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1.18ct Round Aquamarine and Diamond White Gold Ring

SKU: 14772

1.01ct Pink Sapphire and Diamond Accent 18k White Gold Valencia Ring

Original price was: $5,800.Current price is: $5,220.

14K White Gold Diamond Band. Selma Band

SKU: SH187

9.03ct Topaz 14k White Gold Dakota Ring

SKU: 15292

1.15ct GIA Fancy Yellowish Green Diamond Ring

SKU: 11773

GIA 1.03ct Light Pink Diamond Ring. Haledon Ring

SKU: ID104
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Oscar Heyman Colored Diamond Ring

SKU: sb114

Rose Gold Diamond Panther Necklace

SKU: 15150

3.71ct Aquamarine and Diamond Palisades Ring. Circa 1970s, Vintage.

SKU: 15040

Vintage Diamond Mauboussin Wedding Band. Circa 1970

SKU: 14893

Buccellati Diamond Halo Ring

SKU: 14828

Vintage 0.65ct Diamond And Sapphire Mid-Century Engagement Ring. Venetian Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 14869

Antique Art Deco Diamond Wedding Band. Rockville. Circa 1935

SKU: 14829

1.13ct Round Aquamarine and 18k White Gold Ring

SKU: 14764

18k White Gold and 0.90ct Aquamarine Ring

SKU: 14767

GIA 4.24ct Diamond Hartford Ring. Circa 1970, Vintage

SKU: RJ5153
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Round Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster Ring

SKU: 14796

Vintage 1.63cts Diamond Earrings. Circa 1950

Original price was: $5,400.Current price is: $4,860.

Vintage 1.20ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Bridgeville Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 14430
Original price was: $6,800.Current price is: $6,120.

2.07ct Garnet and 18k White Gold Ring

SKU: kami

18k White Gold and 1.22ct Emerald Cut Ring

Original price was: $5,700.Current price is: $5,130.

Vintage 1.93ct Diamond and 18k Gold Andover Ring. Circa 1940

SKU: 14510

Tiffany Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

SKU: SB502
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Vintage 2.23ct Buccellati Diamond Ring. Circa 1960

SKU: 13836

Yellow Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

SKU: 3525

18k White and 3.07ct Amethyst Ring

SKU: 13878

Vintage Diamond Eternity Wedding Band. Hillsdale Band. Circa 1975

SKU: 14211

Vintage Mid-Century 4.25ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Dutchess Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 14034VB

18k White Gold Floral Design 2.51ct Emerald Ring

Original price was: $12,500.Current price is: $11,250.

Mid-Century 0.71ct Diamond Engagement Ring. Virginia Ring. Circa 1950

SKU: 13519