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  • Kearny EarringsKearny Earrings Tilt

    Kearny Earrings

  • Vintage Codroy Ring Top ViewCodroy Ring Side View

    Vintage Codroy Earrings. Circa 1900

  • Batley Earrings Top View

    Batley Earrings

  • Cartier Rolling Earrings Top ViewCartier Rolling Earrings Side

    Cartier White Gold Rolling Earrings

  • Killeen EarringsKilleen Earrings Top View Tilt

    Killeen Earrings

  • Van Cleer and Arpel Lion Doorknocker Earrings Top View18k Yellow Gold VCA Lion Earrings

    VCA Lion Earrings

  • Malvern Diamond and Onyx Earrings Top ViewMalvern Onyx and Diamond Earrings Tilt

    Malvern Earrings

  • Wayne Antique Diamond Earrings with Sapphire Halo Top ViewWayne Old European Diamond Earrings with Sapphire Halo Tilt

    Wayne Earrings

  • Orchard Earrings Top ViewOrchard Earrings Top Side View

    Orchard Earrings. Circa 1950

  • Amity Old Mine Diamond Earrings with Emerald Halo Top ViewAmity Old European cut Diamond Earrings with emerald halo Top Side View

    Amity Earrings

  • Croyden Earrings Top ViewCroyden Earrings Top Side View

    Croyden Earrings. Circa 1920

  • Bexley Earrings Top View

    Bexley Earrings. Circa 1900

  • Gaspe Earrings Top ViewGaspe Earrings Side

    Gaspe Earrings

  • M & A Tifferet Earring Front 11510 TSVM & A Tifferet Earring 11510

    The Tifferet Earrings

  • Antique Drop Rose Cut Earringsfloral-halo-diamond-earrings-Single-View

    Diamond Pendant Earrings

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  • Trenton Earrings Top ViewTrenton Ring Tilt

    Trenton Earrings

  • Hanwell EarringsHanwell Earrings Side View

    Hanwell Earrings

  • Heysing EarringsHeysing Earrings Side

    Romford Earrings