagement rings, specifically vintage halo engagement rings, are elegant and eye-catching. Halo engagement rings have been used since the early 20th century, and they continue to be a popular setting for future brides all over the world. Not only do they hide minor imperfections, but they also make the ring stand out and the center stone look larger. 

Without further ado, here are the best 20 vintage halo engagement rings Estate Diamond Jewelry has to offer:

Top 20 Vintage Halo Engagement Rings

1. Tenby Ring 

Price: $12,800

Starting off with this beautiful vintage halo ring, the Tenby ring has a Marquise cut and a halo that follows its shape. The 1.30-carat center diamond has I color and VS2 clarity. Set in platinum, this beautiful piece has smaller round-cut diamonds decorating the center stone’s halo. This vintage halo diamond engagement ring looks great on short fingers because its elongated shape gives an illusion of length. 

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2. Boucheron Ring

Price: $20,000

Lovers of yellow gold should take the Boucheron ring into consideration. At the very center sits a round brilliant cut 1.06-carat diamond. Rather than attaching to the center stone, the 18k yellow gold halo connects to the diamond from underneath. There are also additional diamonds along the ring’s shoulders. This stunning vintage halo ring was made in the 1980s in France, and it comes with Boucheron’s signature. 

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3. Clarksville Ring

Price: $11,000 

If you’re looking for something a little bit more traditional, the Clarksville ring is a beautiful engagement ring from the late French Art Deco era. The 1.37-carat diamond has an old European cut, K color, and VS1 clarity. What makes this ring special is its floral-inspired halo, which comprises a cluster of antique single-cut bezel-set diamonds. It was handcrafted in 1935 with 18k white gold. 

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4. Berge Ring 

Berge geometric platinum engagement ring

Price: $4,000

The Berge ring comes from the 1940’s Retro era. It has an interesting geometrical design and box-prong settings. The ring centers a 0.060-carat old European-cut diamond.This ring features two rows of rose cut diamonds on each side of the square-shaped halo, with fine milgrain adorning the mounting. This ring is set in platinum, and its exact measurements are 5.32mm x 5.38mm x 3.22mm.

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5. Tuscany Ring 

TUSCANY RING Vintage Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $4,500

The Tuscany ring is another exquisite vintage halo ring handcrafted in the 1930s. No matter from which angle you look at it, it won’t disappoint you. It features a 0.76-carat old European cut diamond, which is surrounded by an intricate dome-shaped halo. Since this ring has an east-west orientation, it’s best suited for those with wide fingers. The measurements of the center diamond are 6.03mm x 6.01mm x 3.61mm.

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6. Kent Ring 

Kent Ring Vintage Onyx Halo

Price: $45,000

If you want a bold color contrast, take a look at the Kent ring. The center stone is a large 4.30-carat cushion cut diamond. What makes it memorable is the buffed onyx square-shaped halo. Since this is such a big ring, it would look the best on wide or large fingers. It’s definitely the perfect vintage engagement ring with halo settings for those who like to stand out.

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7. Percy Ring 

Percy Vintage Halo Old Mine Cushion Cut Ring

Price: $10,800

The Percy ring is a beautiful vintage halo ring that would look flattering on anyone’s hand. This breathtaking 1.33-carat antique old mine cushion cut diamond speaks for itself. The halo is also set with diamonds, so the total carat weight is 1.77 carats. It’s set in platinum and handcrafted circa 1925. The triple-wire band connects to fine filigree on both shoulders. 

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8. Ellington Ring

ELLINGTON RING Vintage Halo Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $3,500 

The Ellington ring is another bold statement vintage halo ring that was handcrafted in 1950. Instead of a diamond, it features a lively 1.93-carat oval cut natural sapphire for those who prefer colored gemstones. A halo of round brilliant cut diamonds surrounds the sapphire. This vintage halo ring would look best on large, thick fingers. The beautiful sapphire has a deep blue color, and it measures 8.13mm x 5.86mm x 4.54mm.

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9. Metz Ring

Metz Vintage Old European Diamond Ring

Price: $9,500 

If you prefer geometrical shapes, you might like the Metz ring. The center stone is a large 1.28-carat old European cut diamond. It has I color, VS2 clarity, and it’s set in prongs. The square halo and the shoulders are also set with diamonds, which add 0.26 carats. When viewed from the side, the halo has a pyramid shape. The ring is vintage, and it’s set in 18k white gold. 

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10. Verdun Ring

Verdun Retro Era French Old European Ring

Price: $16,000

The Verdun ring comes from the Retro-French era. It centers a 2.31-carat old European cut diamond with a double prong setting. The scalloped-edge metal halo, gives the ring an interesting shape when viewed from the top. This beautiful vintage halo ring features a platinum setting on 18k white gold. The round cut allows light to travel through the stone, making it incredibly shiny.

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11. Buccellati Ruby Ring

Buccellati Ruby Ring

Price: $29,000 

If you want something out of the ordinary, check out the Buccellati ruby ring. At the center sits a 3.38-carat ruby, with a gold and silver halo surrounding it. This vintage halo ring is very rare. The ring comes from Italy circa 1950, and it was signed by M. Buccellati. It’s definitely for someone who has a specific taste. 

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12. Canterbury Ring 

Price: $10,000

The Canterbury ring is not for those who want a dainty engagement ring. Made circa 1925 in England during the Art Deco era, this vintage ring is certainly a statement piece. At the very center sits an antique cushion cut diamond of 0.80 carats. It has a double octagon-shaped halo, which is set with round cut diamonds. The total carat weight of the ring is 2.68 carats. 

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13. Medford Ring 

Medford vintage diamond halo engagement ring

Price: $22,000

Another vintage halo diamond engagement ring from the Art Deco period, the Medford ring has a square shape when viewed from the top and triangle-shaped sides. It centers an old European cut 1.75-carat diamond, which has a square halo surrounding it. Both the halo and the shoulders feature carre-cut and trillion-cut diamonds. The ring was handcrafted in platinum in 1935.

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14. Olympia Ring 

OLYMPIA  Art Deco Vintage Onyx Halo Diamond Ring

Price: $3,900

This Art Deco-style engagement ring showcases a buffed natural onyx halo surrounding a 0.40-carat round brilliant cut diamond. A square-shaped halo frames the onyx halo, which features a setting of old European cut diamonds. The ring is platinum, and its exact measurements are 12.39mm x 12.44mm. Square-shaped rings look best on wide and short fingers. 

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15. Rundell Ring 

RUNDELL Art Deco Vintage Halo Engagement Ring Platinum Setting

Price: $10,200

Another Art Deco-inspired ring, the Rundell ring comes with a 1.37-carat antique cushion cut diamond. This ring measures 7.43mm x 6.76mm x 5.6mm. It features a halo of old cut diamonds, and two diamonds flank the center stone on each side. Just like some of the others, this ring utilizes a platinum setting. The under gallery features detailed filigree that makes this ring even more charming. 

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16. Bologna Ring

BOLOGNA Old European Vintage Diamond Halo Ring Yellow Gold

Price: $19,500

For those who like to combine diamonds and gold, the Bologna ring has it all. At the center sits a stunning 2.07-carat old European cut diamond, which is surrounded by an 18k yellow gold round halo. There are additional diamonds on the halo, which add 0.25 carats to the total carat weight. This vintage halo ring comes from the 1920s. The shank is also 18k yellow gold. 

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17. The Denmark Ring 

Price: $9,500

If you want a vintage engagement ring with a unique halo setting, take a look at the Denmark ring. The center diamond has an old European cut and is 1.07 carats. It’s framed by a natural sapphire halo and additional diamonds in each corner. Even the shoulders have a fleur-de-lis design. The platinum and sapphire combination makes this ring look regal. 

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18. Matera Ring 

Matera Antique cushion cut diamond

Price: $5,000

This vintage halo diamond engagement ring comes from the Art Deco era, circa 1925. For the center stone sits a lively antique cushion cut diamond of 0.61 carats, I color, and VS1 clarity. What’s more, antique diamonds adorn the the halo and the shoulders. The ring features a platinum setting, and it has a triple-wire shank and openwork filigree under-gallery. This vintage halo ring is delicate, and it would look amazing on anyone’s hand. 

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19. Enola Ring 

Enola vintage platinum ruby ring diamond floral halo

Price: $14,500

For those who prefer a colored gemstone, the Enola ring centers a natural cushion cut ruby with a deep red color. The ruby weighs 1.30 carats, and round brilliant cut diamonds surround the center stone. Handcrafted in platinum, circa 1950, it features a floral design inspired by the Edwardian era. The measurements of the ruby are 6.50mm x 5.95mm x 2.69mm.

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20. Montalegre Ring

Price: $6,000

The Montalegre ring is definitely one-of-a-kind, featuring a stunning 13.54-carat amethyst with a saturated purple color. It has an 18k yellow gold halo, which extends to the mounting. This vintage halo ring comes from the 1970s. It would look best on someone with large and wide fingers. 

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5 Reasons Why Diamond Halo Rings Are Better Than Solitaire Rings 

If you can’t decide between solitaire and halo ring settings, here are five reasons why you should choose a halo diamond engagement ring: 

1. More variety 

12067 Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

While solitaire engagement rings are usually prong-set, they more or less look the same. On the other hand, halo engagement rings come in various shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose between round, square, hexagon, octagon, and even floral-shaped halos. You can even combine a round cut diamond and a square-shaped halo. 

2. The halo can make the diamond look bigger 

Vintage Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

If your budget restricts you to a smaller diamond, a halo setting can help make the diamond appear bigger than it really is. Since most halos use smaller diamonds, not only do they make the center stone look bigger, but they also add more sparkle. 

3. Increased protection 

Cambria Ring Old European Diamond Halo Platinum Ring

One of the biggest disadvantages of solitaire diamonds is that the center stone is more exposed, which can lead to all sorts of damage. That’s why a halo is a good idea, because it provides the center stone with more protection. 

4. Halos can hide minor imperfections 

12915 1.10ct Asscher Cut Diamond Ring on Customer Finger Hand

If you can only afford diamonds with a lower-quality clarity grade, a round cut diamond with a halo can hide the imperfections. This is possible because some inclusions appear in the outer corners of the stone, so a halo would be able to mask them. 

5. Halo rings can be less expensive 

13085 Vintage Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Ring

Even though halo rings are bigger than solitaire rings, they can be more budget-friendly. That’s because the center diamond determines the price, not the entire ring. If you get a smaller-sized diamond with a halo setting, you can actually pay less than for a solitaire ring with a minor difference in carat weight. 

Definition of Vintage vs. Antique vs. Estate 

January 13 Blog post Rings

If you want to buy a vintage halo diamond engagement ring, you should know the difference between vintage, antique, and estate engagement rings. 

Vintage engagement rings are more than 50 years old but less than 100 years old. This category comprises rings made in the late Art Deco era, the Retro era, the Mid-Century era, and any rings made between 1950 and 1980. Conversely, antique engagement rings are more than 100 years old, and they come from the Art Nouveau era, the Georgian era, the Victorian era, the Edwardian era, and the early Art Deco era. Finally, estate engagement rings describes rings that have been passed down from one generation to another, regardless of which period they come from. 

You can find vintage, antique, and estate diamond jewelry and engagement rings in estate stores, like Estate Diamond Jewelry.

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Vintage halo engagement rings have been around since the beginning of the 20th century, and they will never go out of style. They offer timeless elegance, more options and combinations, and a charm that solitaire engagement rings simply don’t have. 

If you’re looking for a vintage halo ring you will love, Estate Diamond Jewelry offers a stunning collection of vintage halo engagement rings. Fill out the form below if you like one of the vintage halo engagement rings from this guide or if you have any questions about vintage halo rings.